Naked Heat

Naked Heat Quando viene ritrovato il cadavere di Cassidy Towne la giornalista di gossip pi temuta e velenosa di Manhattan Nikki Heat scopre che i potenziali assassini della donna sono molti ciascuno con un ot

  • Title: Naked Heat
  • Author: Richard Castle Giuseppe Marano
  • ISBN: 9788864112480
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quando viene ritrovato il cadavere di Cassidy Towne, la giornalista di gossip pi temuta e velenosa di Manhattan, Nikki Heat scopre che i potenziali assassini della donna sono molti, ciascuno con un ottimo movente Le indagini subiscono tuttavia una battuta d arresto quando la poliziotta si vede costretta nuovamente a lavorare al caso con il giornalista premio Pulitzer JamQuando viene ritrovato il cadavere di Cassidy Towne, la giornalista di gossip pi temuta e velenosa di Manhattan, Nikki Heat scopre che i potenziali assassini della donna sono molti, ciascuno con un ottimo movente Le indagini subiscono tuttavia una battuta d arresto quando la poliziotta si vede costretta nuovamente a lavorare al caso con il giornalista premio Pulitzer Jameson Rook Il ricordo della loro breve, disastrosa relazione sentimentale renderebbe pressoch impossibile ogni rapporto tra di loro, ma gli omicidi nel frattempo si moltiplicano, rivelando complicit e connivenze tra la mafia newyorchese e il jet set Il tempo stringe, e la collaborazione tra i due sembra rivelarsi pi efficace che mai

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    1. As a fairly straight-forward work of mystery fiction, THREE STARS. People are murdered, clues are discovered, twists and turns, a narrow escape, a revelation, a sudden dead-end, kissy kissy, frantic chase, mystery solved, wait or is it?, ok now yes, mystery solved. Or something like that? I don't know. That's not the part I was paying attention toCAUSE as a cultural artifact that is such an engaging, layered and thoughtful piece of fan-fiction that I could barely even wrap my head around it, FOU [...]

    2. I’m happy to report, this was a huge improvement from the previous book (Heat Wave). While the first one came through as more of an inside joke, riding the tidal wave of the Castle TV show and seemed more like a fanfiction than an actual book written by a “New York Times Bestselling Author”, this one actually read like a book.The writing and style was the first obvious improvement, the characters had (a little) more depth— though still not enough for my liking, the pacing was good, and s [...]

    3. 14/7/2016So apparently my reading tastes have changed A LOT in the past five years. Because this was like wading through quicksand, and I could only get through 102 pages before I gave up and abandoned it. Really, this is self-insert fan-fiction of a fictional world. Like, it's supposed to be written by a fictional character. About a fictional version of himself and fictional versions of his friends. I gave very few fucks about the case, and given that I haven't watched Castle in at least three [...]

    4. "I've been thinking about how ugly gossip is. How it victimizes people, but how as much as we say we hate it, we still feed on it like it was crack.” This book was really good. I mean, it's no literary great, but it's still good. It reads just like an episode of Castle, with the chapters breaks being where the commercial breaks would be. I wouldn't recommend this to people who have either never seen the Castle or dislike it. The characters in this novel are carbon copies of Castle, Beckett, Ry [...]

    5. Como me pasó con el primer libro de la serie Castle, lo he devorado. La verdad es que recomiendo mucho estos libros si sois fans de la serie porque son muy muy parecidos a sus capítulos. Me gustan la intriga que tiene, la cantidad de sospechosos, como están todos relacionados y sobretodo la relación que tienen los protagonistas, es decir, Rook, Nikki, Laury y los Roach.Me encanta porque no he sabido descubrir quien era el asesino hasta el final, hasta las últimas páginas. Cada vez que arre [...]

    6. It sounds kind of stupid in this day and age, but this book was written with a kind of sexist mentality. Usually the sex of the (anonymous) author plays only a little into the writing, and rarely detracts from the story, but this whole thing is a bad joke.The story is supposed to be about this awesome female detective, but it undermines that whole idea repeatedly. It makes multiple commentary within the writing of the character being "balsy" as a positive, (obviously male, and as positive associ [...]

