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  1. As I finish this trilogy, I feel like addressing this book on two levels: first, on its own strengths and weaknesses as a novel; and second, as the capstone of the series and as an exposition of the Mistborn world and mythology. I’ll start with the latter of the two.The overwhelming impression I get from the Mistborn books is that they have been written by someone who is a fantasy fan first, a fantasy author second. A pedantic geek, if you will. And I mean all of this as the highest praise – [...]

  2. Fantastic conclusion to a truly amazing trilogy! Brandon Sanderson is a masterful storytellerOKTALK HERE: youtube/watch?v=u4k99

  3. Re-read on AudioWell, that ending . . . I cried =(I finally got to find out all of the mysteries behind the mysteries in the book. I loved how Spook's character grew so much in this book, although some of it wasn't from a good place. But sometimes you have to go to a bad place to get to the good place. I fell in love with his character a lot in this book. I got to find out more about TenSoon and the Kandra. I loved learning about that, although I wanted to vaporize some of them. TenSoon won my h [...]

  4. This was the most perfect series finale I can remember reading I cannot I just A review will be on my channel when I can form words.

  5. This ‘review’ is not a review of the book, but more of my emotional journey through reading it and upon finishing. For those of you who have read the Mistborn trilogy, I think you can empathize with what I felt. For those of you who haven’t, I ask that you do yourself a favor, and feast upon these books. For they are truly the most amazing books I’ve ever read. Before the end, I was going to write an absolutely glowing review full of caps lock and exclamations points and gifs and picture [...]

  6. "I am, unfortunately, the Hero of Ages." Books like this are the reason I am so harsh on shitty books, is all i have to say right nowReview to come.

  7. The Hero of Ages is undeniably a satisfying ending to the Mistborn series which answered all my questions and more. I was left with a bitter sweet feeling after I swiped to the last page but satisfied that it could not have ended any other way. I loved the first volume, the 2nd was a decent transition to this big boy which almost was as excellent as the first. I expected most of the plot twists so I wasn’t mind blown like other readers but, in the same time, I was awed by Sanderson’s imagina [...]

  8. I think Sanderson is a really impressive author of the fantasy genre. It must be incredibly hard to insert originality into books of this type; so much has been done before and then done again. With Sanderson it feels like I’m reading something completely new and completely exciting. His books and his characters are, simply put, cool. He just knows what his readership wants to see, and he gives it to them. The action scenes have an almost cinematic quality too them; they remind me of the comba [...]

  9. 1st read: Nov 20142nd read: April 20153rd read: April/May 20164th read: November 2017I mean, it was perfect obviously. As glorious and bittersweet and fulfilling as the first time I read it. I'm in awe of Sanderson! I'm amazed by his skill as an author. As someone who designed a world from scratch and connected the plot lines in such a god-like way almost. Even though, I've read it 4 times, I still cannot fathom the scale of epicness.Forever my favourite trilogy.

  10. Buddy read withTESSY I just discovered my new favourite series, The originality of this series is astounding, I already miss this world and the character, its like nothing I’ve ever read before, Allomancy,Feruchemy and Hemalurgy the new forms of magical powers where you can control metals by either consuming them, storing strengths in metals amongst other stuff. If you have not read this series I suggest you pick it up ASAP.This book made me cry more than anything I’ve ever read in all my li [...]

  11. *Grabs mic**Clears throat and begins to scream*FUCK YOUFUCK MEFUCK THISFUCK THATFUCK EVERYTHINGI SALUTE YOU, BRANDON SANDERSON!! I'm just going to go kindly check myself into the hospital. I suffered multiple cardiac arrests over these endless plot twists. Sanderson hasZEROmercy. Let me repeat that:ZERO MOTHERFUCKING MERCY. *Drops Mic*

  12. Re-reading because:1 - It is Brandon Sanderson and he is always better the second time through2 - Shadows of Self comes out next month 3 - I just can't fight this feeling anymoreBuddy Read of the Mistborn series with some friends at Sanctum of Fantasy and it was worth it. A well thought out trilogy that ended as strong as it began.I forgot to mention Spook in my original review but his role in this was key. He has grown up so much from the boy he was in Mistborn and has come to the forefront of [...]

  13. I have a little time to read this book because of Ramadan.The Hero of Ages genres are fantasy and sci-fi.This book has focused on the characters of Vin and Elend.'The Hero of Ages' was a lot quicker. I love this book so much Alhamdulillah!This is the best trilogy! I have ever read Alhamdulillah!Oh, wow you have changed, Spook my dear man!I love the conclusion of the 'Mistborn' trilogy so much Alhamdulillah. It is very sad. I cry a lot in the end of this book. The end of this book are happy and s [...]

