Lord Ruin

Lord Ruin Ruan Bettancourt the Duke of Cynssyr intends to marry London s most beautiful debutante A case of mistaken identity forces him to marry her sister spinster Anne Sinclair Before long he s head over

  • Title: Lord Ruin
  • Author: Carolyn Jewel
  • ISBN: 2940012245076
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Nook
  • Ruan Bettancourt, the Duke of Cynssyr, intends to marry London s most beautiful debutante A case of mistaken identity forces him to marry her sister, spinster Anne Sinclair Before long, he s head over heels in love with his wife while Anne is determined to make the best of her unwanted marriage Can Lord Ruin convince Anne he s fallen in love Cynssyr said abruptly, Do yRuan Bettancourt, the Duke of Cynssyr, intends to marry London s most beautiful debutante A case of mistaken identity forces him to marry her sister, spinster Anne Sinclair Before long, he s head over heels in love with his wife while Anne is determined to make the best of her unwanted marriage Can Lord Ruin convince Anne he s fallen in love Cynssyr said abruptly, Do you recall anything of last night, Miss Sinclair Slowly, Anne forced herself to look The duke stood unmoving, a stark and beautiful man dressed in unrelieved subfusc but for white shirt and cravat Mourning, it struck her He lacked only a crepe band about his arm to complete the resemblance The chest beneath that mourning black was broad and muscled A scar ran white and jagged along his collarbone Vividly, she saw his naked chest, could feel the heat of his skin Impossible How could she have another woman s memories Anne Sinclair could not have seen the duke of Cynssyr without a stitch of clothing.She was, she realized, staring at him as if he were some sort of oddity, a puzzle to be solved Those pure green eyes stared back Eyes of such haunting familiarity she started to shake Eyes like gems Even when she turned away, she felt his gaze on her Impossible, what her memory suggested Impossible Aldreth

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    1. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookI tried and tried to like this book but there were just too many eww-factors and my pet peeves I couldn’t ignore. More than once I wanted to DNF it. At one point I want it to end, simply end and relieve me of my misery.Ruan, the duke of Cynssyr, is a rake. Yes, one of those sparkly dukes whose lovers/mistresses are scattered there in every nook and cranny. He’s a lawyer and a detective. The book starts with him [...]

    2. It's been a while since I read this, but a friend asked for a review, so I'll do my bestI picked this one up on impulse because I love the spinster heroine motif. I admit that Ruan isn't my ideal hero since I really don't like oversexed rake heroes much (with a few exceptions). However, this book really entertained me, and probably for very shallow reasons.I have met few heroes who are as horny as Lord Ruan! My goodness. Even though this book isn't wall-to-wall sex scenes, I felt like the duke a [...]

    3. The basic set-up: plain-ish spinster Anne Sinclair injures her ankle while she and her family are houseguests of some lord who is the BFF of the rakish Duke of Cynssyr. It's decided Anne needs quiet and laudanum for the pain, but the problem is there's a full house - the only unoccupied room is that of the not-yet-arrived to the party Cynssyr, so that's where they decide to put a doped up Anne. Cynssyr arrives in the wee hours when the household is abed, and heads straight for his room (he alway [...]

    4. DNF 40 %. This book did not make a favourable impression from the start. The hero, Lord Ruan, who arrived at a house party intending to woo the spinster heroine's very young sister instead enthusiastally took the heroine's virginity. The heroine, Anne, was a less enthusiastic and active participant on account that she was practically rendered unconscious by laudanum following an injury. It was short of rape however because she was revived transiently enough to orgasm and give the hero some serio [...]

    5. My first thoughts about this book were that it had a lot of promise but wasn't coalescing into a cohesive whole. My last thoughts were that it was just a hot mess. The plot was hard to follow, the writing was awkward, and I couldn't understand why Anne, who already had one desirable man in love with her, flatly refused to believe her husband's affection. There seemed to be a lot of missing background info that might have made sense of it all. Two stars mainly for him finding her glasses sexy.

    6. I've given this a C- for narration and B- for content at AudioGals, so I'm leaving it at 3 stars here.I was really pleased to learn, a couple of weeks back, that Carolyn Jewel was venturing into the world of audiobooks with one of her best known titles, Lord Ruin. I confess to having a bit of a soft spot for Ruan and Anne, even though I recognise that the story is unevenly paced at times, as this was one of the first historical romances I read.Ruan Bettancourt, the Duke of Cynssyr (and yes, ther [...]

