SS General

SS General The great Stalingrad novel written by a German survivor Sven Hassell and his diminishing band of veterans find themselves plunged into the maelstrom of Stalingrad Radio Moscow boasts that one German s

  • Title: SS General
  • Author: Sven Hassel
  • ISBN: 9780304366347
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • The great Stalingrad novel written by a German survivor Sven Hassell and his diminishing band of veterans find themselves plunged into the maelstrom of Stalingrad Radio Moscow boasts that one German soldier dies every minute as they struggle forward on the front, and when the Russians surround the German 6th Army, it seems they re doomed But Sven and his friends make aThe great Stalingrad novel written by a German survivor Sven Hassell and his diminishing band of veterans find themselves plunged into the maelstrom of Stalingrad Radio Moscow boasts that one German soldier dies every minute as they struggle forward on the front, and when the Russians surround the German 6th Army, it seems they re doomed But Sven and his friends make a last ditch attempt to break out, to fight their way across the frozen steppe to freedom Their leader a fanatical SS general.

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    1. I had limped along with my well-thumbed copy of 'Comrades Of War' for years before one day, in a used book store in Burbank, I encountered this and several other Sven Hassel novels in the dusty, cluttered shelves. Until the internet Hassel's books were a lucky find. This was a lucky find. It places the gang, Sven, Tiny, the Legionaire, Porta, the Old Man and the rest in Stalingrad. They're surrounded. They're starving. They've been ordered not to retreat. Bad scene. They are rescued by an SS Gen [...]

    2. SS General is a great novel written by Sven Hassel, a Danish soldier who fought in The 27th Penal Panzer Regiment. This book describes the atrocities in Stalingrad during WW2.The plot is a bit fictional (from what I know, Waffen-SS didn't participate in the battle of Stalingrad).Sven and his comrades are trying to escape from the battle, being helped by a SS general.If you want to read about the complete stupidity of war and the pure incompetence of the generals and higher ups whose decisions me [...]

    3. A guilty pleasure - my dad had these books on this shelf for years and I'dpeak at them for some reason they seemed forbidden.They are a fun read, a kind of WW2 pulp fiction, all from theperspective of a German penal unit. Wild, realistic, most the time,and oddly poignant for such a tale. A lot of controversy surrounds the author, was he a real soldier in the Wehrmacht? a con-man? Adds to the allure.

    4. I came across name Sven Hassel, while reading some review on Leo Kessler´s book and grabbed SS General. The book is written in crispy language with all gruesome of hunger, war, winter and Stalingrad. Group of soldier from penal regiment was stuck in the horrid eastern front and like a miracle they found the way out. General SS who saw no point in fanatical and useless deaths in Stalingrad pulled group of survivors and lead them across the steppe to the safety. The story is very strong and surpr [...]

    5. Hassel shows the toughness of the front line and fanatism that cost lives of thousands. Nice and entertaining. I think the stories about the war especially for teenagers and those have just little information should have similiar form.

    6. E' un altro libro che non ha né precedenti, né successori e altro non è che una episodio localizzato nel tempo. E' la storia di Stalingrado, dove il gruppo di tedeschi lotta per sopravvivere. Il libro narra di questa battaglia sconsiderata, in cui Hitler noncurante di tutto avrebbe voluto che la Sesta Armata di Paulus avesse combattuto fino all'ultimo uomo. Infatti, tra le solite vicende di ordinaria amministrazione per gli uomini in armi del 27°, si vedono gesti di follia e di sconsideratez [...]

    7. 8th SS-General chapter by chapter: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The Bridge Story of the SS dealing with the SA in 1934. Section travelling in tanks in the vacinity of Stalingrad. Tiny and Heide have a fight (Heide is dealt with). Contact with T34s. Description of situation in Stalingrad. Incessant rain, mud, mould. Description of recruits. Talk of Italian and Rumanian troops. Mission to blow up Russian bridge. Description of bog/marsh and ad [...]

    8. Any Hassel book is worth reading: a shot of adrenalin after other, lesser military novelists. This one includes two plot lines. Each chapter starts with a vignette of a key point in SS history, starting from the Night of the Long Knives, the event that brought Heinrich Himmler to prominence over Ernst Rohm. The meat of the chapter is our gang's Stalingrad experiences. The famously horrific siege of Stalingrad finished with the complete destruction of the German 6th Army.These books are driven by [...]

