SUPER LOVERS Haru visits Canada to spend the summer holidays in the woodland house of his strict strong willed mother Haruko There she burdens him with the responsibility of caring for his younger adoptive brot

  • Title: SUPER LOVERS 1
  • Author: Miyuki Abe あべ美幸
  • ISBN: 9784048545006
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Haru visits Canada to spend the summer holidays in the woodland house of his strict, strong willed mother, Haruko There, she burdens him with the responsibility of caring for his younger adoptive brother a wild and unruly little boy named Ren who trusts no one and prefers to wander in the woods with Haruk Haru visits Canada to spend the summer holidays in the woodland house of his strict, strong willed mother, Haruko There, she burdens him with the responsibility of caring for his younger adoptive brother a wild and unruly little boy named Ren who trusts no one and prefers to wander in the woods with Haruko s dogs rather than associate other people Haruko orders Haru to civilize Ren.As the young man strives to teach Ren how to live in human society, their relationship gradually improves so much so that Haru plans on taking his little brother to Japan with him once he finds a job.Unfortunately, fate has a cruel habit of interfering with one s plans

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    1. So very cute.I understand why people would have doubts pondering whether or not they should read this. I'm no different, I was suspicious. Age gap is no problem for me, but when you tell me one of the boys is 8 and the other one is 17, then I may have issues. However, this story is not like I expected it to be. It's unbearably sweet. There are no graphic scenes, and no hint of sex until very into the series. I think the displays of affection truly begin when Ren is 15, and they are mostly kisses [...]

    2. I'm not used to writing reviews of manga series but I felt the need to do it beacuse I think Super Lovers is totally worth it. I've read all the 23 chapters available in English up to now (7 volumes and a half) but I'll try not to spoil anything for you. Let's start with Miyuki Abe's drawing style. it is amazing! I love how she draws her characters, places and other stuff. I think it's not easy to find a so well drawn yaoi series, especially if you are used to stuff like Junjou Romantica, which [...]

    3. SWEET BABY JESUS!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE??!!!!This was just sweet! UGHHHHHHh! Gosh is it good or what?!Okay, first I would like to say Haru, oh my gorgeous Haru. <3 doki doki <3 Ren for a little kid is adorable/gorgeous!!!<---I swear I am not a pedo. He kind of reminds me of Natsume from Gakuen Alice. Aki and Shima are cute too (especially Aki)! So I give a HUGE thumbs up to Miyuki Abe's art! GOORRRR-GEEOOUUUSSSS!!!The plot kind of sounds typical and cheesy but for now it is [...]

    4. To be honest, I have ambiguous feelings about this series, or rather, I'm still undecided whether I am comfortable with the relationship depicted in it or not. Two things I can say, though : a) that it's not shota (if it were, I wouldn't read this) and b) I trust the group that's translating this - their taste in manga is pretty reliable and the relationships depicted in the manga they translate usually don't feature non-con or anything like it. I am still not sure about the age difference, thou [...]

    5. This series is cute, cute, cute, cute, and more cute. And yet it's surprisingly not-fluffy in all its adorableness. There is a bit of an age gap (fifteen and twenty-something), so don't read it if that bothers you.This is also one of the only manga that plays with the "almost incest" idea and it doesn't really bother me. Rather than feeling like a cheap plot device, this author takes the relationship between the two characters that developed at an earlier age and slowly transforms it into someth [...]

    6. Fell in love with the kid that was so hard to handle. The host of a brother was great to. In the end I couldn't help but keep reading on to see what happens next.I mainly fell for it because it was just like an old school love story. Trouble after trouble but ending so sweet. Maybe you can tell but i have read way past volume1. It's a great yoai that left me wanting more.

    7. Saya jatuh cinta dan memutuskan untuk stalking serial ini semenjak halaman terakhir chapter pertama yang cliffhanger mampus. Bacalah dan kalian akan menemukan chapter pertama yang indah--tapi siapa yang sangka halaman terakhirnya begitu? First encounter dua karakter utama kita memang tidak 'doki-doki', mereka malah bertarung. Dengan si bungsu Ren yang siap mencakar si sulung Haru ketika saat mandi untuk Ren tiba. Brother-complex menjadi unsur utama yang kuat membaluri setiap halaman manga Super [...]

    8. The art! I love the art of this manga soo much!Haru and Ren, they are the cutest.Their first encounter with each other and the development between them was just *le sigh*I loved that Haru was there to help little Ren when he was distant and withdrawn. Not many would give much effort to help someone like that.Haru is distant to most, but when he cares for someone, he REALLY CARES FOR THEM.

    9. At first I thought I was going to hate this. The cover gave of that pedo feel and i was like 'Not again' but once i started reading it I fell in love with everything. The art is amazing. The characters are great. Most of all the storyline actually makes sense.

