Women of Character: Profiles of 100 Prominent LDS Women

Women of Character Profiles of Prominent LDS Women For generations latter day prophets have extolled the noble role of womanhood Leaders often tell of the wonderful contributions that the women in their lives have made both inside and outside the home

  • Title: Women of Character: Profiles of 100 Prominent LDS Women
  • Author: Susan Easton Black Mary Jane Woodger
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For generations latter day prophets have extolled the noble role of womanhood Leaders often tell of the wonderful contributions that the women in their lives have made both inside and outside the home From rearing a faithful posterity to demanding and defending rights in the halls of Congress, Latter day Saint women have been and continue to be a powerful influence for gFor generations latter day prophets have extolled the noble role of womanhood Leaders often tell of the wonderful contributions that the women in their lives have made both inside and outside the home From rearing a faithful posterity to demanding and defending rights in the halls of Congress, Latter day Saint women have been and continue to be a powerful influence for good in shaping the destiny of future generations With this book we celebrate noble women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints with one hundred inspiring biographies of LDS women who have accomplished the extraordinary, leaving an indelible mark on history These are stories about life, love, and a remarkable determination to do one s best messages that reveal to the reader that neither happiness nor greatness is found in compromising self, but instead is found in reaching to a higher source By reaching up, these women have reached out to make a valuable difference.

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    1. I used this in conjunction with Worth Their Salt and Worth Their Salt Too. The two latter are more reference books (and not necessarily pro-LDS Church). This one features only LDS Women (hence the title) but took many of the stories (some almost verbatim) from Worth Their Salt.Each woman has a qualifying characteristic of why she is "important" (one of my favorites was Juanita Brooks, whose notable quality was "Disputatious Temperament"). Each reads like a bio one would hear from someone who mig [...]

    2. Whew! Finally finished reading this book for the second time because I wanted to go back and take some notes. Here's what I found:Out of the 100 profiles55 of the featured women are now deadonly 11 of the featured women were born after 1960number of women whose only claim to fame was the arts or writing-too many!number of women who became CEO of a company-zero!number of women who served a term as governor or senator of their state-Olene Walker-though "good old boys club of Utah" will never admit [...]

    3. Thoroughly enjoyable compilation of short biographies of 100 LDS women. I appreciated the variety. The women profiled cover the entire time span of this dispensation. There are widows, divorcees, women who never married, married women who had no children and women who had 13 kids. Their accomplishments were in the fields of education, athletics, politics, the arts, medicine, law, and the home, just to name a few. Some found and joined the Church later in life and some were born in the Church. Se [...]

    4. I read most of it. I'll admit, I didn't finish it because it was all pretty much the same. Many of the stories were uplifting and interesting, but many also were not. A lot of them read like an obituary might - trite, boilerplate statements about how faithful and wonderful and devoted the women were, without giving any other insights. There also seemed to be an inordinate number of women who just wrote a lot of poetry I've never heard of. The writing style overall was a little bland, juvenile, a [...]

    5. I spent several hours today going through this book in preparation for a Relief Society lesson about the remarkable nature of LDS women. I didn't read every biographical sketch through, but I learned a lot about women in the church who have made a difference in large and small ways. I was most interested in the sections on contemporary women. My absolute favorite bio was that of Jane Clayson Johnson. I grew up with big career dreams, but in the end decided I really wanted to be a full-time mothe [...]

    6. These short biographies of 100 LDS women are interesting to read. The format was such that very little detailed information could be given about each of the women - only 2-4 pages per person. The women profiled ranged from Lucy Mack Smith, Emma Smith and some of the other early sisters of the church to Chelsea Rippy (the founder of Shade Clothing) and Jenny Oaks Baker with other sisters in between these time periods. It would be interesting to know how the authors chose who they considered promi [...]

    7. I was really excited to get this book for Mother's Day but as I began reading it I was less than impressed. I didn't feel like the writing was that good, they would jump from one time to another time within a 3 page bio instead of just telling things in a smooth, chronological form. There was no unity in the way that they presented the 100 different bios (some would have the birthdate of the person, some not. Some the parents, some not, etc) and I felt that they left out some critical info that [...]

    8. Love the idea behind this book, and the eclectic mix of historical women, religious leaders, modern businesswomen, musicians, etc (arranged alphabetically) creates a very diverse read. The short bios of necessity can't cover an entire life, but some details vary inexplicably (we learn first and middle names of Jenny Oaks Baker's 4 young children, but nothing about Ariel Bybee's daughter who is a prominent LDS woman in her own right) and skipped over (why not mention Beverly Campbell's books abou [...]

    9. Believe it or not, I did read this entire book. It is a collection of short biographies of prominent LDS Women throughout time. This was not my favorite book because I felt like, although not the case for all of these women, that I needed to have a job in order to be a prominent woman. Not that I am striving for that anyway, but I had really hoped this book would do just the opposite for me. That it would help me to see that there is a way to be a stay-at-home mom and still give time/service in [...]

