5 Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Parenting Challenges

Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Parenting Challenges Every LDS parent should read this book Stephen R Covey After than three decades of experience working with parents worldwide New York Times bestselling authors Richard and Linda Eyre have discovered

  • Title: 5 Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Parenting Challenges
  • Author: Richard Eyre Linda Eyre
  • ISBN: 9781606419335
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every LDS parent should read this book Stephen R Covey After than three decades of experience working with parents worldwide, New York Times bestselling authors Richard and Linda Eyre have discovered that many of the parenting challenges LDS parents face are similar to those faced by parents everywhere Many of the problems our kids have are similar to those experi Every LDS parent should read this book Stephen R Covey After than three decades of experience working with parents worldwide, New York Times bestselling authors Richard and Linda Eyre have discovered that many of the parenting challenges LDS parents face are similar to those faced by parents everywhere Many of the problems our kids have are similar to those experienced by kids throughout the world But as Latterday Saints, our answers can be different Our solutions can be spiritual In this groundbreaking new book, the authors help LDS parents apply the unique insights of our eternal perspective to common parenting problems and concerns such as sibling rivalry, peer pressure, rebellion, selfishness, lack of motivation, and many Richard and Linda Eyre are nationally recognized parenting experts and the authors of numerous books, including Teaching Your Children Values A unique, gospel based approach to common parenting problems and concerns Packed with examples of how parents can apply gospel perspectives in raising their children.

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    1. The five solutions were sound, I feltRemember your children's true identityRemember God's parenting patternsRemember your direct channel to the FatherRemember the church's "scaffolding"Remember the Savior's powerWithin this framework, they then give you some little tips, things to think about, and pieces of their own history along the parenting journey.It was fine, a nice little Sunday read, but for some reason it comes with that feeling of GUILT. Not that they suggest you try and do everything [...]

    2. A must read for parents seeking spiritual answers for raising a child/children. It can pretty much be summed up as: remember your child's identity (they are our spiritual siblings and come to earth already having their personalities from the pre-mortal life), remember God's parenting patterns (unconditional love, understanding agency), remember your direct channel to God (God knows your children better than you do, pray for help), remember the church's scaffolding (utilize resources), and rememb [...]

    3. This the best book I have read in a long time!!! I do not generally read parenting books. I discovered many years ago that God is my best source for parenting help--so, when I don't know what to do about a particular issue, I pray and ask my Father in Heaven (the Father of my children's Spirits) for help and I study the holy scriptures. These are the best parenting sources. But, my mom bought me this book for my b-day, so I had to read it and I loved it. This book is for LDS parents and it offer [...]

    4. My feelings are a little mixed on this book. Ultimately, I think the underlying theme is fabulous--that we can have help from our Heavenly Father in raising our children and that we can find gospel answers which will be much more successful then answers we will otherwise find. I really want to do better at incorporating these principles. I really liked the chapter on prayer and the points made on having a Christ centered life/family. I didn't necessarily agree with all their methods or think tha [...]

    5. Amazing and the reviews are true The Eyres will be speaking to the MBASA group soon and I thought I'd read up on their stuff. I must purchase this book once it's cheaper on . LOVED these LDS spiritual messages and am so glad I read now while my oldest is 5 and have time to instill in them these great ideasI like the reading style, flow of chaptershow they talk about Stewardship that needs to be emphasized and how parents do want to know everything vs. keep it privatepaydays vs. allowance valuesp [...]

    6. This was a wonderful book! It is definatly geared to LDS parents not just Chirstians in general. There is a lot of Church specific references. There are many things I will be taking from this book that I will be applying in our home. Family Laws, Family Testimony nights on Fast Sundays, and different aspects of prayer are all going to be applied. The most important part of this book by far was the section about who our children really are. Coming to the realization that our children are who they [...]

    7. I do not care for most parenting books. I would not recommend most of them. This one I loved. (But I should admit up front that I have become a Richard and Linda Eyre groupie, though I can say part of the reason is this very book.) Compared to other parenting books that try to tell you what to do, this book reinforces what you already know and explains why that's important as a parent. Then, they also give you practical suggestions for applying those principles to your life. Major basis in known [...]

    8. What a fabulous book with true insight into the Christian family and grounding you and your children spiritually! It doesn't matter which Christian denomination you are (or if you aren't), this book applies and will give you some great real-world advice on ways to keep Christ central in your family and great ideas for parents everywhere struggling with the overwhelming responsibility of the best (and hardest) job on earth! I especially liked reading about the Eyre's personal experiences and thei [...]

    9. My sister gave me this book and told me it was the most amazing parenting book she had ever read (and she has read a lot!). I have to agree with her. It is not a book that talks about the day to day dealing with personalities and issues but rather it helps us focus in on spiritual solutions that apply to all of us and our children, regardless of our personality. I loved how the whole concept behind the book is that our children truly aren't ours, they are God's, and he has entrusted them to us. [...]

    10. OK, but not my favorite book by these authors. Favorite tips I learned included the following:-If you want more "spirit" in your home, pray more and pray harder for the "Spirit Of Peace". You can try other things like music, less TV, etc. but the sure way is through prayer.-Take advantage of the Priesthood with Priesthood Blessings more often.-If life is too busy for daily scripture "study" with the family, assign a child ahead of time each day to share a favorite scripture or one that has touch [...]

    11. I liked their take on a more spiritual look at parenting. There were lots of good ideas but then there were other things they shared and I thought "Good for them for being able to do that with their kids but it would NEVER work with my kids!" They don't suggest you try everything, but just make gradual or small changes. I did like the book overall and have thought about their suggestions as I've interacted with my kids since finishing it. One thing annoyed me the authors (a husband and wife team [...]

