Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales

Snips Snails and Dragon Tales After years of waiting the Order of the Stick comics that first appeared in Dragon magazine have been collected in one volume Follow the print adventures of Roy Elan Haley Vaarsvuius Durkon and

  • Title: Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales
  • Author: Rich Burlew
  • ISBN: 9780976658078
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • After years of waiting, the Order of the Stick comics that first appeared in Dragon magazine have been collected in one volume Follow the print adventures of Roy, Elan, Haley, Vaarsvuius, Durkon, and Belkar as they traverse a dangerous subterranean dungeon filled with swarms of puffins, breakfast cereal mascots, and one heavily templated snail The then monthly strip wasAfter years of waiting, the Order of the Stick comics that first appeared in Dragon magazine have been collected in one volume Follow the print adventures of Roy, Elan, Haley, Vaarsvuius, Durkon, and Belkar as they traverse a dangerous subterranean dungeon filled with swarms of puffins, breakfast cereal mascots, and one heavily templated snail The then monthly strip was filled with endless roleplaying hijinks at least until it ended But now you can enjoy every published strip, along with a whole book s worth of all new goodies Check it out All 22 original The Order of the Stick strips that ran in the print version of Dragon magazine from issue 338 December 2005 to the last issue, 359 September 2007 Author commentary on the experience of creating strips for the legendary gaming publication 8 additional never before seen strips that were planned for future issues, before the magazine was canceled Edition Wars Invaders from the 4th Edition Dimension After the events of the magazine comics, our heroes are attacked by their mirror duplicates from a brand new dimension Can the Order defend their old way of life from these strangely balanced invaders Stick Tales As the Order sails toward the Western Continent, they tell stories to pass the time, including Elan and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hoodlum, and The Tragedy of Greenhilt, Prince of Denmark Classic literature, ruined in the way that only The Order of the Stick can The latest issue of the best selling The Adventures of Julio Scoundr l comic book, Julio Scoundr l and the Curse of the Mummy Queen Extra mini stories and other stuff that we haven t even mentioned yet

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    1. A great addition to the Order of the Stick series. If you don't know what that is, don't read this book. This is niche book, and I'm rating it as such. If you do read the Order of the Stick, then it is on par with the rest of Rich Burlew's work, though it is strictly superfluous. As a book of random other things Burlew has worked on while writing his main story, it is very well done and follows interesting tangents. The promises to be all about humor and no main story line, and it delivers spot [...]

    2. A funny book, and I'm glad I read it, but it just doesn't hold up to the story-driven main series. A number of short stories in comic form with no real connection fill this book. The Dragon magazine strips stand out for being more heavily about mechanics than the rest of them, but overall, everything is decently well written and funny. The standout for me was Roy's version of Hamlet at the end of the book - probably my favorite part, and definitely a great high note to end on.

    3. A nice OOTS book if you are an OOTS fan. Otherwise, not remarkable.The book is composed of a lot of independent story, in and out of canon, such as "what if the OOTS met their 4th edition D&D counterparts?". The stories are nice if you already know the characters and the world. But if you aren't invested in the OOTS, it would probably be better to read the online comic first.

    4. Julio Scoundrel. A nice enough story, and occasionally funny, but not really what I'm reading an Order of the Stick comic for [6/10].The Dragon Strips. Rich correctly susses out that we've bought this book for the Dragon strips. They remain amusing, and the eight new ones fit right in with the style and "storyline". The last couple of strips, remembering an awesome magazine that WotC decided to gut, are still great [7/10].4e. The 4e strips were unfortunately not as funny as I'd hoped. It's mostl [...]

    5. Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales collects various Order of the Stick Material not related to the main strip / story. It stands completely alone and doesn't affect events in the rest of the OotS collections. This is the third "print-only" OotS book, featuring material not available on the website.As with the other print-only collections, this trade is in greyscale due to cost concerns (except for 2) below, which were from a color magazine and have been reproduced that way).It contains:1) Julio Sco [...]

    6. Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales collects together Order of the Stick strips that are not connected to the storyline of the online web comic. It includes the complete run of strips from the back of Dragon magazine as well as a number of new strips - a series of strips detailing the Order's encounters with their 4th edition counterparts and a series of fractured fairy tales with the Order's members as the main characters making up the bulk of the collection. Overall, a very funny collection - the [...]

