The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy

The Iron Admiral Conspiracy NOTE This Kindle edition is no longer available on and has been replaced by ASIN B I OGEYPolitics Hatred Star systems on the brink of war A species under threat of extinction from a deadly virus Ex

  • Title: The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy
  • Author: Greta van der Rol
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • NOTE This Kindle edition is no longer available on and has been replaced by ASIN B00I90OGEYPolitics Hatred Star systems on the brink of war A species under threat of extinction from a deadly virus.Ex Admiral Chaka Saahren goes undercover to discover the truth Systems Engineer, Allysha Marten, takes one last job to rid her of debts and her cheating husband On TNOTE This Kindle edition is no longer available on and has been replaced by ASIN B00I90OGEYPolitics Hatred Star systems on the brink of war A species under threat of extinction from a deadly virus.Ex Admiral Chaka Saahren goes undercover to discover the truth Systems Engineer, Allysha Marten, takes one last job to rid her of debts and her cheating husband On Tisyphor, deadly secrets about the past explode, as Allysha and the undercover agent scramble to prevent the coming holocaust and xenocide.When the ex Admiral s identity is revealed, she must come to terms with her feelings for a man she thinks caused the death of innocent civilians, including her father.In a race against time, Allysha must set aside her conflicted emotions and trust a man she barely knows Saahren must convince the woman he loves to find the truth as he once assumes his position as The Iron Admiral.

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    1. This book was kind of a guilty pleasure, actually. It is a SF/Romance, which is already SO hard to pull off, and it looks like it's self-published from the looks of it, but I actually kind of enjoyed it in a REALLY simplistic way. "Girl falls for man she thinks is enemy" is a good plot I enjoy, and the heroine was a kind of too-perfect character but I dug her being so gifted with the hacking thing. Did I believe the hero was actually one of the most ruthless generals in the universe? Nah. Was it [...]

    2. Anthology - part of Nebula Nights: Love Among The StarsI liked the beginning, I liked the fast pace and then it slowed down so incredibly much that I read another book in the meantime. The ending felt incomplete. **1/2

    3. Plenty of potential lost in the murky waters of "genre mixing", not good enough (for me) to be Sci-Fi, way too absurdly quick to be a believable love story. The lack of an ending doesn't make the love any more real. (He falls for her the moment he sees her.) Pity, there could have been a good story here.

    4. Greta van der Rol’s The Iron Admiral – Conspiracy is the first Scifi book I have liked in the past ten years. I’ve read Scifi since I was a kid. Lem, Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke and Bradbury filled my teen years too and well into adulthood, but then I found myself falling off the genre. For example, everyone touted Ender’s Game as something that everyone should read, but I dropped it halfway through. Since then I have taken up Scifi with lukewarm results.Now, however, I picked up Greta van [...]

    5. What I liked:Excellent world building, technology, and I love the non-human Ptorix - a concept underdone in the SFR I've read so far. I especially enjoyed the alien planet Tisyphor with its deadly fauna and interesting flora, and the almost poetic descriptions of Ptorix architecture, plus the complex, well-thought out politics and inevitable friction between two species (bearing in mind how difficult it is for human beings alone to get along with one another as it is). And while I didn't buy the [...]

    6. Nice science fiction adventure with a side dish of aliens. The back story on the characters is piecy so why they feel or act the way they do has to be put together slowly.The romance was sweet but unbelievable--he wants to instantly marry her (even though she already is). The heroine is naive and is ill used by many, but mostly her husband. I was disappointed she didn't divorce him immediately after his adultery. It also made the romance between the wife and the hero very uncomfortable. Infideli [...]

    7. Conspiracy was a fast-paced scifi adventure romance that would be comfortable rubbing covers on the shelf with Lois Bujold and Anne McCaffrey. It hit the exact note I want in a book like this--rollicking escapism with a sound conclusion. Looking forward to the next one.

    8. Interesting, but the admiral seemed more like a green boy than a man, as did the heroine quite frequently. I was a bit squicked out by his weird insta love professions and obsession with marriage.

    9. DNF - wasn't anything special, and then we were introduced to the hero. Who turns out to be a super creeper (view spoiler)[(obsessing about the heroine much?!) (hide spoiler)], so immediate put down, squick factor to the max :(

    10. I hope I didn't pay more than .99 for this. Insta-love, insta-marriage proposal, TSTL heroine and I just can't finish it.

    11. This book was way fun, but dang it, I didn't know before I began that it was not a complete volume unto itself. I read, fully expecting there to be resolution at the end, and when I came to the last page, I was yelling "NOOOOOOOO!" which the author probably heard in Australia.Anyway, I am now salivating for book two. This is one of the beauties of a trilogy or series. I don't know why some people are so set against them. I like them. Of course, if it takes an author ten years to come out with bo [...]

    12. How to describe Iron Admiral? Sci-fi? Absolutely. Romance? Yep. Adventure? Another yep. This is a quick read (the kind you pick upd then don’t put down until done!), fast-paced with loads of action and changes and scenery.Iron Admiral is also cleverly constructed, the details of other worlds, politics and races woven throughout to create a synergy of backstory and tale that never feels contrived (I am somewhat in awe of that!). World descriptions are good, with everything the reader needs with [...]