    12. The authors really helped me develop a better perspective for parenting my children that I have not had before. I have noticed a difference in my parenting since I have started reading the book. I took notes on some of the insights I thought were great and realized I have not been as stressed when it comes to parenting after reading my notes and remembering in difficult parenting moments what I read. I have read a couple of parenting books, but especially appreciated the views of the LDS parent [...]

    13. So many things from this book have really stuck with me, particularly the bits about children being the greatest source of joy for parents. I'd forgotten about thatThis book helped me reframe and kind of start over and realize how grumpy and mean and not fun I have been for a while. Kids are fun! Family life should be fun too. I also loved all the thoughts about how to have a more spiritual home. Instead of making me feel there are too many things I'm not doing that I must do, it helped me reali [...]

    14. As I read this, I kept thinking that these two would do a great job of parenting my kids. I also felt a little intimidated as a mom. They had some wonderful thoughts. My only issue with these Deseret Book type of books is that the majority of what they write about are gospel principles and it seems slightly odd to be paying authors that write about gospel principles (even if they are really good which they are). They have some great ideas for parents and I am certainly going to go back and read [...]

    15. I read this based on a recommendation from my sister. It was really, really good. You can't just sit down and "read" this book to get all the ideas out of it. I especially liked the way they approached it, as insights, applications, and what you get out of each spiritual solution. They referenced several Web sites I want to check out, and had lots of great "little" idea applications I want to implement. Though I'm sure it's designed for parents of all ages, I found it probably most helpful for p [...]

    16. Best Parenting book ever! I borrowed this book from work, so I could not mark it up, but I took 6 pages of notes! I think I will be getting this one for sure. So many things to help me to raise my children the way they should be and they totally make sense. Why haven't I been doing these all along? I think Our family will be a lot happier, and loving, and more spiritually minded soon!!

    17. If I could rate this 3 1/2 stars I would. I liked it, but not enough for the "really liked it" status. I think there are a lot of really good suggestions in this book for how to raise your children in a spiritual environment. I probably will try a few, some I didn't care for at all. The writing was good, but I was always confused as to who was talkingBro or Sis Eyre. Anyway, enjoyable read. I probably won't read it cover to cover again, but more than likely I will pick it up as a reference.

    18. I underlined idea after idea in this book. In a nutshell, our children are really God's children and have lived long before they came to earth so they already have talents and traits and we are to help them remember those. God gave us agency and accountability so we should do the same for our children. Fear God, not your children. Gauge your childrens progress by interviews, testimonies and how they read the scriptures.

    19. It's hard for me to sum up what I thought of this book, let me just say that it will be on my nightstand for the next few years least. Such great ideas, such great application to real life, particularly my life. It is written for an LDS(Mormon) audience, but has so many great Spiritual/Christian principles that could be applied to any parents who have chosen to involve God and Christ in how they raise their children.

    20. This book shares a lot of the same ideas as The Entitlement Trap, and has so many good ideas you have to pick and choose some to start with. Which can be overwhelming. But one of the best family books I've ever read- I say family because its not just about how to be a better parent. But how o be a better family. I wish I had been raised by the Eyres

    21. Are there any more perfect parents then the Eyres? They are so inspirational for me, and I appreciated this book. Lots of great tips I want to incorporate into my family. I like how they teach a spirit of confidence and love in their parenting approach. It seems you can't argue with their track record either. All of their kids sound like great people. I'm a big fan!

    22. I found some great ideas within this book. I also loved this book because it really got me thinking, and then doing some of the strategies. I also was very reflective on my own parenting style and what habits I have developed that are good, and some improvements that we can make. It is a great read and I will return to it again and again for inspiration.

    23. Feel the love! The Eyre's offer a support group for all latter-day saint parents hoping to build a strong family without dishing out the guilt. So many things I wish I had known as a younger parent but their encouragement gave me hope and renewed determination to remember I am a steward of Heavenly Fathers children, so He is there to help me.

    24. I can't think of better solutions for raising children than the ones in this book. I took notes, read them over and over, have tried a few ideas already, and feel they have helped greatly. Every child is so different, yet they need to be reminded they are a daughter or son of God. This is a book I'll be going back to again and again.

    25. This encouraging, well-organized book covers five fundamental doctrinal principles, fleshing them out with some really good ideas to help improve your relationship with your kids (not to mention the relationships with your spouse and your Heavenly Father). I might just have to buy a copy of this one -- it's that good!

    26. I enjoyed this book. It gave some practical solutions with a spiritual perspective. Once I had a pencil by the book and started marking it. I have surprised myself by marking more than I thought I would. Many of the ideas are not original, but repackaged in ways that gave me a few "a-ha" moments. I liked the chapters on Prayer and the Church Scaffolding. Definitely recommend it.

    27. I'm not usually a big fan of the Eyre's books-- not that I don't think they're great people but I usually get bored halfway through and give up. But this book was AMAZING. So many good insights to help not only with parenting, but with your own spirituality. I especially loved the chapter on prayer. I would recommend it to everyone, kids or no.

    28. This is hands down my FAVORITE parenting book of all time. I have most of the book highlighted. I have instituted many of the suggestions in this book into my family. I always tell people about this book too. It made me want to read as many of the Eyres books I could get my hands on. In a few years I have read the book probably five times.

    29. The best parenting book I've ever read-especially focusing on LDS principles but good for any parent of any faith.Chapters 1&2 applied especially to me now as I deal with young children, but I can 100% see how other chapters will help me as my kids grow. A definite book I'll always keep in my home.

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