The New Avengers, Volume 4: The Collective

The New Avengers Volume The Collective House of M changed the planet now a new major threat has emerged Nothing can stop it not even Canada s premier super team Alpha Flight The New Avengers are about to be put to the test in a way they

  • Title: The New Avengers, Volume 4: The Collective
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Mike Deodato Steve McNiven
  • ISBN: 9780785119876
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • House of M changed the planet now, a new, major threat has emerged Nothing can stop it not even Canada s premier super team, Alpha Flight The New Avengers are about to be put to the test in a way they never have before Debuting the bombastic pencils of fan favorite Mike Deodato Guest starring Ms Marvel Collecting The New Avengers 16 20

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    1. Okay so this is a Vol #4 and I read it without reading the previous (blame my library tho, mate, they have a PITIFUL selection of comics) but I still really really enjoyed this one! It had an epic plot and much explosions and S.H.I.E.L.D did some double crossing and everyone was pretty morally grey so whoooooo. I'M A FAN. Plus it had so many epic characters in it. Including: Iron Man, Spider Man, Spider Girl (Woman? Idek), Captain Marvel, Captain America, Wolverine, Magneto briefly, and Luke Cag [...]

    2. I have really been enjoying the Bendis run on the New Avengers. The last 2 volumes have been excellent. This one was still good, though I did not like it as much as the first two.The Collective starts with the New Avengers becoming "official", news that is not well received by SHIELD Director Maria Hill. Also these events are happening directly in the wake of the House of M events and it seems other than the mutants and some Avengers most people, including SHIELD, have no clue what has happened. [...]

    3. 3.5 Fast-paced, high-stakes thrill ride, with a compellingly opaque villain. A cut above the average bang!blam! superhero fare.

    4. Yorumun aslı ve devamı Yorum Cadısı'nda.The New Avengers, çizgi romana yeni başlayacaklar için muhteşem bir tercih! Olay örgüsünde kayıp yaşamamak için Avengers Dağıldı ve Gizli Savaş'ın okunması gerekiyor ama tek gereken de bunlar. İsteyen, önceki çizgi romanlara bakabilir fakat Avengers üyeleri değiştiği için klasik Avengers'ı ve eski maceraları illa da bilmek gerekmiyor. Sadece, sayılar arasına giren bazı çizgi romanlara dikkat edilmeli. Bunları yaptıktan s [...]

    5. A big nimbus of space energy descended on a small Alaskan town, engulfing one man who emerged from the wreckage, glowing and powerful. He wiped out Alpha Flight. S.H.I.E.L.D. reluctantly tagged in the New Avengers. Ms. Marvel and the Young Avengers version of the Vision pitched in, too. S.H.I.E.L.D. did some nasty things to Spider-Man and Vision when they were dispatched to help figure out the nature of the energy field, which related to the climax of House of M. As part of the fallout of the ba [...]

    6. So after House of M, all the energy went somewhereturns out, it ends up in Alaska, in a postman named Michael. He takes the powers and energies of everyone de powered in HoM.He wipes out some SHIELD team, Alpha Flight, until the Avengers arrive. Tony is making strides talking to him, then Carol fucks it up by attacking. Stupid head. Sentry stalls him while they try to figure out somethingEnd up in Genosha, where Shit is bad, and Hill has to choose the fate of the Avengersbut someone else is stil [...]

    7. Plot hole/problems:1. When the century took xorn or whatever is xorn off into space to throw him into the sun he went right through the sun and came out the other side. But we see in a future issue that the Sentry did this he burned into a skeleton and then all his flesh regrew. But when he went through the sun in this issue he came out completely unscathed so those two instances don't match up

    8. I hated the art but the story was good, nice to see them face a real threat. Maria Hill is kind of a bitch! Also Carol was in it, which is cool. No idea what Xorn is though so the finale was a bit lost on me!

    9. Secuela directa de House of M y solo sus dos primeras partes valen la pena por estar ilustradas por Steve McNiven. Hacen su aparición los Illuminati y Alpha Flight y te hacen sentir que McNiven nació para dibujar estos personajes.Después entra al relevo Deodato Jr, que nunca deja de ser competitivo, pero cambia por completo el tono del comic y queda estancado en cualquier comic de los Avengers de los noventas. Imaginense Lazos de Sangre, pero con Luke Cage.

    10. Oh my god, now I have to read this damn House of M volume so that I know what the frack happened here. It seems so devastating

    11. A nice, quick, fun little story to transition between House of M and Civil War. Lots of of cool, flashy energy battles and some exposition about Maria Hill and the status of Magneto.

