Snow Snow is a New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year and a Caldecott Honor Book It s snowing said boy with dog It s only a snowflake said grandfather with beard No one thinks one or two s

  • Title: Snow
  • Author: Uri Shulevitz
  • ISBN: 9780374370923
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Snow is a 1998 New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year and a 1999 Caldecott Honor Book It s snowing, said boy with dog It s only a snowflake, said grandfather with beard.No one thinks one or two snowflakes will amount to anything Not the man with the hat or the lady with the umbrella Not even the television or the radio forecasters But one boy and his dog have faSnow is a 1998 New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year and a 1999 Caldecott Honor Book It s snowing, said boy with dog It s only a snowflake, said grandfather with beard.No one thinks one or two snowflakes will amount to anything Not the man with the hat or the lady with the umbrella Not even the television or the radio forecasters But one boy and his dog have faith that the snow will amount to something spectacular, and when flakes start to swirl down on the city, they are also the only ones who know how to truly enjoy it.Uri Shulevitz playful depiction of a snowy day and the transformation of a city is perfectly captured in simple, poetic text and lively watercolor and pen and ink illustrations.

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    1. Snow is a wonderful story about a boy who is wishing for snow and believes in his heart that it's coming. With just a few snowflakes falling, the adults he runs into on the street say it's nothing, it's not enough, and it'll just melt. Will the little boy get the snow he's waiting for? We always enjoy this book because it's a simple winter story that feels so real. As a child, I was just like the little boy and couldn't wait for snow. Often times, my grandfather would say, "It's going over the l [...]

    2. Very enjoyable!I was enchanted with this book. It’s just lovely, and fun and whimsical. I loved the dog!It’s a very simple but very enjoyable story. The illustrations are fabulous.I didn’t at all need the Mother Goose characters participating; I think the story would have been better without them, but they’re okay and without them for me this book is near perfection.So much is told without words: that grandfather lives with the family, that the town has at least two bookstores, and how s [...]

    3. I love the confidence of the little boy who realizes its the beginning of the first snowfall of the season, while all the adults pooh-pooh it as just a few flakes. The town and its inhabitants have such character; this is a quick, delightful read. As my GoodReads friend Lisa said, the story and illustrations in this book are funny and comforting; a wonderful mix.

    4. This is the actual first story that I have read from popular children’s illustrator Uri Shulevitz, aside from the popular book “The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship.” “Snow” is a Caldecott Honor Book by Uri Shulevitz which is about a small boy wishing for snow in his small city. “Snow” might be a bit simplistic for some children, but snow lovers will definitely enjoy this book!The book starts off with an image of a gray city and then suddenly, one snowflake starts falling towa [...]

    5. I really like Uri Shulevitz' quirky illustrations in this one. The snowflakes, while tiny, are perfectly visible. And Shulevitz' people are very fun. My favorite is "woman with umbrella." My favorite line in the book, when it continues to snow despite predictions on the radio and televion, is: "But snowflakes don't listen to radio, snowflakes don't watch television." I didn't quite understand why the Mother Goose characters came down from the display at the Mother Goose Books bookstore to dance [...]

    6. Even storybook characters can't resist coming out to play when the white stuff turns a drab, gray village into a winter wonderland. It's easy to see why the author's illustrations won a Caldecott medal.

    7. It amazes me how something as simple as snow can change everything. The look, pace, and feel of the day! This captures that feeling perfectly—the anticipation in your heart and belly as the flakes start to float down from the sky--that something is about to happen!I loved the look of this book too. The guy with the boom box! I want him on a t-shirt ASAP! :D1/30/12

    8. **** Caldecott Honor (1999) ****A grey town turns into a wonderland for a boy and his imagination when it begins to snow. Simple and pleasant, but not very memorable.

    9. I love this children's picture book about a snowy day and the little boy and dog who enjoy it. I also love the artwork which is reminiscent of some of the picture books written and illustrated in the 1040's, 1950's and 1960's which I enjoyed as a child in the 1960's. The city and sky are quite gray and boring until the very first snowflake falls. Immediately alert, a little boy and his dog look out the window and see the snowflake. The boy dances with excitement though his grandfather says it is [...]

    10. This is an imaginative tale about a snowy day. No one believed it would snow except for "boy with dog." Fun illustrations and simple narrative that is perfect for beginning readers. We enjoyed reading this book together.This book was selected as one of the books for the February 2017- Caldecott Honors 1998-2002 discussion at the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books Group here at .

