The Flu

The Flu In a world blackened with plague a glimmer of light exists in the small town of Lodi Ohio They shine as a sanctuary because they are flu free In the wake of the reality that they are spared the spi

  • Title: The Flu
  • Author: Jacqueline Druga
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a world blackened with plague, a glimmer of light exists in the small town of Lodi, Ohio They shine as a sanctuary because they are flu free In the wake of the reality that they are spared, the spirit and strength of Lodi is tested It becomes a fight against what is morally right or wrong in an increasingly difficult battle to stay healthy and alive until the flIn a world blackened with plague, a glimmer of light exists in the small town of Lodi, Ohio They shine as a sanctuary because they are flu free In the wake of the reality that they are spared, the spirit and strength of Lodi is tested It becomes a fight against what is morally right or wrong in an increasingly difficult battle to stay healthy and alive until the flu has run its course.

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    1. At times a bit overdone, I thought: stilted dialogue and a contrived plot finds a sensitive biker Mick (also the chief of police and something of a 24-esque hero) slowly falling in love and saving a small town. with intrepid doctor Lars (also a romance novelist and aid worker). FBI partners holed up in an LA hotel have a 'the world is ending' sexual encounter - which is frankly so out if place that it's laughable. I suppose it plays along with the sense of civil disorder that the story tries to [...]

    2. I purchased The Flu thinking it would be an OK read. A filler if you like, something easy to read on my daily commute. But I was wrong - very wrong!The Flu immediately plunges you into the story with characters that are incredibly likable and not the usual infallible types that are predominate in the post-apocalyptic genre. They are normal people with normal lives, and have the same feelings and fears that you can imagine yourself having in such situations.The story is free-flowing and addictive [...]

    3. This book goes in a number of directions, only 2 of them finished. If you're here for the pandemic/influenza book, you're going to be sorely disappointed. It sucks. The author apparently doesn't know the difference between bacteria and viruses. The entire book is written as if Influenza is bacterial in origin.The other aspect of this book that is complete is the love story between Mick and Dylan. That story is well told and as long as you're not too analytical the romance between these two chara [...]

    4. Okay, I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I went into it expecting chaos and conflict, horror, which I was perfectly okay with. I did not expect to end up a blubbery mess. I also didn't expect to laugh as often as I found myself laughing. I was surprised all the way through. The pacing was just brilliant to me. The way the story came together and how amazingly the pieces all fit, it blew my mind. As a writer, I'm still shaking my head. Now I need to go back to my own writing [...]

    5. I started this book two days ago and was hooked from the beginning. The end threw me for a loop and I was definitely in tears for the lat couple chapters. Such a great read, you get incredibly close to the characters in this book!

    6. The Flu opens up with a grim description of the effects that a flu-like plague has on its unsuspecting victims. One day, you’re feeling fit and well, the next down for the count. Without rhyme or reason, the plague strikes and strikes hard. I was very intrigued by the premise of this book from the get go. Beginning in Alaska, you read with white knuckles as the plague spreads from the cold confines of the Pacific Northwest to Los Angeles. You writhe as the sickness infects and creeps east, fin [...]

    7. This book works its way into your system and does not let go. The Flu tells the tale of a killer flu accidently let loose upon the world; it highlights how fragile as a species we truly are. This is what scares you about this book, it has happened before and it is bound to happen again. A great cast of characters take us through this tale that has it all, action, romance, suspense and humour. Like the Flu this book leaves exhausted once it is done with you. But this is a good thing because it sh [...]

    8. This book was so emotional for me. No one writes family drama the way this author does. She makes you care about the characters, and she writes them in such a way as to make you invested in them. Just to warn you, this book was an incredibly emotional read for me. I love to read apocalyptic end of the world stories, but this book is so much more. It is driven by the characters. I also highly recommend her books Dust and Sleepers!

    9. "The Flu" was an amazing story. From the first page to the end, it was hard to put down. How it spread from Alaska to the west coast all the way to the east coast. The lives it touch, the twists and turns as how some people got it and other didn't. How the small town of Lodi, Ohio handled the flu which was the main focus of the story. The ending was very surprising I would say more but don't want to spoil it for others. I will be reading more books by Jacqueline Druga.

    10. It's been a while since a book made me cry. Not that this is a bleak story - but I had a real connection with the characters. This is well worth a look.

    11. Read about 12% of the book and couldn't continue. Really boring. Nothing was happening and none of the characters were likeable. Normally I really enjoy end of life as we know it books.

    12. The author focuses on the one town that is "flu free" and their fight against what is morally right or wrong in the difficult battle to stay alive until the flu has run its course.

    13. When a devastating strain of the flu is inadvertently unleashed from a research station in Alaska, it only takes days for the virus to spread across the world, decimating the population. As cities fall and civilization collapses, a team of specialists decide to make a last stand in the small town of Lodi, Ohio. With a radical plan, they hope this one town will escape the rest of the world's fate.Jacqueline Druga's captivating novel The Flu reads a lot like Outbreak meets The Stand (minus the sup [...]

    14. I've read a lot of apocalyptic fiction over the last two years, and I do have to say this is one of the better ones, as you are primarily concentrating on one small community in Ohio vs. jumping back and forth with multiple situations and events. The author does an excellent job of getting you into the heads and interactions of her characters, and you feel as if you are right there in the middle of the action and feel their emotions. This one was really hard to put down, and I would consider pur [...]

