The Rock

The Rock Fascinating imaginative and nerve wracking Kirkus Reviews A crackling science thriller in the vein of Crichton that mixes action with science fiction Kirkus The best combination of science fiction an

  • Title: The Rock
  • Author: Bob Mayer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fascinating, imaginative and nerve wracking Kirkus Reviews A crackling science thriller in the vein of Crichton that mixes action with science fiction Kirkus The best combination of science fiction and technothriller this year Publishers Weekly.In Australiaa U.S Air Force computer operator receives a terrifying radio transmission out of Ayers Rock that knocks out tFascinating, imaginative and nerve wracking Kirkus Reviews A crackling science thriller in the vein of Crichton that mixes action with science fiction Kirkus The best combination of science fiction and technothriller this year Publishers Weekly.In Australiaa U.S Air Force computer operator receives a terrifying radio transmission out of Ayers Rock that knocks out the world s communications.In New Mexicoa boozy college engineering professor is suddenly escorted into a waiting car by two armed military men.In New Yorka tall, slender woman leaves her husband a note on the refrigerator saying that she s leaving but can t tell him where she s going.In Colombiaa Special Forces officer breaks into a drug kinpin s bedroom and puts a bullet into a woman s brain before running to a waiting helicopter.And in Englanda beautiful twenty three year old mathematician prepares for a journey that will change her life forever.The team assembles in Australia on a mission that can save the world But first, they must figure out who is the message coming from What are they trying to tell mankind And can it be deciphered in time before Armageddon overtakes the world It s about a bomb, it s about a world about to be shattered It s about the last few days they have to save us all.

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    1. When you talk about military science fiction, two of the names you frequently hear mentioned are Robert Doherty and Bob Mayer. That's quite a coincidence, because both are New York Times best- selling authors of the genre. Both are also West Point graduates and former U.S. Army Green Berets. And bothwell, they're both the same man.I mention this because when I first became aware of Doherty/Mayer I was confused. Which was which? Doherty's page says he lives in Seattle, Mayer's says Tennessee. Wo [...]

    2. Not entirely sure why I picked this up - it's certainly no real literature, but that said, it entertained. Very silly plot with some very stock characters who still managed to become quite real and sympathetic, and some interesting political points, particularly about the Cold War. And the geography stuff was neat. Three stars in a noncommittal sort of way.

    3. Fun, a little dated, but interesting none the less. I kept thinking "Just use the internet" then I remember the book is based in 1991. Weird.

    4. This is a standalone novel by Robert Doherty (pen-name for Bob Mayer), an author that you have seen me write about a few times before. This is the first standalone of his that I've read, all of the others have been series or linked novels like his excellent Area 51 series and the Jim Vaughn books (Section 8 & The Citadel).The Rock employs this author's standard modus operandi of tight military action, historical intrigue and speculative science fiction. I don't know of another author who pul [...]

    5. When I read the Bob Mayer books with his military background expertise, I didn't realize he wrote sci-fi/thriller under a pen name. It's okay by me--I enjoy his writing style and the books are usually written with enough authority that I take every word for gospel--whether or not it is. That's okay--this one is sci-fi--it's fiction--and fun, action packed techno-geek fiction at that. In The Rock, five experts of various scientific/military fields are summarily summoned to converge on an enormous [...]

    6. I’m a Science Fiction fan, but I hate S-F books an intra-cosmos war that threatens the Earth, and only Little Sandra or Jimmy can save our planet and its inhabitants by using his or her super intellect to counter destruction, death rays and mega bombs. Mercifully, "The Rock" is not such a book. There is a moment, however, where I feared this would be the case, but that action was more Star Wars than David vs Universal Goliath. "The Rock" tells a good tale, with unidimensional characters who ar [...]

    7. 3 sterren voor dit boek. Waar ik bij mijn vorige boek (The Swarm) nog zat te klagen dat het soms wat sneller kon, ga ik nu klagen dat het deze keer juist allemaal te vluchtig was waardoor het verhaal impact, mysterie en echte spanning mist. Pas op het laatste waar een paar pagina's werden uitgetrokken om het een ander uit te leggen ging de kwaliteit omhoog.Toch 3 sterren omdat het mijn aandacht wist te houden door het concept. :pOh, en 1 ster aftrek door de vreselijke fouten die in het ebook zat [...]