    7. This is an Order of the Stick book, but not in standard continuity. The heart of it is the 22 strips that he did for Dragon magazine, which had little internal continuity, owing to the new reader problem -- except for the last three, which are a lament on the magazine's death. (One appears in the original form for the first time; the Wizards of the Coast disapproved of it.)So, he added more filler. A Julio Scoundrel tale. Some bonus strips for the Dragon ones -- and a segue into a tale where the [...]

    8. Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tails is more a curiosity than anything else. It collects all of the comics written for Dragon magazine before its demise, and like the previous two collections, nothing in those strips is required to understand the ongoing story in the Webcomic. Since there were only 30 of those strips, he padded out the rest of the book with some one-shot stories, one-page gag strips, and other content that don't really belong in the OotS canon. I liked a good bit of it, but what make [...]

    9. While jokes about game mechanics have always been a part of The Order of the Stick webcomic, the author has always done a good job of finding a balance in the ongoing series. Jokes are just as likely to be made about the personality traits of the main characters or the ongoing plotline as they are to be made about system mechanics.This book is not as balanced. Half of the book is based on game mechanics jokes, either as the collected one page one off strips that appeared in Dragon magazine or th [...]

    10. If you're not a fan of the OOTS webcomic, you should skip this. If you are, then this has a lot of good stuff. There is a collection of comics from Dragon Magazine that I hadn't seen before, and a few classic stories redone OOTS style, including fairy tales, Hamlet, and James Bond. There were a few laugh out loud funny moments, and I enjoyed reading it, but this isn't as good as some of Burlew's other work and most of the jokes are inside jokes to gamers.

    11. Entertaining, but really for diehards and completionists, the strips in this book fall more-or-less completely outside of the main web storyline. Four main parts: (1) an adventure comic book form story, (2) the collected strips from Dragon magazine, (3) an encounter between the 3.5 rules party from the strips and an alternate universe/dimension 4.0 rules party (probably the best part of the book), and (4) a retelling of some classic stories with the characters.

    12. This is a collection of "other" OOTS stories from several different sources. While I love the other OOTS books, i really struggled to even finish this one. None of these stories fit into the continuity of the regular strip, so it can be skipped. I really only recommend this to die hard fans or collectors.

    13. A hilarious collection of the standalone strips that appeared in Dragon Magazine along with other new material to fill out the book.The "Edition War" story was pretty funny, but I think the best strips are in the Stick Tales section.Heck, they're all good.

    14. I finally got my hands on this book! Burlew never fails to disappoint; I'm not sure how he manages to keep up such a high jokes-per-page density. I know next to nothing about D&D and still found the section criticizing 4E amusing. StickTales is excellent.

    15. Some of the strips from Dragon magazine were underwhelming, and the Julio Scoundrel story was just ok, but I really liked the re-told fairy tales (and Shakespeare). The 4th edition crossover was pretty fun as well.

    16. New strips not in the web? Count me in. Although I found it a bit staler than the original strips. Well, I've been a fan for so long I'd at least give this a 4 for effort.

    17. A very quick amusing read - collects all the Dragon Magazine strips, and then adds a bunch of really funny material as well. Worth it for the die-hard OoTS fan.

    18. Fun book that contains the comics from Dragon, and some bonus comics. The retelling of Hamlet was well done.

    19. A great collection of new and old OotS material. (I think I enjoyed the story with the D&D 4th Edition versions of the heroes the most.)

    20. I don't think you'd appreciate this much if you aren't already a fan of the Order of the Stick, but if you are, it's super-fun.

    21. Tales unrelated to the OOTS story, but still fun. We even got an OOTS version of Hamlet, just after we read and viewed the play.

    22. Some great pieces that use the group for other stories. Nothing in here for the main story line just some great shorts Rich put together.

    23. I had to read a page at a time just to savor it. I laughed out loud a lot at the last story. Genre, spanning, self-aware, intelligent, exciting, etc.

    24. Really enjoyed this! Material that I didn't expect; all of it funny and as well done as the online comic.

    25. Though its a standalone, it really helps to have knowledge of the charactes, so dont read this one first. Love the extra stories, quite a lot of laughs. Plus interesting commentary.

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