    7. If you like angst-ridden, devastatingly gorgeous, over-sexed, wicked, wicked, naughty, naughty heroes paired with over-looked, sensible, steel-spined heroines, then this book is for you. Throw in a really quite engaging element of suspense, and it's a fabulous read.I really appreciate it when publishers and authors make older books available in kindle format, and I could personally kiss whomever decided to market this book electronically!What I liked about this one:- The hero - he's just great. [...]

    8. What is it with Ms Jewel and the endings in her books I wonder? I only read two books of hers. the other being Scandal, and both were amazing until a few pages before the end. At that point the heroine becomes hardheaded, obstinate and stubborn and drives me out of my mind for ruining such a perfect story!Well, up to the ending, I loved this surprisingly very sensual story. A marriage of convenience between two people who for once, decide to deal with it practically and amicably instead of yelli [...]

    9. What a delight to read a romance novel that doesn't make you wait till 70% before the sex scene.The love making starts off from the get-go and the hero (Cynssyn) keeps coming back for more all they way through the bookI loved it!!! This one if a keeper!!! They are forced to marry after being caught in a compromising situation. He didn't want to marry (especially a spinster)d she thought she loved another. Yet once they are married, he is mystified by his ease of talking to her about anything/eve [...]

    10. 3 1/2 stars. Closer to four than 3. A little slow paced, but overall a decent love story. It was a little uneven in places, but I really liked the hero. I got a little frustrated because Ruan (Ruin) was never given the benefit of the doubt by his wife or friends that he could actually care about Anne. He was consistent in his treatment of her even though the marriage started out in an unconventional way to say the least.I think the characters were drawn well and there the author seemed to have a [...]

    11. For most of the book, I tried to convince myself that Lord Ruan isn't(surely he isn't?) the most worthless, creepy and insincere hero I've ever come across. Even calling him a hero seems wrong to me. You can create a character who is absolutely immoral and sinful, but that character needs to become a better person by the end of the story for me to consider him a rightful hero.But we have to witness his transformation to believe it, right? I wouldn't for a second believe that this type of transfo [...]

    12. The story never engaged me because the heroine was one I really could not understand. The author failed to write enough of the heroine's internal thoughts on the page and provided to much insight with the hero to the effect that the hero seemed self-centered and weak and the heroine distant and without any will to reject any of what the hero puts her though which is a lot. He was absolutely cruel to her and only thought about his own pleasure especially during the sex. He had no respect for her [...]

    13. This is more like 3.5 stars but I'm rounding up because I have a Jewel soft spot. I kind of have to start with the sex because, oh boy, is there a lot of it. It starts with the hero taking the heroine's virginity in about the first 10% (she's drugged up on laudanum - he doesn't realise). I mean, the average romance has maybe(?) three 'scenes', this one has tons (I wasn't formally counting but in the region of 10 to 15?). And Jewel is good at sex. Despite their number they all worked well for me [...]

    14. 3-and-a-half-stars, really. I liked it, but there was something about it I can't quite put my finger on that stops me from giving it 4 or 5 stars. It was well-written and there was an interesting sub-plot about there being a serial-killer/rapist on the loose; the characters were well-defined and the sex-scenes were hot, but still, there was something about the writing, perhaps, that meant it didn't quite gel for me.That said though, I did enjoy it and would definitely consider a re-read sometime [...]

    15. Ugh, the description I read of this was something like, "accidentally end up in bed together" and I wish I'd known that meant, "one of those books where he assumes she's a prostitute and has sex with her!" (She is drugged on medicine and goes along with it, but is hardly in any shape to consent.)Anyway, I was already uncomfortable with the setup. (The heroine and the hero's best friend want each other!) And then it never really recovered for me from the setup.

    16. Well,it started out very strong but I couldn't seem to make it all the way through. Once they were married and both the H and h started hunting for a serial killer or something I went into a trance. Keep it simple. If I wanted to read a crime and/or mystery book, I would.If you've read it and think it's worth it for me to finish, please let me know!