    11. We went to the library today to check out my grandson's beloved "Snow Sounds". Then he decided he wanted lots of "Snow" books and this is one the librarian found for us, along with "The Snowy Day". "Snow" is a quick book so read it slowly to your grandchildren. It's a book of anticipation, of hoping for a major snow fall from a child's point of view. The illustrations are lovely and sow is the book!

    12. This is a Caldecott Honor book, and it's easy to see why. The illustrations are amazing. It's not easy to make snow pop off the page. It's white! The illustrator and author had the brilliant concept of making the city start out as a monochromatic grey and slowly beocme blanketed in snow. The process is depicted as magical for the boy in the book but burdensome for adults -- just as it is in the real world.

    13. Having just read the children's non-fiction title, the Story of Snow this Caldecott honor book was the perfect follow up. It begins with a young boy seeing just one flake of snow and as the illustrations progress more and more flakes arrive covering the town. It is charming that the only store front sign that one can read says "Mother Goose Books". Lovely and peaceful--just like snow.

    14. This was a fun little children’s book. The way that they characters were drawn in this book were quite comical. I found myself amused at their exaggerated proportions. The story was a simple one, but one that would still amuse children. I would probably recommend this book.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2008

    15. Somber picturesow is predicted, but nobody believes it, even as snowflakes begin to appear. Very few words, and it's all in HOW you read it that makes it special.

    16. Nicely illustrated story about snow, a subject well known to the Northeastern U.S. this year. We got another 6+ inches today.

    17. 1. Book Summary in your own wordsThis is a Caldecott Honor Book. A boy and his dog are excited to see snow. No one pays attention to the snow because it is only one or two flakes. However, they pay attention once the whole city is covered.2. Grade level, interest level, lexileGrades K-23. Appropriate classroom use (subject area)This book has a theme of culture and diversity. 4. Individual students who might benefit from readingThis would be a good book for students who are different. They notice [...]

    18. Wonderful book, really captures that gloomy day that turns into a snowy day. Text is sparse and illustrations use a lot of grey. A small boy is excited about snow while the radio, TV and adults around him tell him that it won't snow. Of course, it does snow and the grey town turns into a town blanketed in bright snow.

    19. One of the things I liked about this book was the challenge of finding the snowflakes in the various spreads. The other thing I liked was that although in the beginning the skies, buildings, and people are in somewhat muted hues, as the snow falls more and more, the colors get brighter until the sun comes out and the sky is a brilliant blue against the snow. I also liked that the statues (?) from the Mother Goose Books store come to life and come dancing off of the building, and play with the bo [...]

    20. My children and I loved this book about the slow beginning of a snowstorm that builds into a steady storm. We loved the simplicity and the Russian flair (few or no articles in the sentences). I loved the initial denial by adults in the story that the snow was going to happen. I also loved the joy depicted when the city turns from grey and gloomy to bright and white with the snow. My children loved the strange magical creatures that danced off into the snow. A simple and fun joy.

    21. Whimsical story about a "boy with dog" excited about snow. The illustrations are cheerful and pretty. Even the reader joins I the boy's enthusiasm for the snow. The illustrations of the town and the characters are engaging and silly. I couldn't help but smile while reading this book. However, the addition of the Mother Goose Books' store characters joins the fray lessened my enjoyment of this book. It was a believable and relatable story until then.

    22. Great book about the beauty and excitement of the first snow. A little boy insists that it will snow as the snowflakes add up in the sky, but adults everywhere insist it will not. The gray city is transformed into a glittering palace of white. Simple text makes for a good read aloud and playful illustrations include fun not mentioned in text such as fairytale characters walking out of store showcases to play in the fresh fallen snow. Must read.

    23. Love, love, love this book. What a great, quiet example of the power of picture books. It's not only a beautiful little story, but sends an important message that it's okay to trust your own eyes and instincts — no matter what other people (or even television and radio) may say. Simple text, gorgeous drawings. A perfect little book.

    24. I loved the illustrations in this book. The story was great and had some excellent lines about snow not listening to radio or watching TV.

    25. This fellow became one of my instant favorites. Each book is like a dream that ends on an odd beat, but this only makes them linger in the mind.

    26. Booklist starred Vol. 95, No. 4 (October 15, 1998) Ages 2-4. As he did in Dawn (1974) and the Caldecott Honor Book The Treasure (1978), Shulevitz captures the small child's joyful vision, which can see a world in Blake's grain of sand--or in a snowflake. The innocent, small boy with his dog, uncluttered by adult experience, can see clearly what is happening around him. He counts each snowflake, one by one, until the world is white and the snow is everywhere. In contrast, the suave, sophisticated [...]

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