Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 1

Ultimate Spider Man Volume After being bitten by a radioactive spider Peter Parker develops superpowers and discovers the responsibilities that go along with them after his uncle is murdered prompting him to use his abilities

  • Title: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 1
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Mark Bagley
  • ISBN: 9780785108986
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker develops superpowers and discovers the responsibilities that go along with them after his uncle is murdered, prompting him to use his abilities to fight crime.Collecting Ultimate Spider Man 1 12

    One thought on “Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 1”

    1. Yes it Is fresh and updated but this is ultimately a lot more faithful to normal Spiderman than a lot of the Ultimate Universe stuff.

    2. SPOILERSBy the time when Brian Michael Bendis was hired by Marvel to write a Spider-Man comic that would not only reboot the publisher’s most iconic character for the millennial audience, but introduce the Ultimate Universe, Spidey was not selling well as the nineties were a troubling time for the industry, including Marvel, who had to sell the movie rights of their characters to make sure they’re still alive. Fortunately, it paid off as the nerdy science kid from Queens can be as relevant d [...]

    3. A modern retelling of Spider-Man's origin, set in the early 2000s rather than the 1960s. The artwork is pretty good; a variety of colors, well-portrayed emotions, and dynamic action scenes. Unfortunately, the script falls short; it seems written for modern teenagers, who, apparently, have a much more limited vocabulary and greater use of slang than teens did in the 1960s (surprised?). I'd guess that only Spidey fans will enjoy this one.I've been a Spider-Man fan since childhood, growing up on th [...]

    4. ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, VOL. 1 by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS | ★★★★★My first introduction to Spider-Man was Sam Raimi's 2002 film, appropriately named Spider-Man. It was as great as a superhero film could be in the early 2000s, but it hooked me into the webslinger's story and made me a fan. But even with the movies, it never occurred to me that I could be reading the comic books. So I took it as an opportunity to catch up on old times. In this first volume, Bendis takes the classic story and re [...]

    5. Ultimate Spider-Man is a fictional comic that has been written over and over again for the last couple of decades. The story about Peter Parker, a nerd who is bitten by a scientific spider. That spider reverses his DNA and enhances his natural abilities. On top of that, he matures with his new powers as well. He lives his life by his uncle's motto: with great power comes great responsibility. Since I have read Spider Man a lot, I am already familiar with it. However, I did not like this comic in [...]

    6. I'd have given this 5-stars but I am so beyond sick of hearing the Spider-Man origin story that it is impossible to enjoy anymore. It is over-examined and unnecessary. Even when I consider that the Ultimate line started in the early 2000's, before several movies and reboots, it still seems unnecessary to revisit every time. All that changed, even in an alternate universe, were minute details. After the origin though - it gets great. It is the Spider-Man everyone loves - jokes, but serious. Semi- [...]

    7. This is a great retelling of Peter Parker's story a great starter for book for anyone who has wanted to get into comics but has no clue where to start!

    8. (Note: this review was originally published on my blog, The Fantastic and the Mundane. fantasticandmundane/)WHAT I LIKED As far as beginnings go, Spider-Man's is pretty famous. Nerdy kid is nerdy. Kid is bitten by special spider. Spider gives kid super powers. Kid takes advantage of powers and becomes selfish. Uncle dies, and the kid learns that with great power, there must also come great responsibility. Kid gets red and blue tights and fights crime while trying to win over the girl of his drea [...]

    9. Review of the entire series:I have always been a huge fan of Spiderman, having collected just about every series since I was young. This, though, is just about my favorite version. Takes all the best parts of Spiderman and whips them together in a wonderful narrative. Had me in tears at the end.

    10. Me recordó mucho al spider man de Sam Raimi y al nuevo de homecoming. Creo que nunca había leído un arco completo de spider man que no involucrada a otro super heroe y me alegro haber empezado por este.

    11. 3.5/5Ultimate Spider-Man was a superhero comic book series that was published by Marvel Comics from 2000 to 2009. The series is a modernized re-imagining of Marvel's long-running Spider-Man comic book franchise as part of its Ultimate Marvel imprint. Basically, just as the 00's were starting, Marvel unleashed new "ULTIMATE" comic threads of X-MEN and FANTASTIC FOUR and THE ULTIMATES. They wanted modern, fresh and vibrant, and I think they got it.This review is for the first year, 2000-2001, issu [...]

    12. I've just finished re-reading the hardcover Ultimate Spider-Man, Vol. 1 for at least the third time, but it's been a few years since the last time. I first came to Ultimate Spider-Man several years ago when I was looking for graphic novels that would be appropriate for my under-age-10 sons. I didn't know much about graphic novels (and I still don't know very much) but I wanted my kids to enjoy visual stories that were free of the grunge that seems so common in comics. Ultimate Spider-Man was rec [...]

    13. I, personally, am not into anything fantasy-like. Anything with superpowers or vampires - I'm not into it. I randomly picked this graphic novel to read because I was already familiar with the plot and I thought it’d be an easy read, but I realized I ended up enjoying it immensely. This book is about Peter Parker, who is basically (to put it into simpler words) a science nerd. One day when his class goes on a fieldtrip to Osborn Industries, he gets bit by a chemically engineered spider, and soo [...]