    12. Collects New Avengers #16-20Understanding the events in this book heavily rely on having complete knowledge of the "House of M" event. Don't read on in this review unless you have read "House of M" and/or don't mind being spoiled.OK. Ready? Here we go.SPOILERS:At the end of "House of M," tons of different mutants lost their powers, but that energy and power had to go somewhere. The readers saw that all of this energy congregated together into a massive cloud in space. This volume opens with that [...]

    13. So far this series continues to hold up. Maria Hill of S.H.I.E.L.D. is very unamused with the recent antics of The New Avengers. Unfortunately for her, there's a destructive being cutting a path through North America and The Fantastic Four and X-Men are unavailable. She's got no other choice but to deal with the team that gets on her nerves the most. In this volume The New Avengers get a little help from Carol Danvers - whom I suspect will join the team permanently - and Daisy Johnson - who most [...]

    14. I had mixed feelings on the antagonist in this book. It was kind of a weird tie into House of M and felt like it had very little to do with the Avengers, BUT my dislike of it aside it was an awesome story. The action was fast paced, everyone got face time, and there were some really cool Marvel cameos. You also really get to see the build up to Civil War happening with how the Avengers deal with SHIELD and other things going on in the background, which I particularly appreciate. I enjoy the big [...]

    15. The Collective (16-20). This has always been my least favorite story in the original New Avengers run. I mean the idea of having a followup to House of M is good, and the idea of all the energy fields going somewhere, I guess that's interesting, if pseudo-sciency. But it's a painfully long five-issue fight; it's totally disrespectful to Alpha Flight, who are "killed off" in a few panels to show how tough the mutant powers are; and it has no repercussions and was never again of relevance to the D [...]

    16. A good story with great artwork.The story basically deals with strange global events and disasters and the Avengers’ scramble to fix everything; that’s about as far as the entire story goes. Still, the interplay between the characters is very well done, and the Collective’s destruction of the Arctic is very well portrayed.For some reason Sentry is all but ignored, and the story is basically all flash. The ending is also a bit rushed, and the blowing up Alpha Flight just to reintroduce the [...]

    17. Found this issue very interesting. It was exciting to have the Avengers deal with a threat beyond their understanding, the stakes of all groups trying to stop it while getting in each other's ways.Have to say I got to hate Maria Hill and her shady practices, in a way SHIELD is not much different from supervillain groups they claim to want to stop.Also it was great to see Magneto and the Sentry again.

    18. This focused on the aftermath of House of M, and the collective energies of various depowered mutants being gathered together and causing massive damage. There is some interesting political maneuvering that sets up the Civil War, as well as a mystery of whether or not Magneto got his powers back, as well as some intense huge battle scenes mostly involving Iron Man and the Sentry, so it was some fun, but in many ways didn't really change a lot.

    19. I continue to feel great joy at the absence of David Finch on art.Mysterious being of great power yadda yadda, sounds dull but I really liked the team interaction here, and there are some nice additions to Maria Hill's character.I thought I'd read all of New Avengers up to Civil War, but I don't remember this at all. Possibly I checked a timeline or something and paused to read House of M.

    20. An extremely powerful, flaming naked man crashes into a northern town, wipes out Alpha Flight and is generally very rude. Sentry and Ms. Marvel are no match.Excellent art and a good story. Fun to see the Avengers face a genuine threat.NotesPeter Parker gets to use that big brain.Learning CurveModerate: Those new to Marvel might be confused.Reading OrderOccurs after 'House of M' but before 'Civil War.'

    21. This one was fun, and certainly keeps you intrigued. But the big reveal-- (view spoiler)[it's Xorn! (hide spoiler)] -- only muddles plot point that has already been hopelessly muddled by too many hands. Someone really just needs to explain this thing once and for all! So, I enjoyed it, but it also made me sort of sad.

    22. I did a reread of all the New Avengers recently. This is a standout in comics for me on so many levels. It has the best roster, best heart, best dialogue, best writing and phenomenal art. Bendis really nailed this story line and this entire run. The Collective is decent storyline. It does a good job setting up some future issues for the team.

    23. Reprints New Avengers #16-20. An energy source from space hits Alaska, and a new entity begins tearing across North America. This story is a result of "House of M" and for as many issues as the story ran, not much happened except in the beginning and end. The New Avengers really started to slide at this point.

    24. This was very, very good.The information in this issues are things I have picked up from later stories. Now I have the source and this was well done.Even if you have read things later in the Avengers or X-Men stories this GN is worth reading.

    25. So here we are at volume 4 in which the New Avengers battle an immensely powerful being. Giant battle sequences result. The Avengers argue with Shield. The art varies widely. Not one of their best storylines.

    26. Magneto continues to be a huge bummer, hanging out powerless in the ruins of Genosha where millions of mutants lost their powers. Tony Stark and Maria Hill continue to out-bamf each other in an escalating battle of holy shit just make out already.

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