    10. This is by far the best manga that I have read this year. I loved the characters, the story, and the art work. The characters were easy to grow attached to especially Ren he was the perfect blend of innocence & being to old for his age. The story was very natural & made it easier to sympathize with the characters when happy or bad things happened. I'm an artist so the art work is always very important to me when I read a manga; & because of this I can't read some manga's when I don't [...]

    11. Una serie della quale ho sentito parlare perché è anche una serie anime di successo (infatti ho visto il primo episodio e mi era piaciuto). Ero curiosa di leggere il manga che è racconta una bella storia sul l'unione familiare: il nostro protagonista, Haru, è un bravo fratello maggiore per i suoi fratelli adottivi, ma nella sua vita entra Ren, un ragazzo selvatico che non sa nulla del suo passato e solo con Ren riesce ad aprirsi. La storia è molto bella, toccante dove sono i sentimenti a fa [...]

    12. So, I went to bed at 4 AM two nights in a row because I was binge reading this manga. At the beginning I was really going to give up. If you felt the same you should not stop reading but keep going! You will regret missing this amazing story. The author is brilliant and manages just fine to avoid going into controversy. It is a sweet story with well developed characters. Sometimes there are just the usual clique but I am hooked! Definitely a must read for the fans of the genre!

    13. Ren's so freaking cute. I want to cuddle him. Can he just not grow up?I want to squeeze this cute little puppy

    14. Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)The StoryHaru is a half-japanese and half-canadian boy that goes to his mom’s place at Canada during one of his summer holidays. There, he meets his new adoptive brother Ren, a very shy, difficult and suspicious little boy. Haru manages to conquer Ren’s attention and affections, to Haru’s mother astonishment, and they all make plans to Ren to go to Japan with Haru and his father.All was well.As soon as Haru goes back t [...]

    15. It is always hard for me to review mangas because I've never added them to my read list, it is also difficult because I tend to binge read them and finish whole series (or read up to the last chapter) at once. As a result, it is hard for me to filter what belongs in what volume so for this I will give a review of the whole series (thus far, no spoilers).I've to say, I have avoided reading Super Lovers for years because I wanted it to be complete, I also really don't like any hint of incest/sibli [...]

    16. Ch 1-3 While visiting his mother for the summer in Canada, Haru is charged with taming Ren, a wild child his mother adopted. Ren does not remember his past or how he ended up in Canada. He is quiet, intense. Haru is much older then Ren, he is kind, gentle and lonely. He has two families, due to his parent's divorce, but doesn't fit in with either of them. The need to belong and family bring Ren and Haru together. After the summer is over Haru returns to Japan with a promise to see Ren again. Unf [...]

    17. Ya que el anime esta a punto de salir en Abril, decidí releerlo. Lo disfrute como si lo hubiese leído por primera vez, es un Shotakon muuuy tierno, y por eso mismo no entra en lo hard en el primer volumen, Ren es un niño de 13 años que solo quiere vivir con su hermano mayor Haru, de 22 (aunque no están emparentados por sangre). Haru es un personaje muy divertido y Ren a pesar de ser un personaje serio y poco expresivo, poco a poco se ganó mi afecto, me da muchisima curiosidad el saber sobr [...]

    18. This book is so great, it deserves a review. This manga is very promising and the later chapters and volumes are just as great as the first. The storyline has so many twists and turns, that will make you want to keep on reading. The complexity of their emotions and how they are expressed is just perfect. I highly recommend this book to others.

    19. La ONU me va a demandar por leer esto.Ah.Buen comienzo. No puedo esperar para que el romance tan bello del que tanto hablan inicie :')Ren is so cute i wanna cuddle him forver :33Upd8: Voy a retomar este manga ;) Lo empezé antes de que salga el anime y ahora tiene dos temporadas me siento maaaaaaal.

    20. I picked this up randomly, and the premise seemed cute. I liked the initial characters and story a lot, but the relationship between the two main characters progresses in a really odd manner. It’s one of those manga where you’re pretty sure you can see where it’s heading, but you’re also not sure if you want it to go there… ^^;;;; I ended up abandoning it after a few volumes

    21. Manga.MangaManga me encanta leer manga, porque lees y tienes imagenes de apoyoSuper Lovers es una historia distinta a la otras en esta el amor entre ambos es mas lento y se muestra poco a poco, no es nada forzado y estan natural para la demas personas, ver como Ren y Haru se tratan

    22. I feel quite conflicted. In a way, after finishing the serie (well, after it was no longer avaible) I was devastates and wanted to read more, but while reading I would sometimes feel as if I'm doing something really wrong.

    23. La verdad es que iba con un poco de miedo, nunca había leído/visto yaoi, y me parecía muy rara esa idea de que dos "hermanos" se enamoren y más teniendo esa diferencia de edad pero esto es tan kawaii que lo voy a seguir leyendo.

    24. This book is an emotional rollercoaster and you will hate the author for it because the book is so beautiful.My life is now a misery because the translations have ended and they only update around twice a year. I am sad. highly recommended please join me in my misery :(

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