Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 10: Hollywood

Ultimate Spider Man Volume Hollywood A major movie studio is making a summer blockbuster about Spider Man and the Ultimate wall crawler swings by the set to give the producers a piece of his mind But someone else is even hotter about be

  • Title: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 10: Hollywood
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Mark Bagley
  • ISBN: 9780785114024
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • A major movie studio is making a summer blockbuster about Spider Man, and the Ultimate wall crawler swings by the set to give the producers a piece of his mind But someone else is even hotter about being in the film than Spidey Doctor Octopus, who just may shut the production down if he doesn t get final edit As the cameras roll, the real wall crawler and Doc Ock go heaA major movie studio is making a summer blockbuster about Spider Man, and the Ultimate wall crawler swings by the set to give the producers a piece of his mind But someone else is even hotter about being in the film than Spidey Doctor Octopus, who just may shut the production down if he doesn t get final edit As the cameras roll, the real wall crawler and Doc Ock go head to head behind the scenes Collecting Ultimate Spider Man 54 59

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    1. Spiderman shows up to complain about a movie being made about him with a nod towards the Raimi/McGuire picture. It just gets worse for him in the usual tradition when Doctor Octopus shows up.The resolution with Gwen Stacy felt off but the moviemaking inside jokes was amusing. Some good action scenes with Spidey and Octo. Other characters were mostly same old, same old but that's okay if you enjoy the repeat style characters as I do.Written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrations by Mark Bagley [...]

    2. Διάβασε όλο το review εδώΤο μόνο πρόβλημα με το Hollywood είναι ο Doc Ock: χωρίς να έχει αναπτυχθεί ιδιαίτερα σε προηγούμενα arcs, ο Otto παραμένει μια κάπως χλιαρή villain φιγούρα. Μπορεί να διατηρεί όλη την μανιασμένη ιδιοφυία της πρωτότυπης εκδοχής, αλλά δυσκολεύομαι να βρω κάτι το ενδιαφέ [...]

    3. Compared to the previous volume, this is a really light one. It nods to the Tobey Maguire Spider-man films, which made me laugh, and it resolves a hanging plot thread with Gwen Stacy which is just about the only emotionally significant bit. Loved the scene near the end with them all lying around on the bed talking -- such perfect teenagers.Dr Octopus' role in this is genuinely sinister, and he seems to be getting less silly and more worrying as a villain each time.

    4. I was introduced to Spiderman through the original movie trilogy so this incredibly meta take on the movie in the comics universe was right up my ally. Plus the fights with Doc Oc were awesome! of course, the amount of times he manages to escape are a little ridiculous, but who's counting? A bonus was the really great Gwen moment. I think she's my favorite character.

    5. Once I started this volume I immediately had low expectations, but the humor shines through, countering what would be serious moments. Being kidnapped to name one. Balance that out with Spider-man stalking the set of the Spider-man movie, and you get the idea. Overall a great read, and for Doc OCS , I think third outing (the last time the volume before), he doesn't feel over used after getting an issue or two in (though you could say so and not be wrong, I hope they gave him a break after this v [...]

    6. Book Info: This collection contains Ultimate Spider-Man issues #54-59.ABSOLUTE RATING: 3/5 stars (Rounded [])STANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>Aunt May is leaving Peter and Gwen home alone for a week while she goes off to visit her mother in Florida. While she's gone, it is announced that director Sam Raimi will be directing a Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire playing the lead role. Meanwhile, Doctor Otto Octavius (aka Doctor Octopus) escapes from incarceration (yet again) by mentally su [...]

    7. Well this was metabut not in a good way.I like meta narratives but it has to be smart and fun, this one, it just comes off as so much self promotion that I just found it annoying, however wrapped around that terrible idea was a really fun Doc Ock story and some world changing stuff.World: The art is still not my thing, weird faces. The world building on the other hand is a really mixed bag. As I said, I like meta narratives when they smart and witty, this one is just a huge promo and annoyed me [...]

    8. Someone is taking advantage of the Spider-Man craze by creating a movie based on him as well as Doc Oc. Spider-Man isn't thrilled with it. Neither, apparently, is Doc Oc. When the villain escapes, he targets both Spider-Man and his ex-wife, who is a creative consultant on the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes where Peter goes to where the movie is filming and they film him to use the footage for the movie. I loved that Spider-Man in the movie is being played by Tobey Maguire. LOL! The Holly [...]

    9. I always forget what an amazing storyteller Brian Michael Bendis is ("Bendis is" hmm, there has to be a better, less awkward, way of finishing that sentence oh well!). Ultimate Spider-man is, top-to-bottom, one of the most thoroughly, consisently enjoyable, ongoing comic series today. I'm never disappointed. This particular volume was especially entertaining. The stuff about Sam Raimi making a Spider-man movie was hilarious - it was like art-imitating-reality-imitating-art. It was great watching [...]

    10. Lame.The movie ties in some real life people like Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire, but it doesn't avert us from the comic. I still felt in the same New York, even though real-life people were introduced.Bendis continues to be one of my favorite writers, because he can any plot in the world interesting and dramatic. Doc Ock had his third appearance in this book, but I really found new sides of the character. I didn't just see the same old mechanical legs again. We also felt that he was more menacing [...]

