Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates: Death of Spider-Man

Ultimate Comics Avengers vs New Ultimates Death of Spider Man It Is On The two most powerful super teams in the Ultimate Universe collide in the brawl of the century A misunderstanding has brought these two colossal teams to blows and their battle may just spell

  • Title: Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates: Death of Spider-Man
  • Author: Mark Millar Leinil Francis Yu
  • ISBN: 9780785152729
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It Is On The two most powerful super teams in the Ultimate Universe collide in the brawl of the century A misunderstanding has brought these two colossal teams to blows and their battle may just spell the end for the Ultimate world Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu bring you the story that everyone will be talking about.Collecting Ultimate Comics Avengers vs New UltiIt Is On The two most powerful super teams in the Ultimate Universe collide in the brawl of the century A misunderstanding has brought these two colossal teams to blows and their battle may just spell the end for the Ultimate world Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu bring you the story that everyone will be talking about.Collecting Ultimate Comics Avengers vs New Ultimates 1 6

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    1. One of the things I’ve liked about Marvel’s Ultimate universe is the way that the rise of super powered people plays out in terms of politics. The creation of Captain America during World War II kicked off an arms race that has resulted in decades of efforts to create another super soldier and inadvertently led to the rise of the post-humans and mutants. In the Ultimate world, America has kept its edge with super humans largely due to the efforts of Nick Fury in his former role as director o [...]

    2. A small corner of the Universe now makes a lot more sense. Well, someone else's Universe. Specifically Marvel Comic's Ultimate Universe.Say you've found out that top agents defending the world against threats were selling secrets to the enemy? And suppose they had found that you were selling secrets. It's an all-out war of Ultimate vs. Ultimate, with the unaffiliated caught in the crossfire, and Spider-Man caught in the cross-hairs!

    3. Maybe I'm not as well-versed in the Ultimate universe as I need to be, maybe Millar doesn't care about providing back story and is only concerned with writing "kewl" scenes, or maybe this was just a bad effort all-around. You're dropped into the story with the expectation that you'll know exactly what is going on and how all of the characters got into the places they were for the plot to be where it's at (seriously, there's no setup, you're just dropped right in). Even just a one-page recap woul [...]

    4. Absolutely brilliant! Mark Millar shows us again why he is a force in this genre. There are enough twists in this graphic novel to keep Marvel fans debating for weeks! More importantly, they are *plausible* twists, not the soap opera melancholy that has become fashionable these days (where everyone is a double agent and/or is dating everyone else). There are two surprises in the ending and the writer gives enough space for multiple superheroes to be featured. A true classic.

    5. I definitely liked this two book series.I read the first one not knowing what to expect, and I read the second one a day later not knowing it was the sequel.Funny how things work out that way.It was a great series. Well written. Terrific graphics. The art to color was really fantastic.I enjoyed how almost every superhero was brought into the fray, well, my favorite, anyway.I figured how can you go wrong with the Punisher, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Blade, Thor, Fury and Captain America?Where the firs [...]

    6. In my previous post, I had mentioned how Mark Millar's Millarworld comprises some of the most sickening comics you'll ever read (there might be worse, Millar's are certainly the worst that I've ever read). However, the work that he's done for Marvel and DC is more toned down compared to his own comics.That doesn't mean that he doesn't push the envelope when it comes to superheroes. His take on Superman in Red Son remains one of the best Superman adaptations, despite the fact that the 'Boy Scout' [...]

    7. By far the most confusing and over-the-top arc of the Ultimate Avengers series, this was basically Mark Millar doing some of the set-up for the franchise’s second relaunch, the Ultimates series written by Hickman (Nick Fury back in charge, Triskelions in foreign countries, the elimination of characters created solely for this run, like Tyrone Cash and Gregory Stark). But, in retrospect, maybe Millar was trying too hard to razzle & dazzle. The end product was kind of a mess. Yet despite tha [...]

    8. Here's the thing with Mark Millar's run on the Ultimates/Avengers line - if you've liked it thus far, you'll like this also, and vice versa. The only thing I will say is that it's not as good as previous volumes, I'm thinking of when Ghost Rider was out to assassinate the Vice President or when Cap became a vamp and it was up to Blade to take him down. In this final volume we see the death of a couple of characters, one of them major, and if you've been paying any attention to comics news recent [...]