    8. The story is based in 1995, but it could be at time now or in the near future. An alien race (bad) is on an intercept destruction course with Earth and "the Coalition" (good) has contacted us with their options of survival or destruction. The Rock is Ayres Rock in Australia and it is a Coalition defensive outpost which has been uncovered by us and the Russians along with a similar outpost in Russia. An outpost has recently been destroyed by a nuclear explosion and another is in the works. If thi [...]

    9. Great use of Aires Rock / Uluru, but the writer is a bit too obsessed with military hardware and operating procedures, and sadly the mid-1990's setting hasn't dated too well. Can a group of scientists and the US military solve the anomaly in the rock, make peace with the Russians, and recover a 2nd lost nuclear bomb before the end of the world?It was fairly well written and held my attention with some vaguely interesting characters, but spoilers How the heck did they develop super bullet proof v [...]

    10. Ran into Bob Mayer writing in tandem with Jennifer Crusie in a book that I loved (the title escapes me, but they only wrote one together, I believe), so I figured I'd pick this up when it came up on BookBub. I liked the story a lot--built a plausible setup, using fairly stock characters, but nonetheless, ones I like and that were drawn well, and it kept my attention.

    11. I did not think much of this book when I started it. Very one-dimensional characters. Very B-list. Low brainpower entertainment with little substance. The right thing if you want to read something unchallenging, that sort of just flows by.Tom Clancy meets Carl Sagan, on only 400 pages. Good guys versus mysterious alien bad guys and the end of the world as we know it.Saying all that, I really liked the ending, it had a nice twist to it.

    12. A quick, enjoyable read which reminded me of Michael Crichton. I came into it knowing about a key element of the story (which I won't spoil) but the reveal is still well handled. Quite deftly mixes aspects of military/techno thrillers with science fiction and historical fact. My first Bob Mayer book, probably won't be my last. Recommended for those who enjoy military fiction with a weird / sci-fi edge, and for SF fans who don't mind some military jargon and characters.

    13. Outstanding, Original and SpellbindingI read the Area 51 series years ago and thought I'd give 'The Rock' a try. The scenario is very cleverly developed. The beginning of the book makes total sense in the end. The storyline kept my interest with increasing intensity, as it moved along. The ending was a huge crescendo, leaving the reader highly satisfied. This is a good book. I won't forget this one!

    14. Enjoyed the very realistic portrayal of a military man caught up in a tense science fiction scenario. Bob Mayer's real-life experience as a soldier and leader in the Special Forces really comes through! This was a pretty manly-man book--which I never mind, don't get me wrong--but it also had some smart female scientist characters, which I always love. A fun, exciting read!

    15. Bob Mayer writing as Robert Doherty has written in "The Rock" a action thriller science fiction mystery. Two nuclear bombs are stolen and one is set off in a gold mine miles underground. That and what is believed to be a alien radio transmission sets off events that just may save the world and everyone on it.

    16. The Rock will stay with me for the characters and some of the imagery. Truth be told, I'm still not sure how much I actually like this book - I definitely kept coming back to it and wanted to finish it. But I wasn't grabbed much by the characters. I guess the mystery of it all just worked well to lure me and keep me.

    17. Strange and ConfusingI found the build-up to be lengthy and confusing with jumping around from place to place. I had the feeling that the problem would not be resolved and would have to get a second book to find the ending. That's why I was surprised when things came together in such a rush to the end. So, it was an ok story, but I'll not read more from this author.

    18. This was another freebie via Bookbub. I can't really say that all the sci held up but the fi kept going throughout and I really did want to keep going to see how things panned out.

    19. You have found the book to read. If you want meaningful relationships.? If you want action? If you like surprises? Then, you have found the book to read!

    20. Občas celkem zajímavý akční thriller s naprosto nesmyslnými sci-fi prvky. Korunu všemu nasadí cestování časem, které už dokázalo zabít i lépe rozjeté příběhy.

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