    14. I loves me some Ultimate Comics. Ultimate Spider-Man, rightly so, was the flagship title of the whole deal back in 2000 when it was decided that 40 years of backstory was too much for anyone to just dive into. This 'rebooting' also allowed for the many inconsistencies and anachronisms that have built up in Peter Parker's four decades as a teenager to be wiped clean.The latest generation of superhero movies also took most of their cues from these books too, so there may not be as many changes as [...]

    15. "Spider-man: Degrassi."If you're not a teenager and having all the experiences described in this book then I don't know how much interest this origin re-imagining will hold. I first read this around the time of the first (Toby Maguire) Spider-man movie when the Ultimate Spider-man issues were in the #20s and I followed the series for maybe a year or so. The book holds a certain amount of nostalgia for me since I was just entering high school and experiencing all of the usual drama so the book se [...]

    16. SUMMARY: With great power, comes great responsibility. Teenage outcast Peter Parker is about to learn this lesson the hard way, and become one of the world's greatest superheroes in the process. On a field trip to Oscorp Industries, he is bitten by a spider that has been infused with the experimental Oz drug. This creates an unforeseen reaction in Peter's body, causing him to develop the powers and abilities of a spider. At first, he decides to use his powers to make money as a wrestler in an un [...]

    17. Book Info: This collection containsUltimate Spider-Manvolumes one and two, which collect issues #1-13.OVERALL RATING:ABSOLUTE RATING: 3/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>------------------------------------------------ABSOLUTE RATING: 3.5/5 stars (Rounded Up)STANDARDIZED RATING: <4/5 stars>Review for Ultimate Spider-Man, Vol. 1: Power and ResponsibilityABSOLUTE RATING: 3/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>Review for Ultimate Spider-Man, Vol. 2: Learning Curve

    18. This was my first real foray into modern comic books, and it was fantastic! This retelling of Spiderman's origin feels fresh and updated in terms of both language and art style. The story stays true to the classic essence of Spiderman, though, in all its light-hearted, pun-tastic glory. Peter Parker is still the same old gawky, lovable nerd and Mary Jane is still a sassy spitfire. We swing along for the ride as Peter copes with becoming a teenaged superhero, deals with the death of his uncle, an [...]

    19. Its not the authors fault that I gave this book 3 stars, its the world's fault that I gave it 3 stars. The reason why I gave this book 3 stars is because there are so many people re-telling spider mans origins saying that "its original" when really its always the same story over and over again. The reason why I didn't even give it a lower rating is because the way that they told the story made me want to keep reading even though I knew what would happen. The strengths of this book is that (as I [...]

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    21. Look out marvel fans!! Here comes the Spider-Man!! For those of you who haven't read this book,I'll give you a small summary. Peter parker is just an ordinary kid in high school. You know getting good grades,dealing with bullies.That sort of thing. But one faithful day,peter went on a science field trip to oscorp. Where there were showing what they do. All of a sudden, one of the experimental spiders jumped on Peter's hand and bit him. Yee-ouch!! That's gotta hurt! Soon enough,he realized he gai [...]

    22. it was a nice tuch on the spiderman orgien story some resons why I love this orgien story. 1 I love the new green goblin i mean look at himmarvelcomic/bios/green_gobl 2 relatble carcters I mean spider-man been know for its relatble carcters but this just takes it a step furrther making it more modren and reaalestic then the normeal marvel unaverse3 the artwork im mean look at this and yes it was taken from this volumemediaicvine/uploads/1/ you shod defentley get this volume fristUltimate Spider- [...]

    23. This is the first trade paperback in the Spider-Man reboot. Here, we see how Peter got his powers and we see elements of the origin story that we all see to know in some way, shape, or form. MJ is officially in this installment, which is interesting to me since she's not the first official girlfriend of Peter. I did really enjoy this one because I could see how it inspired the 2002 movie and I liked that I knew some of the points. I haven't read a lot of Spider-Man before now, so it was a relief [...]

    24. So this is a modern retelling of Peter Parker and his trip into becoming Spider-Man. I grabbed this from the library as a way to finally jump into Marvel comics without having to read all of the back issues which date to the 60s. While I like the story of Spider-Man this version seemed to be lacking and some ways and I had trouble getting into it. I didn't like Peters monologues. For some reason they annoyed me. I wanted to see more history behind Harry, Peter, and Mary Jane. It seemed like thei [...]

    25. Brian Michael Bendis is a great comic writer and as much as I love Alias and his recent work on the X-men his long run on Ultimate Spider Man will probably what he will be best and most fondly remembered for. This collection is the origin story to end all origin stories. Peter Parker is first and foremost a bright, teenage loner shaped by forces beyond him. Bendis takes a couple pages from a fifty year old comic and breathes such depth and breadth into Parker's gradual becoming that it takes you [...]

    26. I know that this is just a re-telling of the original Spider-Man story from the 1960s but boy did I love it! It tells of Peter Parker's emergence as Spider-Man, his wrestling career, the loss of Uncle Ben, and his run ins with the villains Green Goblin, Electro and Kingpin. The art work is great and the whole book was very engrossing. The only thing I didn't really understand was how he got to be so chirpy. Peter is a very reserved nerd but as soon as he gets the costume on he just can't stop ta [...]

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