Grin and Bear It

Grin and Bear It Bear dreams of becoming a comedian His jokes are unbearably funny and he wants nothing than to make his friends laugh But Bear has a problem He has stage fright When Emmy the comic hummingbird disc

  • Title: Grin and Bear It
  • Author: Leo Landry
  • ISBN: 9781570917455
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bear dreams of becoming a comedian His jokes are unbearably funny, and he wants nothing than to make his friends laugh But Bear has a problem He has stage fright.When Emmy, the comic hummingbird, discovers Bear s jokes, Bear learns that there s than one way to achieve your dream Told in seven short chapters.

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    1. Grin and Bear It, a book about overcoming stage fright, had the unusual solution of the frightened person just becoming a writer for someone else so that he never actually had to get on stage except to get applause.While definitely realistic, not exactly the "overcoming your fears" message you would expect to be relayed. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I dislike this book. Not something I would read to my kid.Visit Scifi and Scary's Book Reviews for many other Science Fiction, Horr [...]

    2. There's nothing wrong with this book, it's just not particularly interesting. It could be considered either and easy J or an advanced easy reader. I did get a giggle out of the bear "falling asleep" at the bar after a root beer at the local "watering hole." Ha.

    3. A funny book about a bear who longs to be a comedian except for his terrible stage fright! Kids who like punny jokes will like this book.

    4. In this early chapter book, Bear dreams of becoming a stand-up comic. He wants to make his friends laugh, and share his funny jokes with the world. Unfortunately, he gets so nervous when he tries to perform them, that the punchlines don't come out right. Embarrassed, Bear runs off to the watering hole, figuring he's ruined his chances of success, but a hummingbird who aspires to perform great comedy changes his outlook when she offers to use his jokes in her act.The two main strengths of this bo [...]

    5. "What's a bear's favourite baseball team?""The Cubs!""Speaking of baseball, what's the right way to hold a bat?""By its wings!"Ha ha ha ha Bear is a funny guy, and there's nothing he wants more than to entertain his animal friends on stage, but Bear has a problem: stage fright. No matter how much he practises, the minute he gets up on stage and sees the audience, he freezes Would his dream of becoming a comedian ever come true?This super short chapter book has some adorable illustrations. The be [...]

    6. Bear dreams of becoming a comedian, but there's just one problem: Bear has stage fright. When Emmy, the comic hummingbird, discovers Bear's jokes, Bear learns that there's more than one way to achieve his dream.This is a good book read aloud for second-graders in the classroom. It would be okay for first-graders in a small setting, but second-graders will really understand the humor. This may be a bit long, but skim over Bear's dialogue of inviting his friends to Woodland Stage to save a little [...]

    7. Poor Bear is a clever writer. He comes up with all sorts of jokes and punch lines. But when it comes to getting on stage and performing the jokes, he just can't do it. After bombing out in his first stage appearance, he is mortified and drowns his sorrow in root beer. A hummingbird happens to find his list of jokes, and asks if he'd be willing to write jokes for her. A partnership is born between the two with Emmy the humingbird telling Bear's funny stories--and giving him credit for them too. T [...]

    8. How can a bear with stage fright realize his dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian? Join Bear’s friends as they come up with a creative solution to his problem. While having more words per page than most Early Readers, the narrative moves along quickly and smoothly. Frequent dialog, clever word plays, and alliteration to keep interest high. The author knows his audience and the story has an authentic voice and situations that children can understand and appreciate. The inclusion of some of Be [...]

    9. I really like this book - it's perfect for kids just learning about jokes and not quite ready for chapter books. It is an "Easy Reader" but some of the vocabulary is actually quite difficult. Little things like how confusing "does" and "does" (plural for doe) can be - especially when many children won't know the word "doe" - might make this tough to match with a good reader. However, despite those reservations, I still think it's fun and an excellent length. Maybe for those kids who are fairly s [...]

    10. Bear desperately wants to be a comedian but his stage fright keeps him from being able to make his friends laugh. When Emmy the hummingbird finds his list of jokes, Bear finds his place as a joke writer for a cute bird who enjoys performing.While I liked the easy reader style and simple sentences, this text does have sophisticated vocabulary. Recommended for young readers, with good vocabularies, in grades 1 and 2. I loved the jokes, though I have to admit they were kind of lame, and they are pe [...]

    11. This is one of those too long to be a regular picture book, vocab too advanced to be an early reader, but in the end too short to be what most of the teachers (at least at my school) are thinking of when they say "chapter book." So it will need some talking up because the right readers won't necessarily just find it on their own.That said it is cute. The shock poor Bear goes through when he tries to fulfill his dream and it doesn't work out quite like he thought it would. We've all been there, [...]

    12. Bear wants to be a comedian, but he has a bad case of stage fright. He decides to try and invites all his friends. He runs off the stage embarrassed and hides after he mixes up his punch lines. During his hiding he has a dream about a bird using his jokes, only it's not a dream. Bear ends up writing jokes for the bird to perform. Bear's friends are supportive of Bear's efforts, but ultimately Bear has to find his own happiness with his jokes, which he does.

    13. This book is a cute book to use in a classroom to get the students laughing and show them that sometimes all anyone needs is a little motivation and support. The kids can write a story about a time that they tried to do something and needed a little support to help them. Then after doing this we will read the stories aloud so that everyone can share their experiences.

    14. So my goal this year is to mark every book I read,even the picture books that I read at work. This was one of those. I liked it! The ending surprised me. It's rare in a kids' book to have someone realize that they can't achieve their dream the way they would like, and I think that's an important lesson for everyone to learn.

    15. Bear has a dream to be a comedian but one thing stands in his wayage fright. Luckily, Bear has good friends and a new friend to help him cope with his anxiety.Text is simple to read for emerging readers and engaging enough to hold their interest. Illustrations are not spectacular but are detailed enough to support the text.

    16. My six year old son and I liked this book. It's a simple chapter book, and my son LOVED the jokes. It's not so much about OVERCOMING stage fright as it is about working through it with a different solution. I liked the themes of friendship and teamwork.

    17. I'd buy it for the cover (and title) alone!In essence, it's a tribute to writers everywhere--especially the ones behind the scenes. A great addtion to any early chapter books collection. Recommended for ages 5-7.

    18. Sweet book about a bear who wants to be a comedian but suffers from stage fright and discovers his talent might be as a behind the scenes player. Good parable about differences and talents scattered with a few funny puns in birds and bear jokes. Easy chapter book.

    19. Bear wants to be a stand up comic but he gets nervous in front of a crowd. Will he be able to get up on stage and perform? The silly bear jokes and the sweet woodland creatures make for a fun read!

    20. I liked this early chapter book. Bear wants to be a comedian, but has stage fright. Luckily he teams up with a friend who does a good job of performing bear's jokes. The jokes a little lame, but I think that young readers would enjoy them.

    21. A cute story about a funny bear, who suffers from stage fright. Young kids will love Bear's corny jokes and the book has a nice message about making your dreams a reality.

    22. Very cute! I think the hummingbird is my favorite character. I imagine a great deal of effort was put into deciding the personalities of each animal character. Well done!

    23. A cute early chapter book. Young grade school kids will love the pun-filled jokes. Bear's friends cleverly help him with a work-around of his anxiety over telling jokes.

    24. This was a really cute easy read. Great story to share with kiddos to show that there is more than one solution to a problem

    25. I loved this easy reader beginning chapters. I would use it to discuss goal setting and working together as well as to introduce joke books to 1st and 2nd graders.

    26. Early chapter book readers will love this one, corny jokes and all! I liked the message of perseverance and how we sometimes need a little help from our friends.

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