The New Avengers, Volume 5: Civil War

The New Avengers Volume Civil War The Civil War is on and no book will be affected than The New Avengers The Avengers are about to go to war over their beliefs and the shake up will shock you Each stand alone story in this volume is

  • Title: The New Avengers, Volume 5: Civil War
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Howard Chaykin Pasqual Ferry Olivier Coipel Leinil Francis Yu Jim Cheung
  • ISBN: 9780785122425
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Civil War is on, and no book will be affected than The New Avengers The Avengers are about to go to war over their beliefs, and the shake up will shock you Each stand alone story in this volume is illustrated by a genuine comics superstar Collecting The New Avengers 21 25

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    1. There. I did it. I’ve finally read all of Marvel’s Civil War volumes. If there’s a Civil War: Aunt May’s Oat Cakes volume or a Civil War: H.E.R.B.I.E. - Sexbot book out there, I don’t want to know about it. Okay, maybe I’d read the latter volume.You do realize that there’s a Civil War II event?Shaddup!!!This one’s a grab bag of stories about different heroes and how they’re affected by the Superhuman Registration Act (SRA, so I don’t have to type the whole damned thing out ag [...]

    2. Each issue in this is about a different character. It takes place at the very beginning of the Civil War event. The first issue is about Captain America's issues and how he recruits Falcon. The second issue is about the recruitment of Luke Cage. The third issue is about Spider-Woman's arrest and how she was then recruited to the anti-reg side. The fourth issue was about Sentry and the Inhumans. The final issue was about Tony Stark being attacked by an employee.Really nothing special about this, [...]

    3. Some major cracks in New Avengers formed here and it would be a long time before the franchise overcame them. At least from a structural standpoint, these issues had an advantage to future event cross-overs. As a series of character-focused vignettes set during Civil WarThis stretch of New Avengers suffered from the same glaring flaw as Civil War, but did a far less elegant job of managing it. Marvel wanted the buzz of basing a major cross-over on events with real world resonance, but then almos [...]

    4. I'm going to finally weigh in on where I stand with the Civil War issue here (but I'll try and keep it short).I suspect my thoughts are similar to how I'd feel about gun registration if I lived in a country that actually allowed you to own then.It's OK for you to have them. It's OK for you to not have them. But I feel like it's not too much to ask for to have people register when they buy military-grade weapons. Because, you know, public safety and all that fun stuff.Which is why I don't buy thi [...]

    5. I read this as individual issues, and they all tell one person's story in the midst of Civil War. Great stuff.

    6. Talk about uneven. At times fun & interesting, at other times boring, this Civil War tie-in features a different artist for each issue collected in it. At least the Good outweighs the Bad.High points Issue 21 (Howard Chaykin on art duties): Captain America & Falcon meet up and try & recruit Hank Pym to their side, not knowing he's already joined up with Iron Man's team. Funniest line in the book (by Falcon, to Pym): "C'mon Hank. Get your costume, grab some ants and let's go!" (or som [...]

    7. Each issue of this collection takes us a little deeper into the personal stories of five superheroes coping with the Superhero Registration Act. We get to see the reason why each hero chooses which side of the Civil War to fight on.The Sentry and Iron Man issues are okay, a little choppy and rushed, but okay. The Sentry's story actually added more insight into why the Inhumans are at war with Earth than it did to the Civil War story. The Iron Man story just gives you one more reason to dislike T [...]

    8. I liked the Civil War event and have enjoyed pretty much all of the tie in stuff I've read, but this was pretty damn disappointing. Maybe it was because I had such high expectations with this series having so many of the major players in the events.This volume is a bunch of separate one off stories chronological the going abouts of different New Avengers during the Civil War. None of the stories really jumped out at me and it left me just kind of wishing I had re-read Civil War instead of this.

    9. Don't like this as much as the other Civil War stuff I just read, but it's passable. Bendis' writing is good, but I like his X-Men stuff better than his Avengers stuff. And Chaykin drawing the Avengers is just weird.I do really like #22, which centers on Luke Cage resisting the Superhuman Registration Act in Harlem, and #25, which gets inside Tony Stark's head a bit, but the rest of it I could take or leave.Recommended if you're a die-hard Avengers fan, I guess.

    10. 2nd Reading, Feb '13: There are some good moments in here, but it's clear all the really important stuff is going on in other books. And this book isn't helped by some wildly inconsistent art. You could safely skip this volume in the Civil War series, and if you're reading New Avengers, just read the main Civil War book instead.

    11. If you don't read this graphic novel, you won't miss anything that's absolutely vital to knowing or understanding what happened in the Civil War thread. That being said, it's a solid read, providing yet more perspectives and bits featuring different characters and their reactions/struggles with the Superhero Registration Act.

    12. The Civil War concept is a fascinating idea, but I'm not a huge fan of the execution. I don't think a lot of the issues are explored in enough depth, and a lot of the heroes range from mildly to wildly out of character.Also, some of the art is really not good. In particular, I thought that the illustrations for issue 21 were downright ugly.

    13. Decent, but I don't like the shift between volume 4 and this volume. It was too abrupt and there wasn't enough cohesion. It was like someone wanted to do a Civil War insert and this was it. There is some continuity, but it doesn't feel like it has good flow.

    14. In this TPB there were only 2 stories that I cared for. Issues #22 and #23. The other 3 stories felt lacking in a few ways that just had me wanting to turn the page to look at the art (and sometimes not). No more than 3 out of 5 for this set.