    10. My sister-in-law, Janie Thompson, gave me this book for Mother's Day. In her note to me, she wrote, "Who would think this country-gal from Idaho would ever be in a wonderful book like this along with Emma, Lucy Mack, Eliza, and others--all dedicated sisters in the Lord's Restored Gospel." I was pleased that she was recognized for her work with youth in the entertainment field. (After all, she gave me my start, which led to my giving readings all over the world.) I would have liked it, however, i [...]

    11. A book about 100 impressive Mormon women!! Not impressive as the world unfortunately calls "impressive" but impressive in the way of honorable, good women. How wondeful it is that such women have live on the earth for these type of women have certainly left a positive mark on the world. Oh, that there could be more who would value the strong character traits like compassion, dedication, perseverance, and creativity that so many of these women possessed. I at least hope by reading about each of t [...]

    12. This was really inspiring. Each of the women are unique and had their own interest or passion which they persued or continue to persue. It has been a positive encouragement to me that I can persue my own passions to increase my talents to share with others and to live according to the dictates of my heart. Each of us can be considered Women of Character if our individual story were to be told. Some woment I identified with more than others, but still I can appreciate the dedication of those wome [...]

    13. This book was really interesting--I loved reading about all of the admirable LDS women who set the path for us. However, I felt like I was reading the blurb at the end of a book that describes the author. They were all given one characteristic but I didn't always understand why that characteristic was so much of them. Sometimes their characteristic was "Education" just because they had gone back to school or something along those lines. I wish the authors would have delved more into WHY they wer [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book. The vignettes were very short and easy to read, making it a great book for taking with you when you may only have a few spare minutes to read. ( some if them were almost too short and left me wanting to know more about them) I was also impressed with the variety of women in the book. They really did come from many walks of life and time periods. They weren't all RS Presidents like I was kind of expecting. I would recommend it to other LDS women.

    15. I really enjoyed some of the sections of this book. There were 100 women given 3-4 pages about her life. Some of the women's lives really inspired me and was enjoyable to read and learn more. However, some of the women's lives I felt like the impression they wanted to give was that in order to be a woman of character you have to do something big outside of the home, and that if you are just focusing on your family it isn't good enough--which I don't agree with that sentiment.

    16. A truly inspirational book about prominent LDS women and the contributions they have made to all different aspects of lifehome, community, business, education, etc. To me, it represented 100 different ways to be a woman of faith! Celebrating individual women from pioneer times to modern days, it truly highlights the amazing capacity that a woman has to influence the world around her. I loved the book and the variety of phenomenal women! Great book for mother's day

    17. Susan Easton Black was one of my favorite professors. She has a unique gift for storytelling so it's no surprise I really enjoyed this book. I appreciated the variety and reading about women that are well known to me and those I had never heard of. There were a couple of inclusions/exclusions that seemed a bit strange, but overall it was well worth the time. Reading a brief introduction into the lives of many of these women has sparked an interest in further reading and study.

    18. This was a really enjoyable book. Each of the profiles was just 2-3 pages, making it easy to pick up and read a little at a time. There were many women that I was already familiar with, but lots that I had never heard of. It was fun to read about the history of the church through the perspective of womeney had far more opportunities in the early years than I would have guessed!

    19. This is an inspirational book with short biographies of 100 influential LDS women. I like that the bios are short and concise while also being fairly detailed. I learned some things about some of these women that I hadn't known before and I learned about a great deal of women I'd never heard of. I nice book for reminding us that we all have ways we can influence the world.

    20. I enjoyed the format of this book, set up as 100 short biographies of prominent LDS women. Like other reviewers, I wondered how the authors selected the 100 featured women. Overall, it was a unique and interesting sampling of LDS women who have made a name for themselves over the last 300 years. Some women I had never heard of but I was inspired by their "story" nonetheless.

    21. Overall I enjoyed this book. I liked the stories. I enjoyed reading about the women's lives. I would like to have had more information about each woman. Also, I would have liked to know how the women were chosen. There were some women in the book that I would have excluded and other women, who were not in the book, whom I would have included.

    22. I enjoyed reading the brief bios of each of the women. I noted that they all followed the spirit and their own hearts in choosing their life path. No matter their circumstances, they seemed determined to be true to themselves. In my opinion, they are all feminists.

    23. I enjoyed reading the brief life sketches of many LDS women. Reading this book, I got to know some I'd never heard of before. Because the sketches were brief, it worked well to just read one or two between tasks I was doing.

    24. Fun book- I loved the A to Z style and the fact that they covered a variety of women who lived in the early 1800's to now. I also loved the character traits they defined each woman with. A lot of amazing women out there, reminds me of all the amazing women I know personally.

    25. Enjoyed learning about some very interesting & influential women and the amazing things they've done. Didn't agree with all the author's choices of who to profile, but can appreciate how difficult it would have been to decide.

    26. Awesome stories about prominent and also not so well known Mormon women. I picked it up to read one or two bios and ended up reading half the book!

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