    7. I admit it. I enjoy watching Nathan Fillion. I enjoyed watching Firefly more intensely than Castle, but I’m happy that Castle exists because I believe strongly in this man’s right to have a steady acting job so that I can enjoy a steady diet of his roguish sense of humor.As a mostly regular Castle watcher, I noticed a smudge in the line of reality when those Nikki Heat books that Nathan Fillion’s character writes on the show suddenly starting popping up in my local bookstore. I resisted bu [...]

    8. kad bih ocjenjivao sam krimić, bila bi to solidna trojka. ali sve reference na omijenu seriju, tongue-in-cheek posveta na kraju i činjenica d ase autor ludo zabavljao pišući, podižu ocjenu za 1

    9. Another installment for fans of the ABC TV show "Castle", "Naked Heat" continues the adventures of NYPD detective Nikki Heat (based on the TV show character "Kate Beckett") about 6 months after "Heat Wave". Although my primary complaint about "Heat Wave" (the constant use of Nikki Heat's full name throughout the narrative) is still partly there, this book is superior to its predecessor in several ways.First off, there is more to the 2nd novel. Where the first book felt like you were reading a lo [...]

    10. Страхотно заплетен случай, хареса ми много повече от първата книга.

    11. My wife and I are fans of Castle on ABC TV.I bought and read "Heat Wave", the first of the two Richard Castle books, as soon as it was published. Mostly I read ebooks on the Kindle. To say I bought the Castle books hardcover means something, I think.As exciting as these thrillers are, I perked up when I found a professional writing lesson. I'm in week 13 of a 52-week online writing course from Publication Coach Daphne Gray-Grant. If you skip to Chapter 17 of "Heat Wave", you'll find a lesson in [...]

    12. It's not quite as delightful as the last novel novel, but this new production of "Richard Castle" or whoever is writing for him is still pretty darn fun. If it wasn't attached to a television show, this would be, at best, a mid-level airplane read -- the kind of thing it would be fine to pass two hours with in an enclosed space that offers limited options. The attachment to the TV show "Castle," though, makes it an extension of a world I'm already amused by, though not exactly in a fan-fiction t [...]

    13. I wish they would write these with less crap. The stories are fun and I love the show. Why can't the books be as clean as the show?!

    14. Estoy encantada con estos libros de verdad. Yo que soy una persona que me he visto Castle desde la temporada uno hasta la octavo y última, de verdad me siento como si realmente estuviera leyendo esos libros que Castle va escribiendo durante la serie o como si estuviera viendo un capítulo. Para mi gusto la trama de la investigación es buenísima, pero además está esa relación entre Nikki y Jameson que a todo fan de Castle le hace recordar la relación de Kate y Richard, que es tan maravillo [...]

    15. This review originally posted here.Here’s the thing: I don’t read mysteries. To me, mysteries usually feel contrived, and I don’t really like to feel as though a writer is holding my head and telling me “ssh, not yet.” Usually, I feel like the narrator or writer is keeping things from me, because the characters are working through the mystery as I am. But that doesn’t mean the author doesn’t know the ending; of course, the writer knows!But I make an exception to my “no mysteries [...]

    16. I'm amazed at how good these books have been and really quite curious about the ghostwriter. Whoever is in charge of these things has certainly come up with an excellent way to do tie-in novels to the TV show by making it the fictional creation of a fictional character. You've got most of the characters from the show present (I do miss Alexis in these books), with only slight alterations to make them different from the "real people" they represent the voices for each are spot on and the plot use [...]

    17. Mini Book Review: I have to read these since I am a huge Castle fan, I just can't help myself. I love the fact that they have a picture of Nathan Fillion on the back cover as the author, makes me giggle. I know they are gimmicky and the writing not the best, but I still really enjoy them. This story was no exception. It's fast paced and filled with fun TV style dialogue. The characters are loosely based on the actual characters on the show which makes it lots of fun. Also some of the plot is tak [...]

    18. This is a fast, light read, but Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook just aren't as likable as their TV counterparts. The prose is clunky and too full of distracting jargon that interrupts the flow of the story. The mystery is overcomplicated and tedious, partly because so many of the characters (even minor ones) are cut-and-pasted from Castle episodes. Those types of connections were seriously overdone. A few cute callouts to the show would have been fun, but the heavy-handed inclusion of so many refere [...]