    13. I read this because said if you liked Dark Deeds (which I loved) then they also suggest this one. This feature is not working as well for me as it has in other genres and I have been trying hard to be on an alien kick.I didn't like how our hero immediately thinks he loves this woman and says it out loud and to himself often after he first meets her. I think he should have started with thoughts of her attributes (which she has many) like when he first sees her "She's beautiful" or like after she [...]

    14. Allysha is in an unhappy marriage to a scheming drunkard named Sean. Unfortunately, she has to do one more job with him to assure that any debts he’s created don’t follow her.She and Sean are human, but live amongst ptorax, a blue, furred people with writhing tentacles at the end of four arms, currently demonstrating against the humans among their midst.The job on Tisyphor wouldn’t be hard work and is away from the demonstrations. It also would see her financially free of Sean and the goon [...]

    15. The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy tells the story of Allysha Marten, information systems guru extraordinaire, as she takes off to a new mining planet with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Sean. One last job to clear his debts and she'll be free of his lying, gambling, cheating self forever. The conspiracy that she finds on this new mining world takes her by surprise, as does help from the new security officer, Brad Stone, who's really Saahren (the Iron Admiral) in disguise. Too bad Allysha hates Saahren an [...]

    16. When Allysha arrives at a new planet and a new job with her estranged husband, whom she caught cheating, she thinks it's going to be a quick job to help him out financially, and she'll be free afterwards. She couldn't be more wrong. Soon, she discovers that there is a lot more to the job than she thought, and the impications of what she finds out have deep political consequences between the humans and the alien Ptorix race. This book is also a love story between Allysha and Saahren, who is known [...]

    17. I got this as a free purchase from Barnes and Noble, and I wasn't expecting very much. In my experience, most science fiction romance stories don't have very good world-building. However, this series has been the exception to that rule. The "universe" that this story takes place in was as well thought out as many others and the story itself would have been interesting, even without the romance angle.The heroine, Allysha, was irritatingly naive at times, but considering she was very sheltered, it [...]

    18. Pros: This book had fantastic sci-fi settings, detailed alien cultures, and great intrigue. I liked the clever but naive heroine and thought the relationship with the estranged husband was well-handled.Cons: The romance was a little too much insta-love for me, and the hero Saahren was inconsistent and contradictory. Sometimes he's the competent, take-charge warrior, while other times he's the romantically inept bumbler. He seems like the good guy, the true hero, but then he acts like an ass. If [...]

    19. Not as much fun as Starheart. I think I liked Jess better than Allysha; in fact, I didn't engage with either of the main characters in Conspiracy. When it comes to wooden, unemotional men, the Iron Admiral gives Keanu Reeves and David Hasselhoff a run for their money.The plotting was solid and the author has a talent for finding great names for her planets. One thing that bugged me was the multiple uses of the phrase "main drive", and I wondered if it was Australian slang. I'm more used to the t [...]

    20. Conspiracy (The Iron Admiral #1) by Greta van der Rol – This is book one so don’t look for a nice neat ending. One thing is over but there are still a lot of issues to resolve. Allysha’s husband is still out there somewhere and she still cannot forgive the Admiral. My only problem with the book was how Admiral Saahren fell in instant love with Allysha. I did think it should have taken a little longer. I did like the no HEA in Conspiracy. There is a lot of tension and danger in Conspiracy. [...]

    21. I loved it! This is sci-fi at its best, and it certainly doesn't hurt that there's a splash of romance to make the story that much more personal. I honestly think my favorite thing about this book--and there is a LOT to choose from, what with the strong characterization, the excellent world-building, the super fun plot, the political intrigue, and all the action--is the ptorix race. The "aliens" are so well-thought-out and just fascinating. This book turns me into a fangirl. If you're into thing [...]

    22. I would call this a work of romantic science fiction for people who don't really like romance. Or science fiction romance for people who don't really like science fiction. Either way, the story is excellent, the environment is richly detailed and the characters are interesting and fun, if a bit out of the ordinary. But then again - this is supposed to stretch one's imagination in more than one way.

    23. Great book/s!!! I loved everything: the hero was perfect and the heroine was not a weeping weakling! The story was interesting and fast moving. I loved the SF: it was ineteresting and not much overwhelming. Just great balance. It has a "flavor" of McCaffrey's and Sinclair's writing; if you enjoyed them you'll sure enjoy these books!

    24. What can I say? I don't like the male lead. He's too arrogant for my taste. I definitely think Allyssha should dump him. But he's so arrogant, he just be a stalker. Sorry.Otherwise, writing is sound, SF elements are good, lead character needs a bit more spine. I'd rather the story be about her, not him.

    25. The storyline itself was somewhat enjoyable, but the romance part of it was awful. There was instalove without even the excuse of some kind of mating instinct, girlish giggling in a grown woman, and lots of stupidity to go around.Three stars, though, since I had no difficulty finishing this.

    26. Absolute stinker. Page 38 of Kindle, first speaks to main characterPage 55 of Kindle, says I love you to main character. There is no believably in this love story at all. Scifi elements are so-so, not sticking around to find out how it ends thoughStopped page 56/221

    27. Enjoyable storyEnjoyable story and wonderful serving. I very much enjoyed the world developed by the author. Her descriptions are great and make it easy to envision what she is describing. Looking forward to more.

    28. enjoyed - recommend when your feeling like a lite sci-fi, good story and world building, and a bit if romance

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