Sleep with Me

Sleep with Me Richard and Lelia s child is conceived in a moment of giggling chaos as they dress for a Christmas party When they arrive rudely late and still glowing they barely register a slight drab woman in t

  • Title: Sleep with Me
  • Author: Joanna Briscoe
  • ISBN: 9780747580775
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • Richard and Lelia s child is conceived in a moment of giggling chaos as they dress for a Christmas party When they arrive, rudely late and still glowing, they barely register a slight, drab woman in the hall Sylvie As their baby grows, so too does the presence of that barely noticeable figure.

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    1. Το ξεκινω βαρετοε λεω ας του δωσω μια ευκαιρια στην ξαπλωστρα ειμαι αρχιζω να πηδαω σελιδες ακομη πιο βαρετο καπου στην μεση οι αντοχες στερεψαν .So boring σε ολα του!!

    2. This book drove me mental.The first 170 pages are difficult to get through, and it is only through sheer will power and hatred of not completing books that i forced myself to continue and read on. It moves at such a slow pace that you begin to wonder what the point of this is going to be.The characters are all really annoying and ridiculous. The plot is a good idea but so much more could've been done with it.The last 30 or so pages move much quicker yet at the same time seem to drag in certain p [...]

    3. I remember her well – but not her name. And, like Sylvie, she may have been French – or of French extraction. As with Sylvie, she too was not beautiful in the classical sense – she also had the prominent nose of the novel's protagonist. She differed in that her complexion was olive rather than pale. But like Joanna Briscoe's calculating vixen, she caught one's attention – perhaps for her imperfections as much as anything. Not all men are drawn to perfection in their fantasies. The young [...]

    4. The day our child was conceived, someone else arrived. She was there as the cells fused, like a ghost.~ We had fucked, my love and I, moments before going out to diner.Richard and Lelia hardly register the mousy-ish girl at their friends' diner table. Yet it won't be long until Richard meets her again. Sylvie. He thinks she's plain. Little does he know that Sylvie is about to creep into Lelia's and his lives, ever so subtly. Her presence seems sinister yet harmless at first.Briscoe wrote a eery [...]

    5. I'm veering between 3.5 and 4 stars for Sleep With Me. It's an interesting book, but all of the characters are so unsympathetic that it was hard going at times. The story revolves around a couple (Richard and Lelia) who through a strange twist of fate become involved with a young, seemingly mousy woman called Sylvie. Little by little, we learn that Sylvie is not all that she seems, and her relationship Richard, Lelia, and their friends becomes more and more twisted. Well, it reads more like a ps [...]

    6. This book has a certain irresistible appeal and so say most reviewers, but then they ( the readers) all suggest reasons as to why they are unhappy about the way the characters behave, or how the plot unravels, instead of suspending their disbelief and allowing their imagination to embrace the unthinkable : men can be both unpredictable and unreliable, and have their heads turned by both mousy haired retiring females and ladies of unsuitable morality. Attraction is always in the eye of the behold [...]

    7. Why on earth does this book have a 2.84 overall rating?! Troubling I loved it. The prose is intimate and fresh and the whole novel is veiled with a sense of foreboding. Generally, I wish every book ended slightly differently, and the same goes for this one. Doesn't really matter though, as the rest of the writing makes up for it. Give it a go

    8. The book had a slow start and peaked my interest during the second act and I was truly vested in finding out what was the true story and motives of the mysterious Sylvie. But at last, after I finished reading my only thought was, "this is the journey you lead me on?" Snore!

    9. Amazing - the characters (written from both a male and female perspective) are compellingly written - you completely empathise with both of their predicaments. One of my all time faves.

    10. 2.5 - 3 is very generous!!! Very very slow to start, not much better when the story actually started cursing my sister for making me read it!!!

    11. This must have been part dark romance, part psychological thriller because I'm sorry to say but it fucked with my mind so much and I could never keep track of the many instances that Sylvie Lavigne aka Mazarine had gone to such extents to ruin another person's life. It was this and that and this again and that again and then, whaaat? Nope. Nope. Nope. Just glad I'm done with it finally.

    12. Contrary to other reviewers, I think the opening chapters are interesting, but it gets boring and boring to a point I don't know what's the point of it all. And I agree with others - all characters are annoying, except for Sylvie. The author described her interestingly. The idea seems fresh but badly conveyed.

    13. Zeer leuk boek om te lezen en je wil telkens meer weten over wat er nog gaat komen. In het begin vond ik het een beetje moeilijk om in het verhaal te komen maar eens je vertrokken bent weer een boek om moeilijk weg te leggen.

    14. Ritmo abbastanza scorrevole nonostante alcune digressioni a tratti ripetitive e pedanti, nella prima parte. Mi piace che le vicende siano narrate da due punti di vista.La trama si sviluppa in modo veloce soprattutto nella seconda parte. Lo consiglio!

    15. Not my kind of book, the writing style I found hard to read, the characters unappealing and the story line in my opinion was just plain weird.

    16. Before finishing: Sylvie is not a human being, she is a plot device. Even if the book is beautifully written and I find it sexier than 50 shades (OK, that's not that hard to do, but still) the whole thing doesn't work for me. I am not stupid, readers aren't stupid. I was just waiting for the characters in the book to stop their stupid and when they did, I was like OMG finally. The book does not surprise me one bit. Yet, I have to say the sexual scenes are painted well and the book did enthrall m [...]

