One thought on “Five Negro Presidents”

  1. “The Five Negro Presidents” is a book that will open the eyes of those who read it. This book was recommended to me by someone I know. So I decided to buy it. I was curious. Could this be possible? Obama wasn’t the first black President? Who is covering up this lie from the masses and why? This book was written by J. A. Rogers, a black journalist, in 1965. Yes I said it, originally published in 1965! So when the Civil Rights Movement was going on, this book was in existence? The book like [...]

  2. I read this back in '88. legally, you could probably make the case that just about every President was Black.

  3. Excellent short referenceThis is a great, short book full of references to more detailed selections. It’s great for quick reading and packed full of facts.

  4. OkNot what one might think it is suppose to be about. A lot of historical hearsay, regarding the interracial potentiality of former presidents

  5. DisappointedThe title seems ridiculous after reading the book. The premise of the book is race perception based on the people of the time. The author could not prove or even offer a convincing argument of the possibility of a "Negro" president prior to Obama. Very disappointing.

  6. Gave me what I was looking forThis book gave me what I was looking for. I expected slightly more but it helped to have the well noted references from the author to continue my reading

  7. Interesting informationInteresting for those who are interested in Black History or any type of history since this book incorporates the racial background of the presidents and included are the sources of the info. I gave the book 4 stars because I wanted even more depth

  8. InformativeIt was entertaining to say the least. It was like getting a glimpse of the TMZ or Us weekly of that time.

  9. Obama was not the first moorish presidentThis is a nice book about moorish presidents but need to be updated.John Hansen was also a moorish president, too.

  10. This was very educational! It's a short & easy read. I was done in an hourybe it was less time than that!

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