One thought on “Upscale Kittens”

  1. Really liked this book hope it is a full novel at some point. These sisters has seen some trauma but keep going to hold the family together. Dirty cop, filthy old men, dead mom, and sleazy friends. Poor Nandi seems to have all the illnesses of the world, God bless her. Poor Jazzy she needs to open her eyes wide wide and see Cani for what he really is.Love her other sister on the other hand lord she needs help real help. lol Hope to find out what Cani and loops true story in part 2 good job Autho [...]

  2. This book was okay. I liked the story line but it was not what I thought it was going to be. The beginning started off really good then it got very dry to me. It was kinda short for my taste. all in all a good read.

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