Wild Night Is Calling

Wild Night Is Calling Wisconsin Summer Late at night Two teenage girls are picked up by two boys who invite them back to their place to party But an innocent mistake turns the party into a nightmare where nothing is what

  • Title: Wild Night Is Calling
  • Author: J.A. Konrath Ann Voss Peterson
  • ISBN: 2940012257352
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Nook
  • Wisconsin Summer Late at night.Two teenage girls are picked up by two boys, who invite them back to their place to party.But an innocent mistake turns the party into a nightmare, where nothing is what it seemsWild Night Is Calling is a 6000 word short story by thriller writer J.A Konrath Shaken, Trapped and romantic suspense writer Ann Voss Peterson A Cop in Her SWisconsin Summer Late at night.Two teenage girls are picked up by two boys, who invite them back to their place to party.But an innocent mistake turns the party into a nightmare, where nothing is what it seemsWild Night Is Calling is a 6000 word short story by thriller writer J.A Konrath Shaken, Trapped and romantic suspense writer Ann Voss Peterson A Cop in Her Stocking, Seized By The Sheik.Peterson wrote the first half Konrath wrote the second half.This ebook, specially formatted for Nook with an active table of contents, also contains an excerpt from Konrath and Peterson s collaborative spy thriller, FLEE, coming out this Spring.

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    1. A very nice creepy and chilling short tale. Loved the part phoned-part unexpected double twist Laymon/Koontz style.

    2. I didn't read the synopsis before reading the book as the book is so short to begin with, 30 pages. I didn't really care what the synopsis had to say - what could it say of note really anyway? So I missed the part where one author picks up half-way through where the other left off. And you really feel that, there's a lack of congruency. So much so that the switch half-way doesn't add some unique or sly change of voice or sinister plot twist, it just adds weirdness.The first part felt clichéd an [...]

    3. This book was cray cray. I think I went in thinking it would be a ghost story and one that would be creepy but you know not scary as all hell. I am pretty sure every book I read set in Wisconsin has crazy stuff go down. I really enjoyed this story and I found myself screaming run little girl run. Very good short story that kept me drawn in the entire time. I don't want to write too much about the plot because sadly with short stories that can be very spoilerish.

    4. The first half was a great set up. The second half was supposed to be a twist, where we reevaluate our assumptions. But it didn't make any sense. Really, the revelations just came out of the blue and were jarring. I didn't get it.

    5. This is a short story of murder involving few people started off ordinarily then took a little turn of surprise.

    6. A very short read! Never have been a fan of short stories but read about this as a book with a great twist and creepy. Yes the ending is a twist, but not well worked into the story. And there is some creepy, but not well worked into the story. Sort of felt the author didn't know where else to go with the story and so went.Shazam! Plot twist! Not my cup of creepy!

    7. I loved this 2 part book; it was a short story. Hannah and Caitlin decided to ride with Joshua and Zach. It gave me chills when Caitlin and Zach got separated from the other two, and she thought of the ways Zach could be hurting her friend. The scariest things are the ones that can happen in real life. And four drunk people, especially of opposite sexes, can definitely end badly. My favorite line: If Zach hadn’t seemed as surprised as she was by Josh’s sudden exit, she would have to wonder i [...]

    8. This one kept me guessing for such a long time. Then I was saying to myself, why, why is this happening. Until finally it all came to the conclusion I had yet to guess. What a twisty twisted twist.Two friends are separated while stupidly agreeing to go to a party with two boys. Desperately trying to find her friend we keep wondering what's going to happen to these girls. So many emotions running through this one. Worry, disgust, concern, and finally you're left wondering, WHAT!?I enjoyed this sh [...]

    9. This is a fun, fast paced short story thriller.The story starts out in typical fashion. Caitlin and Hannah are out celebrating with plans to have a spontaneous evening. When two guys invite them to a party, everything seems to be falling into place.On the way to the party, however the couples get separated. Caitlin is alone with a guy who could be dangerous. Hannah needs to find Caitlin.This story is fast. This story is tense. This story is not typical.

