Dear Lady

Dear Lady Dear Mary New Prospects Montana is nothing like England so terrifying and beautiful at the same time and much larger than I dared imagine when you and I first embarked on our adventures in the New

  • Title: Dear Lady
  • Author: Robin Lee Hatcher
  • ISBN: 9780310230830
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dear Mary,New Prospects, Montana, is nothing like England so terrifying and beautiful at the same time, and much larger than I dared imagine when you and I first embarked on our adventures in the New World I have had the good fortune of becoming the town s schoolmistress Young Janie Steele is as precious as I imagined from her letters As for her father, Garret SteeleDear Mary,New Prospects, Montana, is nothing like England so terrifying and beautiful at the same time, and much larger than I dared imagine when you and I first embarked on our adventures in the New World I have had the good fortune of becoming the town s schoolmistress Young Janie Steele is as precious as I imagined from her letters As for her father, Garret Steele Oh, I feel like such a fool I ve run halfway around the world to escape a man I loathed, only to discover I m losing my heart to a man still in love with the wife he buried The mayor, kind man, has been most attentive But I wish he were someone else I wish he were Garret.With affection,Your friend Beth WellingtonIn the big sky country of Montana, the past doesn t always stay buried Circumstances have a way of forcing secrets into the open, sometimes bringing hearts together in unlikely ways, and sometimes tearing them apart Dear Lady is Book One in the Coming to America series about women who come to America to start new lives Set in the late 1800s and early 1900s, these novels by best selling author Robin Lee Hatcher craft intense chemistry and conflict between the characters, lit by a glowing faith and humanity that will win your heart.

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    1. Great " immigration " story and I found suspenseful at times. It's hard not to get imagine it being you, especially if this experience exists in your personal history.Read before Good Reads or Internet was in my hands.

    2. When I spotted the Coming to America series by Robin Lee Hatcher, I was excited, thinking that one of my favorite authors just put out something new. I later learned that this was a slightly updated edition of her earlier work in the general romance market. As such, I think I could see areas where she has grown as a writer, parts that seemed a bit more choppy, for example. Even so, I can see how these characters and their stories still hold such charm for Hatcher and her readers. A English woman [...]

    3. This is a quick read or else I couldn't put it down or didn't have anything to do for the dayIt's a book that reminds me when we judge people that come into our life by others that have hurt us or done us wrong, visit those sins of others on them, and generally miscommunicate. Times were different in those days compared to the society we live in now. This is the first in a trilogy, whatever happens to Beth's friends???

    4. Dear Lady is the first book of a four book series. The best thing about this book is that it stands alone as a complete and satisfying book for those of us who love to read a good love story. The book has conflict, tension, troubles and confusion layered in and around the heroine and hero.

    5. Love this first book in the Coming to America series. This story is all about getting over past hurt and fear in order to love again. The characters were complex yet endearing. I liked the audiobook version and had a hard time putting it down. Looking forward to the next book in the series!

    6. Such a good book! Enough to make it not just like every other easy romance read, but still gave you those warm feelings. Definitely couldn’t put it down!!

    7. 4.5 starsI really loved this one. Lady Elizabeth Wellington, who, upon coming to America is just going by "Miss Beth Wellington", goes to Montana to escape from her totally evil betrothed. She's been corresponding to a girl in America, Janie Steele, whose mother's dad and her dad were friends (or some such Jerry Springer-like connection). Anyway, Janie mentioned in a letter than her school teacher had left and they didn't have anyone to teach them so she's like, "Hey! I'll do that!" So she goes [...]

    8. Though there are some parts of this story that are predictable, it remains a heartwarming story. Beth's character is strong and endearing, and she grows up a lot in the few months she lives in New Prospects. I was surprised at her strength. Having gone through so much I would expect some emotional baggage but she squares her shoulders and moves on. Admirable. Garrett bounced around between annoying and charming for me. There were plenty of times I wanted to shake him and tell him that past hurts [...]

    9. If you like historical romances best you get in line for this one! Dear Lady is Book One in the Coming to America series created by Robin Lee Hatcher. The series will feature three very different women who come to America to begin new lives for themselves. Set in the late 1800s and early 1900s readers will find a bit of history, some mystery and, of course, love. Book One introduces Beth Wellington who came from England to the big sky country of Montana - what a change! As she writes to a friend [...]

    10. Lady Elizabeth Wellington has come from a priveledged life, but refuses to marry who her father has matched her with because he is mean and she doesn't love him. She runs away to america from england to hopefully become a schoolmarm to one of her friends, Janie who lives in montana. Once she has arrived there she finds a welcome only from Janie and mr. Owen Simpson, who is the banker and a majority holder on the school board and who is also smitten with her and determined to get her to be his wi [...]

