One thought on “The Eastern European Cookbook”

  1. I don't generally review cookbooks on , but I have to make an exception for this one. I've been reading it at my dining room table each morning before the heats kicks in and imagining myself huddled up for a cold winter in the old country. Every one of Nelson's recipes is exactly what I want to eat in the dead of winter: dumplings, potatoes, beets, sauerkraut and sour cream. The preparations are straightforward and rarely require specialty ingredients -- most ingredient lists are just 5 or 10 co [...]

  2. This book has nice historical backgrounds. The dishes are mainly composed of the same several ingredients with slight variations on herbs. Being a vegetarian many of the dishes don't work for me but I can see how some may be adapted. A few of the dishes I will definitely try! and some I will adapt. The use of yogurt in cooking I find intriguing. Can't wait to get on that.

  3. Pretty good. I enjoyed the historical and culinary introduction given for each country/section, even though the information was somewhat dated (1973).

  4. There are several delicious ideas that I would love to try but many of the ingredients are not indigenous to the bluegrass. Great ideas!

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