Worst Impressions

Worst Impressions From the award winning author of The Bum Magnet Simon Schuster comes part one in a hilarious series of coming of age romantic comedies for young adults of all ages Ever been a stand out who doesn t fi

  • Title: Worst Impressions
  • Author: K.L. Brady
  • ISBN: 9780615462738
  • Page: 177
  • Format: None
  • From the award winning author of The Bum Magnet Simon Schuster comes part one in a hilarious series of coming of age romantic comedies for young adults of all ages Ever been a stand out who doesn t fit in Ever dream of finding the prince charming who can see beyond your clothes, hair, and shoes, to fall in love with the real you Meet basketball phenom Liz BenFrom the award winning author of The Bum Magnet Simon Schuster comes part one in a hilarious series of coming of age romantic comedies for young adults of all ages Ever been a stand out who doesn t fit in Ever dream of finding the prince charming who can see beyond your clothes, hair, and shoes, to fall in love with the real you Meet basketball phenom Liz Bennett, a clever tomboy who believes her first impressions are never wrong She dresses down and lives her life under the radar in the high school social scene to keep her name out of the gossip mill With two trouble magnet kid sisters and a mother obsessed with protecting her virginity, she s already dealing with drama than an Emmy winning daytime soap opera She s also unlucky in love least until two popular new guys enter her life and the sparks begin to fly Trent Whitman, Liz s hot new admirer, pursues and woos her with his silver tongue and hazel eyes He turns on the charm, and Liz believes she s finally met the one Darcell Williams, on the other hand, is a star football player, who sticks his cleats in his mouth from day one When Liz sizes them up, she decides Trent is a dream and Darcell is a devil reincarnate During the Back to School dance, Darcell spews an oh no he didn t insult that in her mind confirms she s right about him from the first moment they meet and their feud is on and popping But when a Bennett family crisis reveals Darcell s and Trent s true colors, will Liz s pride prevent her from accepting each for who he really is

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    1. I picked up this book yesterday at Chicago's annual Lit Fest. I was intrigued by the premise--a modern day, young adult Pride and Prejudice in and urban setting. It was a fun, easy read which was laught out loud funny in parts. There were also a couple of serious messages/themes in the book that managed to peek out without being preachy, which is, in and of itself, hard to do. Liz Bennett is a bright sixteen year old girl who is more more comfortable in her baggy clothes and on the basketball co [...]

    2. Oh man. I wanted this to work. It was a pick of the day from BookLending and only $.99. I love the original, and I wanted so very much for this to work.It just didn't. The "urban" language turned me off. It's SO overdone here. I don't mind an "a'ight" or three, but not every other phrase needs to be "real", you know? Even my family members who can successfully pull off this mode of speaking don't do so all the time, and we certainly aren't anywhere near upper-middle class. Wedging Pride & Pr [...]

    3. i won Worst Impressions in return for a review so here it is:i was itching to get my hands on this book because i am a big Jane Austen fan. i was not disappointed after reading it. the author stuck true to the characters personalities and i loved the book.Liz is as witty and funny as in P&P and Darcell is the same way as Darcy.but for teens. i especially loved how Mrs. Bennett was portrayed over the top and the total opposite than in P&P; instead of trying to marry her daughters off and [...]

    4. I'd give this 4.5 stars. I received a review copy of Worst Impressions and I have to say I really enjoyed this story. It's loosely based on one of my favorite books, Pride and Prejudice. Although I'm not a teen, Liz Bennett really took me back to my awkward teen years when I felt like I never really quite fit in. She's a smart kid who is a bit of a tomboy, loves basketball, and is unlucky in loveuntil Trent Whitman comes into her life. He's smooth, handsome, and says all the right things. Of cou [...]

    5. This is one of the books my mom selected for my kindle I thought since it said teen romantic comedy, I wanted to read it.It’s about these four sisters Jeni, Liz, Lydia, and Kat, (this is their order from oldest to youngest.)Their mom is a house realtor, she sells a house to a famous football player from the Seattle Seahawks. His name is Darnell Williams. He has two older sons Charles and Darcel. Jeni falls in love with Charles;After some time Liz realizes she likes Darcel “Sometimes people a [...]

    6. Dear K.L.Brady,Firstly, congratulations on writing a book. I know, it's hard to sit down and get those ideas out of your head and into the page. And the editing, and publishingI'm sorry, but I wish that you hadn't.Worst Impressions could also go under the title of worst book I've read in the last year. Only two types of P&P remakes work for me: ones that remake the story so a new generation can understand it (think Lizzie Bennet Diaries) or a what-happened-next with minor characters (Georgia [...]

    7. Excellent readThis is a good read for teenagers and adults. It's very funny, relatable and hits true points. It will help young people understand why they should not assume or judge others before they learn about them. Also, it gives a little fantasy to those who like happy endings.

    8. I laughed all through this book! Loved it and would recommend it for a fairly quick light YA romance read. I wasn't expecting the Pride and Prejudice link at all so that was a pleasant surprise when it hit me. It helped explained some of Lydia's prejudice comments and attidude towards the twins, which I wouldn't have seen past otherwise. Very well thought out modern adaptation.