    11. Dr. Octopus returns! Seriously, I'm looking for some new villains (or more like, old villains re-imagined for the Ultimate Universe) to show up soon. Much of this trade concerns the Spider-man movie that's being filmed starring Tobey McGuire, directed by Sam Raimi, and produced by Marvel's own Avi Arad, all of whom appear in the book, Raimi and especially Arad quite a bit. Meta fiction or just plain silliness? I'm opting for the latter. I had to laugh when Gwen, who's just found out that Peter i [...]

    12. A nice Spider-Man tale. On the domestic front, you have the frustration of Spidey being unable to do anything about a movie shoot profiting from his story. On the villain side of things, there's another Doc Ock encounter that highlights just how deranged--and dangerous--Otto Octavius is in the Ultimate universe.Both sides are skillfully blended together, as is a discovery of Spidey's secret identity by someone close to him. Writer Brian Michael Bendis does a good job blending drama with humor, n [...]

    13. Tobey MacGuire starring as Spiderman.:')Dem feels.The idea to merge the epic "Spiderman movie franchise being shot" idea with it being attempted to be sabotaged by the troubled Doc Ock resulting in a fight between the 8 limb-Doctor and the real web-slinger is mouth watering stuff. No doubt.Plus, the part where Spidey asks Sam Raimi for getting a piece of the movie based on his life only to be offered a deal at the expense of revealing his true identity is amusing and cleverly showcased.:DAnd the [...]

    14. Back to the Peter Parker Spider-Man stuff. I especially liked the appearances of Tobey McGuire and Sam Raimi's film crew in this book. Peter has his hands full dealing with Doctor Octopus without the distraction of a movie being made about him that he's not seeing any royalties or even proper recognition from. I love that the Spider-Man movie being produced in this volume is the one that we all saw in real life.

    15. Great! I loved all the sadistic stuff with Doctor Octopus - So creepy when he pulls the tooth out. I also thought the character development with Gwen finding out was nice. I thought it was funny that they tied in the movie, but I would like to see some good 'ol fashioned crime fighting in the next one. We shall see!

    16. Very meta, with specific movie references (early 2000s, of course). Sam Raimi, Avi Arad, and Tobey Maguire all appear. Doc Ock's scenes remind me of WIllem Dafoe's take on crazy villainy. This book felt separate from most of the series to me. Even though it does have some continuity, you could probably read it on its own.

    17. Less fun than the earlier volumes, this one revolves around some film jokes and another appearance of Doc Ock (this would have been a good time to introduce a new villain). There's some brief but good stuff with Gwen, showing again that the this series is at least as good dealing with characters as with story or action.

    18. This one's just great. From Peter's disbelief that they can make a movie about Spider-Man without his actual consent to the fight that starts in New York and ends in Brazil. Hollywood is just full of great little moments. It's high action with a heart as Gwen Stacy finds out the truth near the end of this volume.

    19. I just don't get the love for Mark Bagley. I mean, couldn't they have found a better artist for such a flagship title as this one? He just does not draw well. People's faces, especially. Story was kind of fluff, too, with the real-life filming of the first Spider-Man movie mixing up with a "real" fight between Spider-Man and an escaped Doctor Octopus. Bendis is capable of better than this.

    20. This one was a lot of fun, even if Doc Ock has been a little overused in this series. The movie storyline had a number of bizarre ties to the real movie that, I would assume, was being made at the time. And it really captures the troublesome life of being spider-man. Nice.

    21. A bit of a mind bender in the Spidey universe. Spidey and Doc Ock having it out whilst the filming of the "second" Spiderman movie is going on in that universe. I didn't read Ultimate and the art takes a little getting used to. Fun, nonetheless.

    22. Pretty good read but nothing exceptional, a little bit goofy. Just not a whole lot of depth here. And the various fight pages with Doc Oc got a little tiresome. And the bits with Gwen just read kind of weird.

    23. This one was entertaining. The filming of the Spider-Man movie is taking place and Tobey McGuire is mentioned :D Doc Oc is back and Gwen finds out about Peter. A bit more on the exciting side (and always an entertaining read with breakfast)

    24. The metafictional aspects of this arc, with the characters of Avi Arad, Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire showing up to irk Spidey, are kind of interesting, although nothing really insightful comes of it. Overall I thought this volume was a middling entry in this otherwise solid book.

    25. A nice breath of fresh air, after the horrid previous installment. While the story does get a bit exaggerated at times, Bendis still writes his characters into new, unique dilemmas, keeping his audience reeled in. And the little nods made towards Sam Raimi's films in this are a nice touch.

    26. The Dr. Octopus elements are ok, but the movie scenes rubbed me the wrong way. I can appreciate the idea of using the movie in the books to see how Peter would react, but for some reason those scenes seemedexploitative to me.

    27. Funny--they're filming a Spider-Man movie, and Peter Parker can't believe he's being played by Tobey Maguire.

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