Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 14: Warriors

Ultimate Spider Man Volume Warriors The Gang War to end all Gang Wars begins The Kingpin is in retreat and that kind of a power vacuum won t last long It s about to be filled by a figure of unabashed dread in the underworld Hammerhead P

  • Title: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 14: Warriors
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Andy Kubert Mark Bagley
  • ISBN: 9780785116806
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Gang War to end all Gang Wars begins The Kingpin is in retreat and that kind of a power vacuum won t last long It s about to be filled by a figure of unabashed dread in the underworld Hammerhead Plus the Ultimate debut of several Marvel characters, including Moon Knight And Spidey thinks he s had trouble before but nothing has ever made him declare Peter ParkeThe Gang War to end all Gang Wars begins The Kingpin is in retreat and that kind of a power vacuum won t last long It s about to be filled by a figure of unabashed dread in the underworld Hammerhead Plus the Ultimate debut of several Marvel characters, including Moon Knight And Spidey thinks he s had trouble before but nothing has ever made him declare Peter Parker no .Collecting Ultimate Spider Man 79 85

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    1. I’m bummed this is my last print of Ultimate Spiderman. This was the best of the three I’ve read, keeping it’s humorous slant but staying interesting with the shifting power plays and struggles in the city. Hammerhead has deemed to take over the city while Kingpin is forced to lay low, but all bad guys recruit their own help. Peter is in the outs with Mary Jane while (with humor) fending off the advances of the Black Cat (which I’ve fallen in love with through these stories.) Enigma on t [...]

    2. I get the feeling that, when these stories were being written, Ultimate Spider-Man was one of, if not the best-selling book in the Ultimate line, and possibly one of the best sellers for Marvel. Because why else would you be using the book to introduce so many characters to the Marvel Universe in such a short period of time? I give Bendis credit for not making this book be so much about Moon Knight or Iron Fist, though it certainly seems like these issues were supposed to be springboards for the [...]

    3. In this volume, we meet the Ultimate versions of Moon Knight, Iron Fist, and Shang-Chi (although the latter appeared earlier in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up). None of them is as interesting as their regular Marvel U counterparts, although to be fair, their backstories are barely hinted at here, and none of them gets much to do in this story. Ultimate Hammerhead is slightly more believable than his Marvel Universe self (although no origin is given, only briefly hinted at), and the gang war with the Ki [...]

    4. This is pretty fun.It's basically an arc of 'Ultimate Marvel Team Up', ending in a brawl that goes on for around two issues. It makes up for the previous arc. One thing that did bother me though is how Moon Knight, Elektra and Hammerhead all get fatally wounded, but just end up in 'comas'. Sure, when you get stabbed in the chest and then thrown out of the window, if you survived that you probably would be in a coma. But Bendis tries to pass this off for two characters, presumably 3 (it's never a [...]

    5. This volume finally hits all the right notes. The volumes revolving around new characters have gotten extremely fatiguing. This time, instead, we have a gang war, a huge cast of costumed characters, and an interesting moral dilemma for Peter. The scene where Peter bursts in to find the room full of a huge cast of characters, the deciding-of-who-is-on-which-side, and the fight and resolution that follow are the best part of this series so far. Just when I was about to get up, the series finally h [...]

    6. This is one very cluttered story. It's so dense; there's so much going on! I'm not kidding, these comics probably have the most sub-plots yet, in this series. If it were a little more simplified, like in "Double Trouble", that would've been better. However the story of Peter and Cat builds to a very satisfying, and humorous ending.

    7. This was a really fun book with some great art and awesome guest stars. I have been a fan of Moon Knight and Black Cat for many years and here they are in some of the best art that I have seen around.

    8. Strong but also a but janky.The last arc was very strong, with the emo and the drama, this was a continuation but with some janky character building and story it was a missed opportunity.World: Don't like the art. The world building is strong, building on the back of all that came before with Kingpin and the cast of characters. It's good, there are a lot of interesting moving parts and how it ties into the story it's awesome. Bendis is just a great world builder.Story: The story is great on face [...]