    15. More that half the book treats the looming disease as a side story and mostly is centered on a small town Ohio triangle of a woman and two men. The female main character, Dylan, is so very annoying that I was hoping she would end up being the first person in the world to die of the flu. There are some interesting moments once the flu gets started but it was hard for me to envision that this little town in Ohio would attract a world renowned infectious disease physician and two research scientist [...]

    16. Great Characters!Really fully developed characters that you learn to really care about! Story holds your interest and tugs on your heart.

    17. Really good book had a hard time rating itFast interesting read. Switches to more personal and emotional. Hard time putting it down but not a book I read without a break. So real

    18. The Flu tells the tale of a pandemic flu attack on the world, tracing its origin at a remote Alaskan scientific outpost to where it rapidly spreads across the globe, though the story more specifically zeroes in on the United States, and even more particularly on a small town in northeast Ohio, Lodi, which is not tremendously far from Cleveland. The story focuses on Mick, the Sheriff in town and his surrogate family, which consists of the woman he is secretly dating, Dylan, and her three sons. Sa [...]

    19. Character-Driven Page TurnerApocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction is hard to avoid these days. There have been many eras in the history of man, and right now we are very entrenched in the era of zombies and vampires, with a few werewolves and witches/warlords thrown in so we don't get too mired down in death.Unfortunately, most of it is crap. As usual, the leaders of these movements appear with a bang and leave us with Harry Potter and Twilight; one spectacular, the other good storytelling ob [...]

    20. Jacqueline Druga-Johnston, The Flu (LBF Books, 2006)review tagline: Strength Was Not HadNOTE: I had had this recommended to me by a number of people whose word I trust almost implicitly. I had coincidentally picked up a copy of the 2006 first printing at a library book sale about a year before; those who were pimping it recently were talking about the 2013 third edition from Permuted Press. It is possible that some of the things I talk about below got, as it were, fixed in post. Have you heard o [...]

    21. The 1918 flu pandemic was misleadingly called "The Spanish Flu" due to World War I-era censors from both sides burying information about the effect of the pandemic in their countries. However, they freely reported about the flu in neutral Spain, hence the name. While the title is misleading, the effects of it were not; over 500 million people were infected. Of those, somewhere between 50 and 100 million died.Jacqueline Druga brings the symptoms of the 1918 flu back in written form. In The Flu, t [...]

    22. With most instances where you have a pandemic of the flu or a virus spreading throughout the world everyone is trying to keep it from spreading and getting out. Well not the Sheriff of Lodi, Ohio Mick, he is trying to keep the flu from getting in by quarantining the town off from the outside world. The flu is spreading like wild fire through the US and the world. The rate of getting the flu is way high about 90% of the people are catching it and dying. Mick figures if no one in Lodi has gotten t [...]

    23. A Heavy, Sad, Beautiful Love StoryBefore I picked up this book, I read all of the reviews. It amazes me how many people commented on how slowly it started. Some even downrated it because I guess they expected an End of the World blood fest or something. The truth is, this is one of the best books I have read by a new author, who, I think at the time, was self published. Writing is a difficult profession. And Ms. Druga is a excellent writer. Anybody can put pen to paper (so to speak) and churn ou [...]

    24. The Flu is another excellent apocalyptic story by Jacqueline Druga. It begins with a short factual-based introduction by the author with some sobering statistics about the plague and the deadliness of the Spanish Flu, noting specifically that in 1918 it was limited by the slow pace of travel -- a limitation that does not exist in this day and age. The intro finishes with a quote by the Army Surgeon General in 1918: "If the epidemic continues its mathematical rate of acceleration, civilization co [...]

    25. I will never forget my flu shot again!Omg! I never considered myself a germaphobe until reading this book. The Flu has touch every emotion in me. I cheered for Mick to win Dylan. I cried along with each character at their loss of a loves one. I was angry, happy and sad all in the same chapter. I couldn't put this book down because I had to know the outcome. I recommend this book as a great read. I am a huge fanbof horror and sci-fi but I feel this book is more of a dramatization of what could re [...]

    26. Favorite Quote: “While you’re off trotting around being Robin the Boy Wonder…” “Why can’t I be Batman?”While this is an apocalyptic book with quite a scary cover this was not quite as scary as I anticipated. Actually, quite the opposite. I found myself laughing throughout a lot of it.This is very much like a Walking Dead scenario. The characters have to deal with this end of the world scenario and try to hold onto their humanity while continuing to love and live. That’s pretty to [...]

    27. I originally read this book in it's un-edited form, and still gave it four stars (on another venue). I've had a fascination with post-apocalyptic/survival books since I was in the fourth grade. Something about reading the thoughts and actions of people surviving insurmountable odds sparked something in my imagination. I'd read nearly all of the "classic" PA books out there, but then started looking for more contemporary books and authors of this genre. Then I found Jacqueline Druga's book, Dust. [...]

    28. I picked this up on the advice of a friend. I didn't really expect to like it because it's a self-pub, but I found myself gripped till the end. I got attached to the characters who were well and quite humanly written, in my opinion. The only thing I had trouble with was following a few of the scene shifts because I couldn't remember who was where and for what reason all the time. But the thing is, it always shifted at the right time to keep the suspense and the momentum peaked.There weren't a lo [...]

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