Terperangkap Dalam Pesona Sang Kapten

Terperangkap Dalam Pesona Sang Kapten Nicole Lassiter belum pernah menghadapi masalah yang tak bisa diatasi sampai dia bertemu Kapten Derek Sutherland Satu ciuman dan malam penuh gairah berakhir dengan penghinaan yang membuat darahnya men

  • Title: Terperangkap Dalam Pesona Sang Kapten
  • Author: Kresley Cole
  • ISBN: 9797804828
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nicole Lassiter belum pernah menghadapi masalah yang tak bisa diatasi sampai dia bertemu Kapten Derek Sutherland.Satu ciuman dan malam penuh gairah berakhir dengan penghinaan yang membuat darahnya mendidih Nicole pun bersumpah akan membalas dendam Tak ada yang lebih membuat pelaut setangguh Kapten Sutherland kehilangan muka kecuali dikalahkan dalam kompetisi pelayaranNicole Lassiter belum pernah menghadapi masalah yang tak bisa diatasi sampai dia bertemu Kapten Derek Sutherland.Satu ciuman dan malam penuh gairah berakhir dengan penghinaan yang membuat darahnya mendidih Nicole pun bersumpah akan membalas dendam Tak ada yang lebih membuat pelaut setangguh Kapten Sutherland kehilangan muka kecuali dikalahkan dalam kompetisi pelayaran pulang pergi Inggris Australia Demi mewujudkan hal itu, Nicole berkeras membantu ayahnya mengalahkan Derek di pertandingan prestisius itu.Sayangnya, rencana itu menemui jalan buntu karena sang ayah dipenjara Namun, Nicole tak kehabisan akal, dia malah mengambil alih kapal ayahnya Lagi lagi, di tengah pelayaran, Nicole tersandung masalah badai parah membuatnya menjadi tahanan di kapal Kapten Sutherland Perempuan itu kini bimbang Akal sehatnya menyuruh ia segera mencari cara untuk melarikan diri dari kapal itu, tetapi tubuhnya malah mendesak untuk menyerah.

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    1. One night, while browsing Kresley Cole's bio on GR, I came across this: 'an author of FIVE award-winning historical romances' and went WHAAAAAA???? because I only heard of/read THREE of them so I decided to rectify the situation by diving into her Sutherland Brothers Duet IMMEDIATELY! In a nutshell, I took a break from Kresley Cole's IAD series to read more Kresley Cole!I really REALLY enjoyed this one! Historical romance with a brooding Hero and a heroine that started Kresley Cole's never-end [...]

    2. ---SPOILER ALERT---I just love Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark, and being deprived of her Scottish Lykae, and stunning Valkyrie I decided to tackle her historicals.This is the first of 2 books about the Sutherland Brothers. Derek Sutherland is a shipping captain who has basically lost any and all hope. He's an earl, and a captain-guess which one he actually cares about?Nicole is the daughter of a sea-captain and the granddaughter of a marchioness. When her mother dies when Nicole is only 5, [...]

    3. 3.5 bis 4 SterneKresley Cole kann wirklich Liebesromane schreiben! Bisher habe ich viele Bücher ihrer Immortals after Dark-Reihe und die Gamemaker Trilogie gelesen 😁. "Die Geliebte des Captains" spielt im Jahr 1856. Nicole Lassiter ist auf dem Meer groß geworden und liebt es zu segeln. Nachdem ihr Vater festgenommen wird, entschließt sie sich das Kommando über sein Schiff zu übernehmen und an einem Wettkampf teilzunehmen. Nur leider gibt es Leute die betrügen und die Schiffe sogar sabot [...]

    4. Bueno, al principio me gustó. Pero luego empezaron a largar chorradas y chorradas acerca que si te merezco o no, que no quiero que me rompan el corazón, etc. Muy histérico todo, tratan de concretar no lo logran hasta bastante avanzada la novela. Y secretos que se develan al final que podrían haberse dicho o comentado y aunque tienen resolución tardía . Y un montón de desacuerdos, todo por ocultarse cosas. El final muy infantil y estirado.Meh. Terminado en diagonal

    5. What a great book! I can't believe this is K. Cole's debut novel! Wow! Derek got on my nerves at time, but I finally understood why, and he redeemed himself in the end And I loved Nicole! What a great heroine! Definitely looking forwards to Grant's book!