    9. What? Just what the hell is going on with these teams and varying allegiances? I don't know if it's the poorly laid-out action, or it's just the writing - but wow, is this hard to follow. In fact, I'd call it a mess but I'm sure Millar has some tidy explanation at the end. Once the plot comes "together", here's where it feels like Millar is trotting out his Authority ideas again, looking rather pro-fascist as I've noticed lately. I can't say I enjoyed this read - it more felt like Required readi [...]

    10. The thing that I originally loved about the Ultimate Universe was that while no one was safe, it never felt like decisions were made for the sake of shock value. Here, I don't feel that way at all. Its also terribly misleading to call this "Death Of Spider-Man" because there are about six panels with Spidey. Now, those six are important, but that could've been handled in his book. Millar does a decent job of spy versus spy action here but Hulked out versions of other characters has never been a [...]

    11. This was a pretty good end to the Ultimate Avenger's line. It felt a lit like Millar was trying to clean up the mess that Ultimate Avengers had been, especially by killing off some of the lamer characters introduced during the series run. My biggest problem with the whole Ultimate Avengers run was it didn't really feel like a Ultimate title, it felt more like a mainstream title. This volume really felt like ti was trying to bring the tone back to where it was, with more realism and world politic [...]

    12. One of the things I have liked about the Ultimate universe is clean canon and consistency. But honestly Ultimate has gotten out of control too. Tony Stark has a brother, well if so why wasn't this mentioned in Ultimate Iron Man, or was that just a different alternate version of Ultimate Tony. So as the title says Spider-Man dies. A character who was key to this universe, who has more issues than the Ultimates, dies off screen and with no key moment. Amateur move! I wanted to like this so much, a [...]

    13. This is the first Ultimate book by Millar I've read since Ultimates 2 (and even that was quite a while ago). It felt like I was missing parts of the story at times. I've only read this now because it's included in The Death of Spider-man omnibus. I guess it's kind of cool how the two stories connect, even if it's just for a couple of pages. Also, I wasn't very keen on the group of Hulk'd up heroes. But, fall all the faults the story as, it's a damn pretty book.

    14. An engrossing tie-in to the Death of Spider-man event, this is really a standalone tale that happens to take place around the same time. Leinil Yu's art is typically great, and Millar's writing is slightly more restrained than it has been on this title in the past, which means it's still way over-the-top but not completely batsh*t insane.A fun ride, and the kind of read you can't put down until the end. Exactly what you want from a Millar/Yu team up.

    15. Mark Millar is awesome because he gets away with being so subversive!And we love him for it. And because he is so good, he gets paired up with excellent artists.He dropped a few idea-eggs, that he then hatched before they had time to grow, leaving some possibilities to be developed later ?

    16. Help me, I've developed a positive opinion of Ults and now I care what happens to these horrible people! Captain America's still a jerk, but he's deeply unhappy! I don't want everyone to die.This would be the one where Peter Parker dies and Tony's brother Greg is kind of evil. It's a lot of fun.what happened to me?

    17. This is one of the first times I've read Millar's work that didn't want to make me gouge my eyes out. Story was basic and predictable but I didn't hate it which is more than I can say for Civil War or that fustercluck Ultimatum.

    18. Interesting incorporation of current politics into the Ulitmates-verse (I don't know if this is normal in the storyline). Giant people will never not be fun to see depicted, especially rising from underneath the earth.

    19. The story was just ok. Getting sick of the villain always being a relative of some other character. The real world doesn't always work out that way. The art is great tho!!!

    20. Parts of this make for a good story. But it probably still moves too quickly. And the tie in to Spider-Man is a clear indicator that Spider-man sells and this wasn't expected to.

    21. An excellent conclusion to Millar’s Ultimate Avengers run with great, brutal stories that go hand-in-hand with his earliest Ultimates work.

    22. I read this without reading the stories inbetween the second collection and this one.Definitely makes me want to read them.

    23. I expected a more dramatic ending for Spiderman. I liked the behind the scenes corruption with Stark's brother. But some parts were filled with boring dialogue.

    24. Edición en castellano de la interna ultimática más violenta desde Ultimates vs X-Men para acá. ¡¡Las consecuencias de la muerte de Peter Parker no se hacen esperar!!

    25. This book is like doing mental gymnastics! The story is so fantastical, it'll make your head spin -- in a good way ;-)

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