Mothers And Other Lovers

Mothers And Other Lovers Teenager Eleanor studies hard at school dreams of escape from a rural upbringing by going to university en she falls in love but with her mother s new female friend This is set against the backdrop o

  • Title: Mothers And Other Lovers
  • Author: Joanna Briscoe
  • ISBN: 9781857992489
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Teenager Eleanor studies hard at school, dreams of escape from a rural upbringing by going to university.en she falls in love,but with her mother s new female friend This is set against the backdrop of the West Country.

    One thought on “Mothers And Other Lovers”

    1. Well written but annoying. The author's clearly accomplished and I'd happily try another of her books. I found it pretty absorbing but gradually became annoyed through the book. The main characters aren't charming and pleasant enough to want to spend time with which would be fine if they were more interesting, but sadly they aren't. I think there's a limit to how many pages you can spend rehashing the same emotional conflict between the same two people without any progress before the reader dise [...]

    2. Eleanor is 16 and feels unloved and neglected by her Mother, Paula. She develops a fascination and later an obsession with her mother's friend Selma, who is more feminine and motherly than Paula. Meanwhile, Paula, also feeling unlovable, has an affair with an ex-spiritual teacher.I've read You by Joanna Briscoe and I loved it, but I wish someone had told me that this book was practically the same as You. I felt like I was a reading a sequel (or a prequel) of a rather inferior quality. You get th [...]

    3. I met Joanna during the time she was finishing this book in Paris. I was disappointed at first but I think only because it was nothing like I expected. If ever you read this Joanna, know that I think of you often, especially les cafés crèmes au café Select Latin, and the fabulous view from your apartment.if you craned your neck a bit and stood on tip-toe! Oh for the day when a sentence consisted only of verbs!I hasten to add that I LOVED her latest book!

    4. I read this when it came out in 1994 (on my honeymoon!) and when I opened it again it was as fresh and current and true as last time. Briscoe is a fabulous author with a wonderful eye for character and detail and glorious dark wit. An incredible debut. Check out her later books also.

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