    17. Hate to admit it but the other reviewers were right!It lacked depth, plot and everything in betweenDNF at who-the-heck-cares

    18. 3.25/5; 3 stars; BI always enjoy the books by Carolyn Jewel. I think this is the first historical romance I've read by her, the others were all PNR/fantasy type books. Anyway, I enjoyed many of the characters in this story, including Anne, Ruan, Emily, Benjamin, Devon and Thrale. However, I did think there were quite a few holes and plot inconsistencies that struck me as odd so I couldn't bump the rating up to 4 stars. I have to question Ruan on this. (view spoiler)[ When he bedded Anne the firs [...]

    19. I thought I would really like this one but for some reason I just couldn't really get into it.Anne (h) knew she shouldn't sleep in Lord Ruins (H) room but they had assured her that he wouldn't be arriving that night.Plus she really needed a place to sleep off the laudanum that the doctor gave her for her twisted ankle. Oh my and what dreams that laudanum gave her! What was Ruan (H) supose to think when he arrived at his friends house and found a woman in his bed. That his friend gave him a whore [...]

    20. The Duke of Cynssyr, often referred to as "Lord Ruin", is a total rake. He has no intention of ever falling in love so he decides to mary the most beautiful woman available. Well, Lord Ruin in true rake form kinda gets himself in a pickle and ends up marrying another.Anne is a tall blond beauty that goes unnoticed due to her spectacles, drab clothes, and she's also a spinster at the tender age of 24. Anne is smart, savvy, innocent and loyal. Needless to say, Lord Ruin is out matched and unprepar [...]

    21. Not really a fan of the "Oops, sorry I mistook you for a willing participant when we had sex last night, but glad we're ok because there's just something about you that I can't live without".Then I felt bad for Devon through a lot of the story and that's not right if you kind of want him to be the hero instead of the guy who is the hero, right?I had some confusion about the romance (which I can't even really explain what I found confusing) and the hero always seemed to just handle everything by [...]

    22. I don't know about this one. While I appreciate that Cynssyr wanted to shag his wife at every opportunity, I felt her character wasn't developed enough. There wasn't enough told from Anne's POV for me to actually like her and understand her as a character. Same goes for Cynssyr. My recipe would be: more character development, less crime drama, but keep the same amount of getting jiggy.Also, you're going to jump into your husband's arms and finally tell him you love him after he just casually ask [...]

    23. I enjoyed Jewel’s writing, but I realized halfway through the book that I didn’t like any of the story’s characters. What I did like is that the characters were fully developed. I may not have liked them, but they did have character, and the there were a lot of hot love scenes that I think were well written. There was also a mystery subplot thrown in involving a murder/rapist adducting women that Raun was tasked with investigating. I really felt this plot could, and should, have been left [...]

    24. Pretty good story. The love scenes were a little more graphic than I expected and I was a little disappointed in who the villain turned out to be since I kinda liked the person. But it was surprising, so I can't complain about the suspense. The characters were all very likable and I wonder if there are (or will be) stories involving certain minor characters. :o)

    25. Sybil has been telling me for years to read this book. She was right, it was good. The heroine started to annoy me toward the end with all her whining and wishy-washy behavior. But overall I thought this was a wonderfully written historical romance.

    26. I totally loved this book! I could barely put it down! What a surprise, I wish there were a sequel!ktleyed/2009/11/l

    27. Confusing plot, underdeveloped charactersis had potential and there were moments I liked, but overall it was kind of a mess.

    28. I read this on a recommendation from a friend and I wasn't sure I wanted to continue after the hero (irritatingly named Cynssyr -- pronounced Sincere) mistakenly had sex with the virgin heroine thinking she was a whore gifted to him by his host. Even more unbelievable was the virgin heroine's response while she was laying in bed with a badly twisted ankle and heavily medicated with laudnum. A blow job? Really? Setting my initial misgivings aside, I forged ahead and I'm glad I did. The romance wa [...]

    29. When I read the description of this book, I thought it was exactly what I would want to read. but then I read some reviews, which were lukewarm at best and was not sure if I would not end up disappointed. I am so glad, I still read it the beginning we meet Anne, who is a spinster and in love with Devon, but her father forbid the marriage. now the Devon has come into a title, he is more suitable and there is some hope. but then due to some, lets just say, misunderstandings Anne has to marry Ruan, [...]

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