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  1. I can't handle how amazing this series is. Brandon Sanderson continues to overwhelm me with his impressive storytelling skills. Just like in The Final Empire, the world and the characters and the story were all beyond fantastic. There must be some kind of sorcery involved in how this man weaves together plot threads, because really.I can't say much more without spoilers, but if you have not yet read this series, READ IT. SERIOUSLY. READ IT.

  2. Re-read on audio and just as awesome the second time! Vin is still my hero! ❤️Holy son of a biscuit eater!!! THIS BOOK! I loved it, loved it, loved it! Sanderson tackled most of my feels in this book and YES I cried here and there but most of it was happy crying. My dog even looked at me like I was crazy when I was laughing and crying and yelling YES at certain parts. Vin landed softly on the damp cobblestones, watching as the mists began to form around her. They puffed into existence as dar [...]

  3. Reviewed by: Rabid Reads3.5 starsAnytime I'm reading fantasy for review, I take copious notes. In fact, most of the time, my review is pretty much written by the time I finish the book, I just need to make slight alterations to account for any last minute goings on.And I like that, b/c your average fantasy is 2 - 3x longer than any other book. Trying to go back after the fact and recall all the key details would be a nightmare.BUT.Brandon Sanderson has consistently thwarted me in this area. And [...]

  4. Please don’t hate me, but I just didn’t love this one as much as the first. As someone else described, I think it suffered from “Middle Book syndrome”, and really that’s on me. I almost always struggle with the middle installment of a trilogy, even if I 5 STAR Books 1 and 3. There were things I loved, but it felt like the flow didn’t build as well in this one as before. I will say that Sazed’s plot line was the crown jewel of this book! I adore that man and I love his development t [...]

  5. I have only one word for this and it is: #nope. This was the most insufferably tedious book of my life. And duuuude, I loved The Final Empire! It was exciting and had a con artist thing going on and magical wizard people with an epic magic system. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SEQUEL. I went from adoring Sanderson to probably never trying a book by him again.Excuse me. I kind of need to walk into a brick wall and scream a little because I am so 100000% done with this this beast.A BRIEF LIST OF WHY I AM A [...]

  6. I like a story that surprises me, and this series keeps doing it. The ending of the last book was undoubtedly epic. I don’t know how Brandon Sanderson does it. It felt like the closing chapter for these characters, but, in reality, it was only the beginning of the series. The Lord Ruler’s death could have been the ending, but he was only the surface issue. Indeed, with his death a whole host of problems arose, and none of them are as simple as they appear. This proved that the generic plot o [...]

  7. Sorry in advance about the bad language but.WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. Okay, everyone just read this series, okay? okay.

  8. 4.5 stars. Oh man, these books are hard to rate. This was a lot like the first one where I was mildly interested in the beginning, then pretty bored for a good chunk of the book and then flipping through the last 20% like I was SO into the brilliant last bit that I ended the book thinking 5 STARS. GREATEST BOOK EVER. Buuuuut then I remembered that throughout most of the book I was more likeI don't want to say much about the plot that would spoil this book, but I'll still hide these few plot poin [...]

  9. I feel here as if I ought to apologize to my friends who love these books. The first was okay but I found the pacing a bit slow and had a "my interest comes and goes" experience. Sadly if I compare the pacing of the first volume of the series to the pacing in this one (the second volume) the story in volume 1 moved like the wind.I know that some are very involved here and love these, and I can see why. The characters have depth and you get an "in depth" view of their lives. Not only their lives [...]

  10. This series has been AMAZING. Just brilliant!I did a BR with my pal ChopinFC. Aaaand, I turned into Usain Bolt while reading this book. Sorry Rod! 😬Both books have gone in completely different directions and I’ve enjoyed that so much. Usually the 2nd book in a series is not as strong but that’s not the case in The Well of Ascension.I’m so impressed with Brandon Sanderson on this series. He has written a world that is detailed and complicated. It's always on the edge of war, starvation o [...]

  11. This book wast very good. I absolutely loved the first book, it was sooo good! I still love the magical device he uses, but honestly this book did not live up to the first. The main character becomes pretty stupid, and the love interest was never that interesting. I will read the third book, but my hopes are not high.

  12. “It's easy to believe in something when you win all the timeThe losses are what define a man's faith.”― Brandon Sanderson, The Well of AscensionSanderson does it again. This book is absolutely amazing !!All in all, "The Well of Ascension" is an exciting sequel to "The Final Empire", full of what made the first book so compelling: a great cast of characters, amazing development, an eerily magical world and a thrilling storyline. I will definitely be reading the final book of the trilogy, "T [...]