    19. Another enjoyable installment from the fictional author, Richard Castle. I'm not giving it a higher rating because it was too easy to put down in the first half. Also, I realize the fictional character of Rook, although charming, doesn't come across as winsome as Nathan Fillion does as Castle in the TV series. Fillion has a little-boy charm about him that makes the self-centeredness and cluelessness come out all right, even if it earns him an eye-roll. But in print, the same characteristics, clu [...]

    20. An enjoyable read, pretty much following the theme of book 1, but I think it was a bit convoluted and reasonably predictable. Nothing to get excited about, but I need to refrain from reading/listening to one book by a new author (to me), liking it, and then reading/listening to the next in the series almost immediately. I figure this might be spoiling some future reads for me. A reasonable 3.0 stars.

    21. Giving it 2 stars feels a bit harsh because I enjoyed it, but I admit that 3 is a little generous compared to the ratings I've been giving lately. So, 2.5?Also, no review for this one other than what I said in the comment section. They're like Castle fan-fiction but written by pros, so there aren't any typos or grammar issues and the plot progresses smoothly.Anyone who likes Castle should find these entertaining, but don't expect having your mind blown away.

    22. (B+) 78% | GoodNotes: A complex plot, but seeded well enough that revelations and sudden turns don't feel grafted, but sprout organically.

    23. [[3 STARS]]look is this good writing? nah not really. but its fun for anyone who's a fan of Castle. i loved that tv show (tho i didn't watch the final series cos i felt it went on too long) but omg it's just so fun to be back in this world. i pretty much just read the dialogue in this but really enjoyed it. not enough to rate it any higher but yeah. i now wanna rewatch the series ahh

    24. By Richard Castle. Grade B+. Series: Book 2, Nikki Heat My favourite TV show in a book? Whooa. Life could not have been better! Castle- an ABC TV show could not have been better. The show has humour, drama, mystery, murders, romance and everything needed to make it a hit. And even though I am not an avid TV-watcher, Castle does make me and my sisters put our endless pile of novels aside. Unfortunately for us, the show has very less episodes and even less seasons. So, when I discovered that the N [...]

    25. Read all my reviews at readingreality/Richard Castle books are a lot like potato chips--you can't read just one. As soon as I finished Heat Wave (see review) I started craving another Castle book, and I caved in within a couple of days and started Naked Heat. It was pure indulgence, and I loved every sinful page of it.This story starts with Lt. Nikki Heat and her two detectives Raley and Ochoa discovering Jameson Rook at the scene of a recent homicide, listening to his iPod, with the body of the [...]

    26. Richard Castle je úspěšný a známý autor detektivních románů. Jenže ve svém poslední knize zabil svého hlavního hrdinu Dereka Storma. Od té doby má tak trochu potíže vymyslet nějakou novou sérii. Když někdo začne zabíjet stejným způsobem, jako v jeho knihách, je přizván k řešení případu k newyorskému detektivnímu oddělení. V té chvíli se seznámí s Kate Becketovou a Castle má konečně předlohu pro svou novou knihu.Zdá se vám to mírně podivné, až p [...]

    27. As an author myself I am generally not one for criticizing the work of another. However, since Richard Castle doesn't really exist, I am willing to suspend that personal rule for this one DISCLAIMER: This review is my opinion, just as *any* review is the opinion of the reviewer writing it. You may well disagree with my assessment of this novel, and I applaud you for that. All in all I found Naked Heat to be relatively disappointing. This second installment is once again a kludged together rework [...]

    28. Una nueva entrega de Nikki Heat, un nuevo caso para resolver y mucha tensión entre nuestros personajes forman parte de Calor desnudo escrito por el ficticio y televisivo Richard Castle.Sin duda alguna este libro, al igual que el primero, gustará a los fans de la serie detectivesca Castle ya que se sigue identificando claramente al periodista y escritor Jameson Rook con el protagonista de la serie Castle, Nikki Heat como Kate Beckett y los fieles detectives denominados en el libro como “Los R [...]

    29. Dollycas’s ThoughtsAs a fan of the television show Castle, this was a fun read. ABC has brought their character’s books to life. Richard Castle is a mystery/police procedural author who writes stories about the NYPD detectives he “shadows” because he has some lofty friends in New York, like the mayor. He actually is one of the team and helps solves the cases.All the characters in the book are based on characters in the show, so the book is really an episode of the show with the names cha [...]

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