American Hero

American Hero Impassioned in its anger lethal in its aim American Hero paints a scathing portrait of the strange place this country had become in the Reagan Bush years and shows how only Hollywood could have take

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  • Title: American Hero
  • Author: Larry Beinhart
  • ISBN: 9780345366634
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Impassioned in its anger, lethal in its aim, American Hero paints a scathing portrait of the strange place this country had become in the Reagan Bush years and shows how only Hollywood could have taken full advantage of the demise of the Old World Order.

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    1. Description: mpassioned in its anger, lethal in its aim, American Hero paints a scathing portrait of the strange place this country had become in the Reagan-Bush years--and shows how only Hollywood could have taken full advantage of the demise of the Old World Order.This film mirrors our current times, and as such, as scary-funny as Trevor Noah's penis shaped asteroid. Kellyanne's Bowling-Green Massacre is a direct steal from this playbook.Knopfler - Wag The Dog

    2. Before starting this book I scrupulously avoided learning anything about it. And so, open mind in hand, I began this excellent and well-researched excursion into an alternate reality. Or is it?This is a novel of fact and fiction. There are over 100 citations of articles and interviews that support the story. Some were familiar to me, others were not. In many there is also the author’s explanation or interpretation of a point. Many involve politicians, others US policy and actions, and still ot [...]

    3. Beinhart has crafted an engaging, erudite thriller that reveals more than most folks are comfortable knowing about the spectacle of modern American "war." While the story is fictional (one would hope), the underlying premise--that power players use every medium available to manipulate the voting public and "manufacture consent"--is almost a truism these days. Consider that the book, while speculating on the origins of the first Gulf War, is frighteningly prescient in regard to the second invasio [...]

    4. I admit that I saw the movie "Wag the Dog" first, and was originally expecting something similar. It's not the movie. At all. As a politico, I loved how the movie specifically focused on the creation of the war, whereas the book keeps politics as a subtext (albeit rather constant). I loved the sections with President Bush and Secretary Baker, and sometimes enjoyed the story line with Joe and Maggie. It was completely different, but wish that Bush and the politics of the Gulf War was a larger pre [...]

    5. The movie "Wag the Dog" was very loosely based on this novel. I liked the movie so I had to read the book. Fun, weird, thought-provoking.

    6. American Hero is an interesting novel. Honestly I think I would have enjoyed it more if I were more into conspiracy theories. A lot of the book was just filler that didn’t seem to matter to the plot at all. A lot of those irrelevant parts were also really awkward and uncomfortable to read. Honestly, my favorite parts were the footnotes that Beinhart put in to show what was a recognized as a fact. It isn’t a good thing when the history portion is the most interesting part of a novel.

    7. Очаровательный образец теории заговора: книга о том, как киношники якобы создали американскую войну в Ираке.Рассуждениями об идеологии, о том, как нужно показывать войну обывателю, я просто зачитывалась. Пиар-технологии такие пиар.Чудесно. И множество отсылок для тех, кто [...]

    8. There are two parallel stories in this novel.In the political part, President George Bush and Jim Baker are given an idea from a man on his deathbed. If there is ever a need to boost the President's popularity, stage a winnable war.In the other portion of the story, a young Hollywood actress comes to see investigator, Joe Broz. She tells him that she was promised a part in a movie but the director disappeared. She wants Joe to find him.The political segment of the story is reminiscent of Capote' [...]

    9. The basis for the movie "Wag the Dog", "American Hero" presumably takes its inspiration from philosopher Jean Baudrillard's claims that the first Gulf War wasn't "real." Rather than positing the faking of a fictional war (as in the movie), the book's ingenious conceit is that the Gulf War was in fact nothing but an elaborate hoax. Despite being exceedingly well-researched and sometimes devilishly clever in the way it integrates true events with the fake ones -- copious, detailed endnotes explain [...]

    10. I remember hearing conspiracy theories during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, which were interestingly developed in this. I liked the footnotes throughout, which gave some credence to said theories, though I don't buy into them. I particularly enjoyed the parts where a character would say one thing, and the narrator would translate its real meaning.

    11. un presidente americano un po in crisi organizza una guerra finta per poter rialzare il suo ratingqualcuno ha voluto vederci gli echi della prima guerra del golfo ma a bush sr non era andato molto bene il trucchetto.un interessante viaggio dentro alla macchina decisionale degli usa

    12. This was brilliant! It's really nothing like one of the best movies ever: Wag the Dogor is it? The dance between reality and conspiracy theory was so cleverly constructed, but dang what a crass tale! Not that it should be anything less—that would destroy the whole story, but it wasn't a fun read for me. I was looking for an escapist novel, I suppose

    13. Supposedly the origin of the movie "Wag the Dog", the novel mixes political satire/conspiracy with more mundane and rather silly action/romance. I learned about Michael Ovitz and Steven Seagal in the real world though.

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