    9. This book really kept me on my toes! I could easily relate to the narrator, because she was just trying to get by in a house full of crazy girls and a high school full of confusing boys. There were definitely a lot of surprises! This was a great book, a fun and entertaining read, with that happy ending that really makes you feel like the book is finished.

    10. This is the best Young Adult novel I've read in the past ten years at least. I put this up there with Walter Dean Meyers work, except 'Worst Impressions' had more of a comedic feel to it, so a bit different, but totally authentic.

    11. Easy read and well written. a great African American version of Pride and Prejudice set in present day. Highly recommend!And i'm not saying this because I won an advanced copy. I was quite skeptical but very pleasantly surprised! Hope to read more by Ms. Brady.

    12. OMG!! i loved this book, from start to finish i couldnt put it down. The characters are excellent and very "real" props to the author cannot wait for the next book.

    13. This was a really cute story. The mother is definitely like many southern mothers. The sisters are comical. I could easily picture the scene and I love the moms stance. Sweet book.

    14. Have you read pride and prejudice?This is exactly the same, but modernized. Not terrible, but I felt conned once I realized it. It was still a decent read.

    15. Favorite lines 'You got me? You live in the same neighborhood I live in. You don't know a dang thing about the ghetto. What're you gonna do, hit 'em in the head with a football?' [Liz] 'I saw Boyz in the Hood three times' [Darcell]'Why didn't you say so before? Now I feel safet'" Liz (pg. 212)"'Who is it?' Trent yelled 'No esta aqui' I hollered back. Okay was it stupid to yell, 'I'm not here' in Spanish from the wrong side of the door? Absolutely. But I was scared shitless and couldn't think of [...]

    16. Curve BallsLiz Bennett's body matured way before the boys around her. In an effort to distance herself from their lurking stares and lewd comments, Liz decided to opt out of wearing clothes that would show any parts of her body. Because she wore baggy clothes, played basketball and preferred Skechers over heels, she was labeled a dyke. Can't win for losing, Liz is trying to be who she is without having to defend herself. High school can be so cruel. Worse when you have three other sisters who ap [...]

    17. Some minor spoilers to fully accomodate for my rage.I have no idea which teenagers talk in whatever trash that was, especially an AP kid, but if you do, PLEASE direct me to them. The language itself made me want to hurl the story into a brick wall at the inaccurate description. And yes, drugs, alcohol, and sex occurs in the school but not to the point that it was made out to be. Books like these give adults a false glimpse into a teenager. But besides the language, I was still inclined to read t [...]

    18. I got this as an Advance Reader Copy so here's my review. This is a young adult novel based on Pride and Prejudice. It had several flaws, but overall was a cute story. The characters are weakly developed but for some reason, still likable. The main problem was the plot. I think because it's based on a well known story, the author took some shortcuts with plot development. Just because the main frame of the plot was already predetermined by the Pride and Prejudice plot, however, doesn't mean that [...]

    19. Cute story. It's the first book I've read in my attempt to become more familiar with the YA section of my library and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It took me back to high school and high school problems and the innocence and hilarity of it all. I recommend this for anyone looking for a quick, funny, mushy book to read. I look forward to seeing what else K.L. Brady comes up with.

    20. Young LoveYoung LoveGreat book, I could really relate to this story I have 3 daughter's the good thing for me is that they all was about 7 years apart. I'm glad for that I would have been just like the mom. I wish it could have went a little longer. Great story

    21. This is basically an urban, young adult version of Pride & Prejudice, so the main thing that is going to determine whether you like this book or not: if you can or can't handle the vernacular. It personally didn't bother meo much. There were some parts that mad me cringe cause it was overdone, but all in all, it was ok. I might recommend it to a kid that likes to read urban novels.

    22. This book annoyed me at first because of all the street talk. Here is an "A" student talking and thinking "all up in yo grill". It got to the point, I had to take a break from it. On the other hand, it redeems itself with the strong point made that a gentleman will wait till you are married. Thank You, Thank You! A great book for teens you want to send a message to.

    23. Okay. Well. First of all, this is NOT how young people talk. Second, this is NOT how teenagers talk!Third, this is NOT how YOUNG ADULTS/TEENAGERS/YOUNG PEOPLE TALK!Due to the dialogue I just could not enjoy this re-telling of Pride and Predujice.But who knows it might "float your boat" so give it a go :)

    24. This was a cute book. I Thought it was extremely hilarious and lots of fun. My only flaw is that the book had a bit too much slang but besides that, I absolutely loved it. Lisa and Darcell were cute; the same as Jeni and Charles. Kat and Lydia however had some serious issues which you will find out about if you read the book. This is one of my favorite short stories and is definitely a thumbs up.

    25. A sweet YA kindle freebie. I was kind-of interested in the story and read it in one go. I like the way we understood the mother's behaviour later on as it added depth to the tale. I'll look out for more by the author if it is free on kindle again.

    26. Great book for teens and those who are quick to judge. Also great for those teens who "know it all" and are looking for love too early and in all the wrong places.

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