    10. At first, I couldn't figure out where this was going. The twist at the end, bumped it up to 4 stars. This book reminds me of Allan Leverone's Heartless, which was another one with a jaw dropping "WTH???" moment.

    11. That was a damn good story! When I finished Part 1 I was shocked speechless at the twist. I'd been following along thinking one thing and the facts reversed 180. Then when I finished Part 2 I was even more shocked. this one really kept me off balance. The ending was a bit abrupt--it really left me wanting to read more. I will definitely be buying Flee (the novel this short story was advertising) when it is released.

    12. Turn Of FortuneThis a wonderful tale of two girls who went out for a wild night of fun and to cut loose. And so they did. Having an incident with the guys they were to party with they had to take an act of "self defense". When the cops show up though and they try toss their tale things don't go as they planned. I highly recommend this fun intense little thriller. Well worth your time and money. J.A. Monarch is a wonderful master of suspense and tight taught story telling.

    13. A tad bit confusing when the it's revealed that girls friend is someone who has problems and does this. That's the real reason why she was worried not so much about the other kid taking advantage of her. The cops who were turn out to be killers so the girls get a taste of their own medicine was okay. I think I could have liked it if it was just the first part of the story dragged out in a suspenseful way and the girls getting away. Over all fun, quick read.

    14. Ok, I will say that this is a much better book than I was thinking it would be. Having read Trapped I wasn't a big fan of Konrath but, I have to say I was wrong. This was a great short story. There are great twists and turns and well worth the Kindle price. Going to give Kilborn/Konrath/Kimball another chance.

    15. Brilliant read, as with all of JA Konraths characters you get a great depth and want to know more! This could easily be expanded and I would love that to happen.I real thriller that has you on the edge of your seat and then slaps you in the face with a great plot twist!(to be honest I did not notice the other authors input)

    16. I love j.a. Konrath's books normally. But this one was short and felt like they rushed passed the story. Loved the ending it was a shocker but wish there was more back story on the character's. Maybe they will make this into a book instead of a short story. That would be better.

    17. Two short tales, both kind of gory. Not for the faint of heart, but interesting (particularly the second which seems as though it's an excerpt from an upcoming full length novel might have to look for that one). Some interesting twists.

    18. Not what you're expecting!Nice little short story before bedd it's totally not what you think!! Two young girls decide to celebrate and be a little wild. What could possibly go wrong??

    19. Well this was a very short story (read it in about 30 mins) and for a short story it was pretty good. But I would love to see this short story turned into a full book! I wanted to know kore about everyone, their personal stories, how they came to be the way they were & what would happen next!!!

    20. A fast paced short story that hooks the reader in from the beginning, yet I would have liked to have found out a bit more about Caitlin and Hannah. Written in two parts, it seamlessly combines the writing of both authors and the twist in the end was certainly unexpected.

    21. Great little short story with the kind of twists and turns that I love in a good thriller!Want a quick read that will keep you guessing? Give this one a try and you will likely become a Konrath fan.

    22. Nice surprises in store for the reader. I definitely give a book 2 thumbs up when it makes me talk out loud (like I am watching a good horror movie) while I'm reading it. It was a really short but entertaining read!!

    23. This reads like a Richard Laymon horror novel, fast paced, strange, and gory. The difference is that Laymon's characters are much more developed (obviously, how much character development can an author do in a short story like this?).

    24. I'm not sure if my rating is fair. As a short story I suppose it was okay. I just didn't have time to attach to the story or the characters and while it packed a little punch, it was missing that BAM that I think short stories nee to be great.

    25. I like most of Konrath's writing. Especially his short stories. They are witty, clever, scary and straight to the point with a twist.

    26. Quick fun read with great end twist! LOVIN' JA's humor! And, toss Wisconsin and a Summerfest reference in there, I'm on it!Of course, reading more Konrath now!

    27. Great short story that packs two great plot twists into 6000 words. I will definitely look for more of Ann Voss Peterson's work.

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