India: Forty Years of Independence

India Forty Years of Independence None

  • Title: India: Forty Years of Independence
  • Author: Mark Tully
  • ISBN: 9780807612071
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    One thought on “India: Forty Years of Independence”

    1. Caught hold of this book from a magazine shop for just 30 bucks (89 print), but the book was worth my time. Chapter 'Neta Babu Raj' was the best chapter but one also gets to know the authoritarian nature of Indira Gandhi and what caused Emergency in '77. It the same context it highlights the biggest social blunders/decisions made by our 'Indian Margret Thatcher'. Plus some hints about how dynasty politics started (Indira being very liberal to Sanjays stupid decision making) in India.Over all wor [...]

    2. While this book is now dated (India gained independance in '47), it gives insight into the first 40 years of independance. Further, a lot of what Tully/Masani discuss are still issues in todays India.I think it is sometimes difficult for people outside of India to appreciate the incredible magic that is a United/Independant India. I often tell people to imagine Europe being a single country!Ofcourse there are MAJOR problems- some that are almost insurmountable. Yet India goes on.

    3. An average read. Mark Tully starts of well. The first 3 to 4 chapters from Independence to Neta Babu Raj to discussion on casteism is good. The book becomes average once it reaches to story of Indira Gandhi - more biographical than insightful.

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