    11. The adjectives that pop into my mind when thinking about this book is cheesy and cliche. It reminded me of the typical romance novel, but the story was a little different. Beth and Garret fell in love so quickly it made me want to roll my eyes. They had only spoken a few words to each other and already they were in love. Also, like most typical historical romance novels, the three main characters were in danger in some way and it made the other character realize that they loved them. That's why [...]

    12. What is a noble lady to do, when she finds herself alone in England expected to marry a man, who enjoys causing pain? What else, travel to America and begin a new life. So begins the journey of Lady Elizabeth Wellington. Her family gone, she travels the world with the hopes of teaching in Montana. Robin Lee Hatcher always gives you great read. She is a wonderful storyteller and always centers her books on truth. There is an underlying story of old hurts and healing that must take place. We all h [...]

    13. The setting is what drew me to this story. I've always enjoyed these kinds of tales. Beth's past in England was interesting and made her a unique addition to her new community. What I liked best was the relationship between Beth and Janie, it was very sweet. The characters in this story seem pretty human, they cover a wide range of personalities, and as a reader I appreciated that. I really disliked Owen's pushing Beth to marry him, it was annoying, though probably pretty accurate for some peopl [...]

    14. I enjoyed it, but it seemed a bit fragmented to me. The characters seemed to change too quickly, and I felt like I was reading about 2 different people by the end. Perhaps that was the authors' intention, but regardless of their changes of heart, they still should have remained the same at the core. The little girl and other supporting characters did, just not the hero and heroine. I enjoyed it enough to read the next in the series, which also had similar issues. I don't think I will get the 3rd [...]

    15. I loved this book! It was easy to imagine myself as the main character in the book, and was a welcome escape as I sat in the hospital with my daughter and read as she slept. Thank you, Robin Lee Hatcher, for creating this well-written tale that became a well-needed diversion for me in our time of need.

    16. A three minus. The first of a series. Three young women leave Europe for America. This deals with a titled lady who runs away from an arranged marriage to find her own way in Wyoming. She decides to become a school teacher. A very trite theme and I could have used some variation on that theme. However, it was still pretty good, enough I'll probably look up the next one sometime.

    17. I enjoyed the story. A bit dramatic and predictable, but I am a sucker for romance. Particularly enjoyed the fact that it did not have gratuitous sex. I like Robin Lee Hatcher's Christian oriented books as well. This is not my first Robin Lee Hatcher book and will not be my last. I listened to this book on audio and really enjoyed the narrator. She did a good job.

    18. The Coming to America series was birthed in my imagination the day I stood in the large building on Ellis Island, looking at the passenger logs with the names of people from Ireland, Sweden, England, and more. My Swedish great-grandparents came to America in 1868, and I have often pondered the courage needed to begin that journey. I loved writing these stories. They felt very personal to me.

    19. great read. though not as overt in other books, themes of faith, trust and forgiveness are the undercurrent in this novel. I was especially intrigued by the comparison's between the villages in the main character's home province of England and her new hometown of New Prospects. Montana. A nice light read prefect for a snowy day

    20. This was a wonderful book of ladies journey from England to escape unwanted marriage to Montana. She was satisfied with her position until she met a man who never wanted to marry again. yet she learned that she does want kids & family. Very interesting turn of events makes this book very enjoyable.

    21. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the others in the series. I enjoyed reading how Elizabeth adapted to life in Montana after years of living a pampered life in England. This book is a good reminder of the dangers of gossip and judging others unfairly.

    22. This was an book about a gal who fled England from an abusive guy who her father wanted her to marry. She came to Montana and faced acceptance and predjudice in finding her way in the new land. It was interesting to see how she handled situations that came to her.

    23. An inspirational story with charming characters for a relaxed and enjoyable easy read. The unique story has a a few twists that unfold into a predictable but happy ending. A story that just makes you feel good after reading it.

    24. We think you might enjoy this historical romance about a rancher and his young daughter and the woman she’s been writing letters to. As inspirational fiction, it doesn't have any of the content you object to.

    25. I really like Robin Lee Hatcher's style of writing. She doesn't draw things out longer than they need to be, she's pretty straight foward an to the point. This book was typical of that. I really liked Dear Lady, it moved quickly along, the beginning middle and end were fast paced and interesting.

    26. First in Coming to America series about a young British woman who comes to Montana to escape an arranged marriage. Sweet, romantic, easy and enjoyable Christian historical romance that just makes you feel good after reading it.

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