    9. So the question is: as horrible as Mr. Fisk is, should Spider-Man do what he says because there's someone even worse on the scene? There are a lot of people in the game in this issue, including a new guy named Moon Knight. And who's back? Felicia and the cat has a thing for the Spider. Are things finally going Peter's way? Finally?Everything comes to a head with Black Cat, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, Electra, Montana, Fancy Dan, and Hammerhead all going at it at once until Spider-Man trap [...]

    10. This is a decent Ultimate spiderman, but for me not up there with some of the other Bendis stories in this series.Here Spidey meets up with a couple of the Ultimate universe's versions of some of New York's famous superfaces, the like of Moon Knight and Iron fist. Electra is in this, she's not my farourite character anytime, at least in this universe she is a bit more human. I could not tell you too much of the narrative in this comic, it is not that important to this series, the interaction of [...]

    11. When Spider-Man has to fight something that's a little less obvious I find the story a lot more intriguing. In Warriors the foe isn't some crazed genetic experiment like Carnage or the Green Goblin, or a maniac like Doctor Octopus, it's organised crime. And trying to figure out where the side of good lies.I liked the introduction of the Moon Knight. There was enough information given to make me want to find out more but not too much to remove the sense of the mysterious. The Black Cat and her va [...]

    12. This is another mediocre offering in the Ultimate Spider-Man line. Several Ultimate characters are introduced (Iron Fist, Shang Chi, Moon Knight, etc) and a few others make reappearances (Black Cat, Elektra, Kingpin, etc). My main problem is Peter's enmity towards Mary Jane. I don't know if Bendis is trying to make Peter a sullen brat or if Bendis has some misogynist leanings (well, reading some of his other works and the treatment of women in them, I'd not be surprised by THAT at all), but call [...]

    13. There is a new crime lord out in the city looking keen to sabotage Kingpin's organized crime empire and an entire pack of superhero/super-villain pawns are being utilized to meet the ends of the two crime big-shots.Tragic sequences coupled with a hilarious one highlighting Black Cat-Spiderman relationship dilemma makes this volume a worthy read.:3Plus, Elektra couldn't have been any more vague or deadly. The Ultimate Spiderman Saga is only getting more gripping as it progresses.

    14. I don’t want to say I disliked this batch, but…well, some of this was weak. I can forgive the Ultimate Six diversion as an obvious crossover with a comic I don’t read, but I have to say that Black Cat is really annoying, and the whole Hobgoblin thing didn’t do it for me, either. Still soldiering on - I have library leads on all the available trades, shockingly, so I’ll be caught up at some point this summer - but a few of these were more than a little rough around the edges.

    15. What was that?This was basically just a mass of people in costumes I know little to nothing about, kicking each other's asses. And then there's Black Cat being distinctly odd. And then there's also the mess of teenage hormones re: Peter and Mary Jane.Not sure what Aunt May is going to do next; that was maybe the best part of this volume, other than maybe the lady cop.

    16. Book Info: This collection containsUltimate Spider-Manissues #79-85.ABSOLUTE RATING: 3+/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>

    17. OkayI like the Ultimate UniverseI like Spider-Man in the Ultimate UniverseThis was a fun readowing what I know about the 616 [original universe] I problems start with what feels like being rushed into understand who people are [what they are about] I have 616 knowledge of these things but in the Ultimate Universe it all feels implied rather than exposedybe its just me

    18. A lot of fun climaxing in a fanboy dream fight scene featuring Spidey, Black Cat, Elektra, Hammerhead, Moon Knight,and Iron Fist. And that was topped by one of the best scenes in the whole series: Black Cat realizing how old Peter Parker really is.

    19. Spider-Man faces off a collection of villians defeated in previous storylines while Peter attempts to cut himself off from all of his friends in an attempt to protect them from his life as Spider-Man. It was a necessary personal interlude for peter after his break-up with Mary Jane.

    20. One of the better collections in this series. Even though it's one of the ones between major arcs, this one has a bit more going on and doesn't seem so much like filler.

    21. Probably my least favorite Spiderman volume so far. Mobsters and Spiderman just don't mesh that well. Most of the things that made me love this story are absent.

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