    17. Joanna Briscoe's 'SLEEP WITH ME' had me hooked from the first page. This enchantingly dark novel had all the stuff to make it a fantastic and unforgettable read, however, it seemed to fall just short of fantastic but still managed to be very memorable. The story about a very odd love triangle between Lelia and Richard, a couple who is very much in love and expecting their first child and the mysterious Sylvie Lavigne had me mesmerized throughout almost the entire novel trying to figure out who t [...]

    18. weird book - weird story. started off decent and the story is actually ok. but what i don't get is how in the world could a couple that has hot sex before leaving for a party - go so wrong. the couple arrives and leaves the party never even noticing the "mousy girl" standing there. so, if this Sylvie is so unnoticeable - how does this character insinuate herself into their lives? how in the world does everyone including the couple's friends and co-workers all become so obsessed, in love, and lu [...]

    19. This story of Richard and Lelia, an English couple, whose relationship is tested by an unplanned pregnancy and by a strange French woman was initially entrancing, much like the mysterious Sylvie herself. The plot was multilayered, the writing rich and evocative, the characters not too sympathetic. After all, it wouldn't do to feel too much fondness for people who would be swayed from their commitments and loves so easily. Their worlds come crashing down, as they must, then reform from the rubble [...]

    20. Out of all the millions of books there are to read why did I pick out this one? Because I liked another book of Briscoe (You) and I guess it was meant as a sort of snack in between but it turned out quite heavy to digest. For a thriller the book takes far too long to become exciting and I just couldn't like the main characters Richard and Lelia. They are presented as a young, happy couple about to have their first child but it was all a bit too cliché for my taste. Both fall for the charms of a [...]

    21. 2007 bookcrossing journal:This does make addictive reading although at the start I thought it was going to be too much London lifestyle for me.It's about a professional couple, Richard and Lelia, who become pregnant at the start of the book. At the same time as French girl Sylvie appears in their life. Everyone disregards her as she is small, slight and very mouseish, but as the book goes on you realise that there's something about her that makes people obsessed with her.Richard starts an affair [...]

    22. This was quite the dirty little book. This story is about Richard and Leila, a couple who are madly in love. Leila gets pregnant, and Richard isn't too sure about how he feels about that. Enter: Sophie (I think this is her name, there was a sophie and a sylvia and it was getting confusing). Sophie is this plain, quite young woman from France, and for some reason everyone falls in love with her. Richard's friend talks about having an affair with her (although at first you don't know its Sophie be [...]

    23. Shortly after beginning this book, I feared I'd actually gone for a piece of chick-lit, a metropolitan love story about the young, very much in love couple we meet on page 1. But it quickly turns creepy, very creepy indeed. Who is this mousy Sylvie who insinuates herself into Richard's life, and what is the hold she has on him? And how is Lelia, Richard's partner, involved? Lelia's troubled teenage years provide the beginnings of an answer. While the ending of the book is perhaps predictable in [...]

    24. I sat and read this book in one sitting, hungry to discover where the author would go with the story. On reflection I can see that this was because the book was so slow to get going that I expected it to be the build up to a huge, earth-shattering finale. Sadly, the ending was rushed, and dissatisfying, with a very obvious twist. Would I recommend this book? If the concept of stalking intrigues you, you have nothing else lined up to read & you can get hold of a copy for free then I'd give it [...]

    25. I sat and read this book in one sitting, hungry to discover where the author would go with the story. On reflection I can see that this was because the book was so slow to get going that I expected it to be the build up to a huge, earth-shattering finale. Sadly, the ending was rushed, and dissatisfying, with a very obvious twist. Would I recommend this book? If the concept of stalking intrigues you, you have nothing else lined up to read & you can get hold of a copy for free then I'd give it [...]

    26. From start to finish I was waiting for something to actually happen. I picked it up as a thriller and I wasn't thrilled at all. Some woman comes into this couples life and starts sleeping with them both while she's living with another lad and having a thing with the couples friend. That's pretty much it. Oh, apart from the fact that this woman had a thing with the female part of the couple when she was a child which in itself was quite disturbing.Honestly? Don't bother. I couldn't wait to get it [...]

    27. A fantastic and surprising book!The story flows smoothly, the structure is perfect and the writing very, very well mastered. I couldn't put it down and cursed today's society, that kills 8 hours of our days with work, when we could just be reading instead.I especially loved the Noir twist and the playfulness with which the author alternates appearance and reality. It was by far the sweetest manipulation I've agreed to in a long time.

    28. Sleep with me is about a couple who aren't having the most harminous time, partly due to the man's uncertain reaction to his partner's pregnancy. A mysterious young French (I think) girl enters their lives and everything gets weird and complicated. A few friends are involved in the tale, one of which is very irritating! I didn't much care for any of the characters, the story was okay but nothing more.

    29. Creepy as all get-out. Story of someone insidiously inserting themselves into other people's lives and destroying relationships. Of course, if the relationship is able to be destroyed Very, very creepy and intense. Bonus = learned some new French phrases. Early on, before the seductress begins wielding her power, one character muses: At times like that I thought life was simple: that having a person of your own, holding you, was the best thing in the world.

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