    9. I devoured the Sven Hassel novels when I was in high school, 45 years ago. They made visceral the history of the Second World War and the brutality of the Nazis. Reading SS General again, years later, there is almost a pulp fiction quality to the never-ending, seemingly impossible situations that Sven and his squad of comrades find themselves in. However, many soldiers survived impossible situations. Hassel lets us glimpse those struggles through the eyes of his characters.

    10. I quite enjoyed this book. My main criticism is that was all a bit disjointed. It read as if it were 4 or 5 short stories strung together, with a few stand-alone anecdotes thrown in for good measure - not really a novel as such. All pretty thrilling and interesting but an odd book all round. Still, the action scenes are well handled and the central cast of characters are well drawn and engage the reader's attention very well.

    11. Another classic page turner from the master, merging the darkest grimness of war with the relentless black humour of his weary regular protagonists. Pulp fiction, but imaginative and flawless in its execution.

    12. Do you know haow hard it is to find these books?I mean if your like me and wont buy books online for fear of reciving a credit card bill that resembles the national debt in size and magnatude. Well the answer is extreamly hard. The only other Sven Hassel book I have found was a beat up copy of 'Reign of Fire' someone carelessly left on their coffee table, and which I aquired after a convient diversion created by the family dog. The books are quite good. Sometimes funny, sometimes horrible, somet [...]

    13. I thought I'd read all Hassel's books years ago, but this one was unfamiliar. The pleasant surprise is that by the time of this, his eighth book, he had developed his skills as a novelist. The early books are fascinating for their genuine, albeit fictionalised, account of Hassel's actual experiences. SS General, on the other hand, is complete fiction, albeit within the very real environmnet of Stalingrad and the Don steppe (neither Hassel nor the SS were at Stalingrad).Although the narrative, li [...]

    14. Usually, the Second World War was certainly not one of my favorite piece of history cake. It is bitter, anxious, hard-boiled over-chewed topic with all the negative aspects and connotation of humanity. We all know our facts and if it is spoken about people, it is mostly about the holocaust horrors.So I liked this soldier's story. I liked it a lot.There he is, the main face of the story, he doesn't even want to be in all this mess he's pushed in, and he certainly doesn't share enthusiasm with his [...]

    15. April 19, 1917 — Barcelona September 21, 2012. Nice succinct description from - "Involves the 27th (Penal) Panzer Regiment composed of expendable soldiers - sentenced criminals, court-martialed soldiers and political undesirables." "It was no joyride, being in a motorised sledge driven by Porta. The thing weighed three tons and he flung it up and down, from side to side, with the same recklessness as if he were on a car at a funfair. We shot up hills like fire-balls from the cannon's mouth an [...]

    16. "- Den satans snön gör mig vansinnig! Mina ögon värker. Varför är snön vit?- Vad fan! vrålar Lillebror. Vilken färg skulle den annars ha? Har du någonsin sett svart snö?De släpar mig mellan sig. Porta räcker mig sin fältflaska. Jag dricker glupskt. Nu är vi snart vid Don, och sedan är vi hemma! Jag stramar upp mig. Maskingeväret har blivit lättare. Vodkan har gett mig nytt livsmod. När man upplevt Rysslands polarvinter och brännande heta somrar, förstår man, varför ryssarn [...]

    17. Sven Hassel stories seem to have a mixture of everything. They can be horrific and vile under conditions of a savage conflict. They can also be very funny because his friends are wonderfully portrayed in his first person singular narration. This is pulp war story telling at its best and was very gripping.The characters are very special and the reader will easily like them all.

    18. Sven Hassel manages to capture the pure essence of survival in a world gone mad. his stories are realistically horrific yet can capture your mind in a book, which after reading through the first few chapters, you won't want to stop reading it, and once you've finished, you want more.

    19. La tremenda ritirata tedesca da Stalingrado. Con il suo solito stile, Hassel descrive le atrocità e le pazzie vissute dall'esercito tedesco nel momento della sconfitta più grossa. Privazioni, ordini assurdi, disperazione, cannibalismoe un pizzico di ironia.

    20. Read all of his books found in the local library years ago. I now seems to start to pick them up again. Raw but witty.

    21. It was excellently written. You could easily imagine yourself slogging along over the steppes and through the forests. I recommend it highly.

    22. So happy now that these books have been re-released! I've read and retread this one several times over 20years along with two others I owned, now I'm getting them all and love them just as much!!

    23. A break from the norm but an interesting insight to how things might have been for the Germans in Russia.

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