    6. This was a fun, sexy read and I wasn't ready for it to be over. KC should write more historicals and I am looking forward to the next one.

    7. 3,5 en realidad. Ha sido entretenido y aunque no me ha apasionado la relación entre ellos, la trama a tenido algunos giros salseantes.

    8. En realidad este libro lo había terminado hace mas de una semana, pero con clases por atender y economía de empresa por aprender, le faltan horas a mi día. Pues bueno, hora de hacer la reseña y decirles lo que me divertí leyendo acerca de Sutherland y Nicole. Esta novela transcurre mas que nada a la mar o en algún puerto, por lo tanto le puse el tag de "romance-kraken"y si uds están pensando esto:espedia/wiki/El_sueñ, pues ya les digo que no y las juzgo, juzgo, juzgo, juzgo. Mi mente vir [...]

    9. This is a historical romance by Kresley Cole, which I really enjoyed, not as much as her paranormal romance series Immortals After Dark, but I really like it. It was funny, with a hot and steamy romance, and hijinks on teh high seas, the hero Derek Sutherland was both hot, dangerous and tortured and in desparate need of a good woman's lovin'. Nicole Lassiter, the good woman mentioned was spunky and funny, not your typical historical maiden.I would read this if you are a fan of Kresley Cole and i [...]

    10. This one started out a bit slow for me but quickly turned into a high seas adventure that kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next.Nicole (h) has been raised on her fathers ship The Bella Nicola, and now that he might lose his shipping line Nicole sets out to save it. The only way to do that is to win the Great Circle Race from England to Australia. The one thorn in her side and major competitor is Captain Derek Sutherland (H) who also happens to be her father's biggest enemy.Dere [...]

    11. Since I am all out of IAD books, I thought I would try out Cole's earliest work. Derek is a bit of a jerk, but a sexy, brooding one who finally cleans up his act for the right woman. A bit of the plot seems like filler to make the book a little longer, but overall, I found it quite enjoyable. If you enjoy romances any of the following, this is the book for you:1) Historicals2) High seas adventure3) A sexy, brooding hero4) A brave, intelligent heroine5) Characters who fight their attraction and e [...]

    12. December 8, 2016 CNF: I don't like this H also, there seems to be nothing at all between h/H but insta-lust. I don't see any relationship developing between the 2 MCs.Thursday, November 26, 2015: I'm going to give this another chanceF @ page 114. November 13, 2015.An insufferable heroine and an irresponsible, selfish, drunk for a hero.

    13. a very good historical read. if you've ever read a Kresley Cole novel you will not be disappointed. I saw so many of the traits I've come to love in her IAD characters portrayed in these very human characters. I can't wait to read the next in the series and keep enjoying all the types of wonderful romance Ms. Cole has shared with the world.

    14. There are two books in this series and, although it does seem that the series was designed for continuation, I’m glad that she left this series to do her Immortals After Dark series. The Sutherland family is a well-to-do and titled family in late 19th century England (possibly early 20th century) and the stories center around the two brothers, Derek and Grant Sutherland. The former is the oldest (although not by birth, but by death) and carries the weight of his families expectations on him. H [...]

    15. High Seas Romance at its Best—a Keeper!This is one of my all time favorite romances set on the high seas with a daring sea captain and a worthy heroine. I have read it more than once. It’s a keeper.The story is centered around two competing shipping companies in 19th century England, and two competing captains (the English Earl, Captain Derek Sutherland, and the American Captain, Jason Lassiter), each of whom must win the Great Race from London to Sydney to survive. When Lassiter is imprison [...]