    15. This is just a collection of stories about how individual characters see the civil war, it was honestly not a vital part of the story.

    16. Este arco es un tie-in de Civil War donde Bendis se hace acompañar de diferentes dibujantes para darle diferentes matices a cada historia dependiendo del personaje en quién se enfoque.Howard Chaykin hace una historia del Capitan America que se siente vieja y mal dibujada. Chaykin podrá ser una leyenda, pero dibuja al Steve Rogers más feo que he visto. Y mientras menos hablemos de su Hank Pym, mejor. Lo bueno es que de aqui en adelante todo mejora.Pasqual Ferry hace a Sentry con los Inhumans [...]

    17. Civil War is one of my favourite Marvel storylines. While I can't hope to read all of the tie-ins, my investment in the Avengers made this one a must. The art for #21 is incredibly disappointing, and does not match the tone or gravitas of the story. Nevertheless, it is a paramount issue, as this is how the resistance comes to be. Disheartened and sleep-deprived, Steve ruminates about what his life has become. His closest friend is the face of the SHRA, he has no home to go to and no clue who he [...]

    18. I'm reading the Marvel Civil War trade paperbacks (TPBs) in order as recommended by Comic Book Herald. I have zero background about the New Avengers, and these little vignettes, while interesting, weren't that compelling.Captain America and Luke Cage had good appearances. I think my favorite, although rather light on any interesting action, vignette was that of Spider Woman. I'm not familiar with her as a Marvel character, and Googling her powers and capabilities and history was fun. Sentry's vi [...]

    19. Outstanding!!!Great art work, impressive storyline start to finish. I've read and re-read a few times now, even my young son loves it !! (Never hurts to get the next generation interested lol) I am loving this story.

    20. Every issue of this seemed to go in a different direction, but they were all good and added to the Civil War narrative.

    21. Okay, I *have* read this one, I wasn't sure. So basically, this is another set of pretty good stories that are confusing if you haven't read the Event tie-ins (since basically all of Civil War happens in the interstices of the issues) and that in several cases are ruined by terrible art. #21 - Art by Howard Chaykin, whose work I hate. (I gather he is a Big Deal in comics art, and I don't care. I hate his character designs. I hate looking at their chunky faces.) Cap is on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D [...]

    22. The Marvel Civil War is an epic comic book event that takes place after a team of superheroes accidentally cause a disaster which results in the deaths of hundreds of people. The government passes the Superhuman Registration Act into law so that all powered or costumed heroes can be governed and kept in check. Iron Man and others back the law, feeling they need to be held accountable for their actions. Meanwhile, Captain America leads a resistance against the law, which brings the two sides into [...]

    23. The superhuman registration law being pushed so hard by Tony Stark is about to take effect and anyone with powers that does not register and reveal their identity will be arrested. Captain America is dubious about the law, but to make their point, S. H. I. E. L. D. sends a team of dark clad soldiers in armor to “convince” him. The soldiers have special weapons and are called “Capekillers.” This is the opening battle of what is to become a war between the superheroes, splitting the Avenge [...]

    24. My rating is 3.5 stars.This is a collection that tells how the Civil War is affecting each Avenger. It is basically an anthology where each section is devoted to one particular Avenger. They all do connect and the reader does get to see that. This collection shows the affects on Captain America, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, Sentry, and Iron Man.I am the type of reader that when a book is being made into a movie I have to read the book first and then I have to read everything connected to it. That is [...]

    25. Plot holes/problems:1. When cap Jumped out of the window and falcon caught him Captain America's legs were exposed how did he not get shot?2. How did Iron Man enter the inhumans home Unnoticed and why wasn't he attacked like the Sentry was when he arrived?

    26. Collects New Avengers issues #21-25This collection does not contain one ongoing story, rather it has five stand-alone stories, all taking place during the time of the Marvel event, "Civil War." Each of the five issues in this collection have a different main character whose eyes we see the story through. Those five characters are:Captain AmericaLuke CageSpider-WomanSentryIron ManBrian Michael Bendis is usually a writer that I really enjoy, but I gave this book a (generous) 2-star rating because [...]

    27. Issue 1: Cap and Falcon begin to try to gather together those who are resisting signing the registration. Very poor artwork, almost distracting. Issue 2: Luke Cage better in terms of both story and artworkIssue 3: Spiderwoman, who has secretly been acting as a double agent for Shield inside Hydra, decides to join the resistance Issue 4:Sentry-knowing his power he tries to run away but runs into the Inhumans instead. Issue 5: Iron Man, the original proponent of Registration is ambushed by a disgr [...]

    28. Civil War, the event, has a lot of great debate on the role of superheroes in society, but you wouldn't know it from this volume. The first half is the story of Cap recruiting his half of The Avengers one by one, and is filled with name-calling, accusations of selling out, and generally speaking, heroes acting irrationally. The second half shows Tony recruit Sentry to his side, which wasn't completely uninteresting, but then goes ahead and paints him as a fascist with good intentions, even when [...]

    29. Fun to read, rather a guilty pleasure. So why three stars? Because Bendis almost pulls it off, so it was likeable. Why no more? The pretending that there was no right side. The distortion beyond recognition of the established character of several characters in order to force a story line where Avengers fight each other. Thebut I digress. Fun, but part of the weirdness that is Marvel under Joe Quesada, where nothing feels quite right. It's like they ultimatized the main line without telling anyon [...]

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