  13. The Well of Ascension was a beautiful follow-up to The Final Empire. There's so much going on now that it's difficult to speak on a lot of the specifics, so my review will focus on more general overview of what I enjoyed and what I didn't.Plot:The plot was by far the strongest point of the novel. I was just so engrossed in all of the political conversations happening here. I like my high fantasy heavy on the political intrigue with dashes of cunning & betrayal.Plus the last little bit of thi [...]

  14. The Well of Ascension is the 2nd installment of the famous Mistborn series and, as expected, it suffers from the middle book syndrome. I enjoyed reading the new adventures of Vin and the crew but not as much as in The Final Empire. The majority of the plot revolves around the siege of Luthadel by enemies and the planning to protect the city. While some aspects were interesting I believe the talking went on and on for too long. Secondly, the Vin’s teenage angst and doubts about herself and her [...]

  15. This is That Book.You know the one.The one you've daydreamed about.The one you hope, deep in your little reader heart, you'll finally find.The one with the plot that is both wide-ranging and intensely personal; with the characters who are all nuanced and flawed; with the complicated political intrigues to keep you guessing; with the shocking twists that are, true to form, both surprising and inevitable.You've slogged through the morass of uninspiring Twilight clones. You've suffered through dyst [...]

  16. I'm continually impressed with Brandon Sanderson, and I appreciate the subtle (at least to me) morality in his books. As most people who read his books will know, Sanderson comes from a Mormon background, and I think this only enhances his ability and perspective as a writer. I read his first widely published novel Elantris a few years back. The pace, magic, character development, etc was all good, esp. for a first novel. I eventually picked up Mistborn a few months after its release and this ti [...]

  17. “That's the point, isn't it? We have to live on, no matter how hard it gets. We'll win in the end.”Rating: 4.5 stars I am just in love with this series. I am completely, utterly, irrevocably, in love with this world and this characters. Brandon Sanderson, you can do no wrong in my book. IT'S OFFICIAL. YOU ARE MY FAVE AUTHOR IN THE ENTIRE PLANET, UNIVERSE, GALAXY! I can gush on and on about how much I love this. I really can. But that won't really make this a review, won't it? So let's get on [...]

  18. 'The Well of Ascension' genres are fantasy and sci-fi.'The Well of Ascension' is a very different book than The Final Empire but I am enjoyed reading it.This book has focused little bit Elend Venture, more insecurities of Vin and it has introduced a new character Zane.It is a stupendous sequel.I love this book so much Alhamdulillah!

  19. This book goes something likes this:Elend and the group: Hey, we need to find a way to defeat these two armies, led by tyrants, who've come to conquer the city.Elend and the group:Yes, we should! But first, let us talk about it for 500 pages.Anyway, I've read many reviews that mention this book is slow paced, but to even describe this book merely 'slow-paced' is a big understatement. I think glacial pace describes it much better. You keep thinking it's going to pick up, after all, it's 700 pages [...]

  20. 4.5/5 stars.Oh man. OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN THIS BOOK.I definitely did not see foreshadowing happen this time because I DIDNT SEE THAT COMING.Still love Elend. Still love Vin. Still love Sazed. This series is going to KILL ME I can feel it.

  21. 3.5 StarsOverview:“Vin isn’t…like other women.”“I think that the more women you come to know, Your Majesty, the more you’ll find that statement applies to all of them.”It’s always hard to write reviews for books I didn’t love or hate. Especially since everyone has such strong feelings about this series. I enjoyed it? I didn’t love it?Pros:Can I be Vin when I grow up? Honestly one of my favorite fantasy heroines ever. This book in particular showed her attempt to balance her f [...]

  22. “People who underestimated you were easier to manipulate.”(I lowkey thought picking a quote would be easier but nope. They're all amazing so, I did eenie meenie minie mo.) ANYWAY, THIS MOTHEREFFINGBOOK THOUGH !!It had suspenseIt had action(Made me wanna pop in the book and fight people) It had strong, wise, reckless, flawed, fierce characters that eventually grow on you. I loved seeing their growth in this book especially Elend and Vin. (view spoiler)[ Ok, I totally see why everyone thinks t [...]

  23. "Chaos and stability, the mist was both. Upon the land there was an empire, within that empire were a dozen shattered kingdoms, within those kingdoms were cities, towns, villages, plantations. And above them all, within them all, around them all, was the mist. It was more constant than the sun, for it could not be hidden by clouds. It was more powerful than the storms, for it would outlast any weather’s fury. It was always there. Changing, but eternal."The Well of Ascension takes place one yea [...]

  24. 4.5Hm, so reviewing is going to be a tad hard, simply because how am I supposed to review this brick of a book??? In my review of The Final Empire, I mentioned how Brandon Sanderson is evil and how I hate him. He is still evil and I still hate him.Now that I’ve said this, the review can begin. The Well of Ascension was a fantastic book, but it dragged horribly. Some parts I feel were totally unnecessary and I do feel the book could have easily been at least 100 pages less. Pages 350 till 500 w [...]

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