    16. I'm not entirely sure how to rate this book. On the one hand, it was full of all sorts of things that annoyed me to no end. On the other, I couldn't put it down.The misunderstandings were harrowing. But despite my annoyance with the characters for (at least) 75% of the book, once I got into it, I couldn't stop reading. (Meaning I stayed up until 3 am reading, which I usually try to avoid, unsuccessfully.)There were a few factual errors, as well:Gretna Green marriages were outlawed in the 1856, s [...]

    17. I'm a sucker for pirates. Ok.well, so Derek Sutherland isn't "technically" a piratee bulk of this story does take place on a ship that is sailing from England to Australia. There are lies, exotic locations, and most importantly.ally hot sex.Derek is a captain of a shipping company and Nicole is the daughter of the captain of the rival shipping company. When Nicole's father is sent to jail and can't captain his ship, Nicole takes overtermined to save her father's company and win the race that bot [...]

    18. Girl keeps running away and uninteresting characters.I loved this author's book "A Hunger Like No Other," so I thought I'd try this book which I believe was her first book. I was disappointed and cannot recommend it. The two main characters did not hold my interest. Nicole and Derek were attracted to each other. Each time they were together and their relationship started to grow to the next level, she would run off and hide. He was miserable and failed to find her each time except at the end. Th [...]

    19. its kresley cole is all I have to say! no but really no one writes an ass hole man like her and then brings him to be an outstanding lover! some thing has to be said of the female characters they are strong fighters, determined, rough neck, and sexy they make me kind of want to slap my whole family just to see if I got it :) this was a great story about fighting the sea waters and the sea love and this story was an excellent read!

    20. 3,5 Sterne Die ganze Zeit wärend des lesens beschlich mich dieses Déjà-vu Gefühl, Teile des Buchs schon zu kennen. Tja ein hoch auf die Funktion Other Editions ist das Buch bereits im Mira Verlag und im Cora Verlag 2005/2006 erschienen. Ich kann nur nicht den Finger darauf legen es wirklich schon gelesen zu haben. hmDas Cover ist defintiv viel schöner als die alten!

    21. Wow! I really enjoyed this book. Smart, sassy heroine, well-matched hero and well-written. I read it straight through in one sitting. Even the secondary characters, which are usually more-or-less ignored in HR, were explored and the story was much richer for it. A keeper.

    22. A fun story. I loved Nicole's strength, and determination. Derek frustrated me at times and I was surprised at the revelations at the end, but I really liked how it all came together.

    23. "Quando pensava a Sutherland lei provava la stessa sensazione intensa, quasi dolorosa, come se stesse tuffandosi giù dal cielo.Si stava forse innamorando? si chiese, colpita da un’analogia improvvisa. In fondo, anche innamorarsi era un po’ come tuffarsi nel vuoto."Ho esitato parecchio a leggere questo libro, nonostante fosse della mia amata Cole, per due motivi: il primo è che essendo una delle sue prime opere (anzi forse proprio la prima in assoluto) temevo uno stile acerbo e forse un poc [...]

    24. (Explícito). Muy buen libro. Excelente. Cien por ciento recomendable. Es tipo historia de amor clásica, literalmente porque en el libro todavía se usan carruajes y barcos de vela. La trama te atrapa desde la primera página, algo que no creería posible con la introducción de que es ambientada como hace más de 200 años. Hay misterio, intriga, drama, matrimonios arreglados, también importa el linaje y el dinero en dichos matrimonios Me gustó porque en cierto sentido, que los personajes, N [...]

    25. La Cole la preferisco in versione paranormal romance. La trama non è originalissima, l’evolversi dei fatti è un po’ fiacco. Si riprende sul finale, quando lui insiste per sposarla e lei gli si nega ostinatamente. Allora esce fuori l’ombra del “maschio alfa” che Kresley è così brava a creare e tutto diventa più divertente e pieno di ritmo.

    26. A cute romance book that was a great interlude from some of the other heavy books I’ve been reading recently. This was exactly what I needed. I love Kresley Cole; the Sutherland Brothers books were the only 2 left of her books I haven’t read. The plot line was predictable but still enjoyable. Kresley Cole never lets readers down.

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