  14. This book, man!! So while I did rate it 5 stars, I found The Well of Ascension to be the weakest book because it was the slowest and took until about the halfway mark to really get exciting. It ended up being a great middle book, though. This book, I did struggle to get into as I found the beginning slow after that explosive ending of the second book, but then it really began to pick up, and when it did I was hooked.This final book in the original Mistborn trilogy takes us right into war, with a [...]

  15. I don't even have words to describe the last book in this series.I finished last night and I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened in this last book. To be completely honest, my heart is a bit broke as well. Bloody hell!This book and series is one of the best fantasy series that I’ve read.Kudos Brandon Sanderson! I bow down to your world building, your amazing magical system and for breaking my heart!

  16. I love how everything tied in at the end - I'm usually good at guessing everything but I kept being shocked by this book. The characters' growth was enjoyable to watch, the magic system and the world building became more and more complex which I adored!I didn't 100% love the ending but I still loved this book.I can't wait to continue with the next ones!

  17. So this was BY FAR my favorite installment in the first Mistborn trilogy.I cannot even begin to sum up how great this was. LIKE DAMN.I've mentioned before how much I appreciate Sanderson's heavy inclusion of religion and religious characters in his work. He somehow is able to ask those big questions, taking his characters through hell and back, without making the reader feel at all criticized or alienated. The character developments in this one (especially for my precious Spook) were just beyond [...]

  18. All the stars!!!Im not crying, you are. I wrote a longer review talking about how much I loved depression rep and the romance rep in this book (and the whole trilogy). Read it HEREThank you ' friends for making me read The Mistborn trilogy. Thank you The Mistborn trilogy for becoming my new favorite trilogy of all time. Thank you Brandon Sanderson for making me cry because your books are masterpieces. Just a few things I wanted point out from this magnificent read:- As I've mentioned above - fan [...]

  19. See this review and more like it on bookbastion!________I've been avoiding writing this review for a week or so now, both because I know it's going to be difficult to write, and difficult to share what I recognize is an unpopular opinion. We all can agree that Brandon Sanderson is magic. I can't even bring myself to finish one work in progress, yet he's constantly in the middle of multiple projects at the same time and is slowly building a greater shared universe for his novels that will probabl [...]

  20. I have 3 thoughts1) I hate you Brandon Sanderson. You better pay for some therapy sessions because my heart can't take anymore. 2) I WORKED OUT WHO THE HERO OF AGES WAS BEFORE IT WAS REVEALED! I feel so accomplished3) Why did I take so long to read these books? And now I shall resume my rocking back and forth and crying in the fetal position. Goodbye

  21. 5 Starsfull review Mistborn 3 represents a fantastic bittersweet conclusion to a series that is nothing short of epic fantasy masterclass! Amazing diverse characters, a meticulous crafted magic system and powerful theme of good vs evil makes this one of my favorite series of all times. Bravo Mr Sanderson!‘Hero of Ages’ is arguably the strongest of all 3 books in the series, if that’s even possible. I read some reviews prior to starting Mistborn 3, and the consensus was this one was a ‘he [...]

  22. 3.5 stars"Ash cloaks the land in a mantle of black. The mists come during the day, killing both crops and people. Men march to war. Ruin has returned."The divine power hidden at the mythical Well of Ascension has been released. A dark force bent on the utter destruction of the world has been freed from the invisible shackles that once bound it. The mists are engulfing the outer dominances, murdering people in the darkness. But in the centre of it all stand Vin, recognised in the Final Empire as [...]

  23. God, my emotions are all over the place. I've never read a book with an ending that made me so sad, but also so satisfied at the same time.I don't think that there would be a better way to end this series than this. It was just so epic. The whole series was.

  24. Actual Rating: 4.25 stars“Somehow, we'll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.”3 books182 chapters2212 pages of awesomeness!!I can't say that I saw that coming, I saw a few things coming but the ending as whole was a bit surprising, everything is explained in this book with so many revelations.I think The well of ascension is my fav in the series, because the character development and storyline wer [...]

  25. I am done! That ending was the death of me. I shed so many tears (mostly of happiness). Also, I am so satisfied with how everything ended. I am glad everything got resolved and I just cant wait to carry on reading the Mistborn books and the rest of Sanderson books. I dont think I can say anything that hasnt been said already for this series so I will leave it at that.

  26. I CAN't BELIEVE I FINISHED THIS AND IT'S OVER.I'm so heartbroken and happy, I don't think a more perfect ending could have happened. This series was a masterpiece.The world-building was just breathtaking. The world was perfected to the finest details and seeing all the pieces of the puzzle being carefully reassembled, the creation of this world, Preservation and Ruin, Allomancy, Inquisitors, kandra and everything else was so satisfying and amazing to watch. There are no questions left unanswered [...]

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