Metamora: Or, the Last of the Wampanoags

Metamora Or the Last of the Wampanoags None

  • Title: Metamora: Or, the Last of the Wampanoags
  • Author: John Augustus Stone
  • ISBN: 9780937657249
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Metamora: Or, the Last of the Wampanoags”

    1. This is a play, so the length of the book, and the time it takes to read it is the length of an average play. Although, not as long as many of its earlier Early Modern era counter parts that's for sure. I read this play for my Early Modern Theatre university course. Written in 1829 this play is extremely discriminating and quiet frankly racist. This play will NEVER be performed again, especially not in todays society because of the themes and plots in this play. Aside from the awful mistreatment [...]

    2. I don't pleasantly read texts about the Native Americans, because they deeply touch me. It angers and saddens me knowing they had a peaceful life until Whites came and changed everything. This text/play shows exactly that. It shows the Indian way of life and how it was distracted by the English immigrants who thought of the Indians as heathens and uncivilized. Placed just before King Phillip's War, the play serves as a ray of light that fights the lies the Puritans spred about the Native America [...]

    3. A white playwright writes about white people's desire to remove Native Americans from their lands. This play was written around the time THIS ACTUALLY STARTED TO HAPPEN - The Indian Removal of 1830. Then, get this, the playwright lets a white male PORTRAY a Native American character, Metamora, in order to satisfy white American audiences' need for reality to be depicted onstage?! On a side note, Metamora was based loosely on the life events of a Native American called Metacom who fought against [...]

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