The Shadow at the Gate

The Shadow at the Gate The second volume of the epic fantasy saga that began with The Hawk and His Boy takes us back to the story of the thief Jute The emissaries of the Darkness have infiltrated the city of Hearne in searc

  • Title: The Shadow at the Gate
  • Author: Christopher Bunn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The second volume of the epic fantasy saga that began with The Hawk and His Boy takes us back to the story of the thief Jute The emissaries of the Darkness have infiltrated the city of Hearne in search of him Desperate to escape, the boy flees the city and heads into the wilderness of the north But the ghosts of the past have other plans for him and, soon, Jute and hisThe second volume of the epic fantasy saga that began with The Hawk and His Boy takes us back to the story of the thief Jute The emissaries of the Darkness have infiltrated the city of Hearne in search of him Desperate to escape, the boy flees the city and heads into the wilderness of the north But the ghosts of the past have other plans for him and, soon, Jute and his friends must choose between their own deaths or the destruction of the entire land All the while, the mysterious lady Levoreth races against time in order to discover who is behind the schemes of the Darkness.

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    1. All right, decision time. I've now read the second book in a series that I am not enthralled with. The first book grabbed me just enough to make me go on to the second. This is where I decide if I finish the trilogy out, or let it lie right here.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here. In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

    2. Since I will (hopefully) post the full review tonight on FBC and c/p it here I will only mention that this book fulfills the promise of The hawk and His Boy in spades being a real pleasure to read and expanding the universe of the novel while bringing things into a clear focus for the next (last?) volume.FBC Rv:INTRODUCTION: Can a fantasy series based on generic tropes but with a very inventive approach continue being surprising in the second volume was the big question for me when I started thi [...]

    3. Review for B.'sblog Alright, I’m guilty. Upon receiving this second installment in the Tormay series, I settled myself in my comfy chair with tea and chocolate and read until it was finished. Then I got caught up in moving, job hunting (damn those jobs are elusive) and knights and the review for this splendid book got pushed to the background. Bad me, no cookie!You sometimes hear how the middle book is usually the one that is the less fun in a trilogy because it either goes really bad good guy [...]

    4. Once this one got started, I enjoyed it more than the 1st installment. There were a few glaringly obvious plots, but they were balanced by one complete surprise.I am really enjoying this trilogy and hopes that Mr. Bunn keeps on writing fantasy.--------------Edit after finishing seriesThis review is for the entire trilogy. I hope this doesn't sound snobbish, but this trilogy forever changes my mind about indie books. Up until now I've been either ho-hum or actively looked down on all the self-pub [...]

    5. The Shadow at the Gate is the second book of the Tormay trilogy by Christopher Bunn. The adventure continues to follow Jute, Severan, Levoreth, and Ronan as they deal with the coming Dark. There are some interesting moments detailing the creation of the world and the origin of the Dark. There is also an explanation on the magic system that works in his world. In Shadow at the Gate many of story lines from The Hawk and His Boy are coming together, building towards the climax that will be found in [...]

    6. This book was outstanding! I was hoping in the second book there would be more of the relationship with the Hawk and the boy and I was not disappointed. A wonderful story with all the elements that make a wonderful book. Characters you love and a story line that keeps you wanting to read for the moment you read the first page to the very last. One of those books you think about when your not reading it and then can't wait to pick up again so you can meet up with Ronan, Jute and Master Hawk. I wa [...]

    7. My full review: coffeecookiesandchilipeppers.bI do not normally review more than one book in a series at the same time. However, I feel that this trilogy reads much more like one book in three volumes and that each of the titles cannot really be treated as a stand-alone book.Disclaimer: I was given this trilogy free by the author via a Librarything Member Giveaway, in return for an honest review.The world building is well done and we are rarely presented with piles of exposition. There is an int [...]

    8. I read the first book in this series more than a year ago, and I enjoyed that novel (The Hawk and His Boy). Only now, I got to the sequel. I read quite a few (indie and mainstream) fantasy series, and often the sequel fails to deliver the promise of the first installment. The Shadow at the Gate did not disappoint. The story took some time to pick up momentum, but I believe that is partly because I forgot quite a few details about the boy Jute, Severan the scholar, Levoreth and Ronan the Knife. B [...]

    9. I won this book in a First Reads contest.The first book in the Tormay trilogy feels like it is setting up the plot. This can cause "The Hawk and His Boy" to feel somewhat disjointed. However, "The Shadow at the Gate" constantly advances the plot, and the characters interact a lot more than in the first book. The second book in the trilogy demonstrates that the author has a clear plan for the plot of the trilogy.As in the first book, the author reveals a lot about the backstory and mythology of T [...]

    10. This installment of the Tormay trilogy was definitely a more satisfying read for me than it's predecessor. The characters are developing, particularly Jute and Ronan; and there's more background and even a little bit of action in this one. It's also well edited and formatted (which I'm coming to appreciate more and take for granted less), and the prose is much clearer, without as much of the flowery "over-description" that bothered me a little about the first book.My biggest misgiving about this [...]

    11. Vote: 3,75Class: L-A3 (FP) (second book of the Trilogy)This is classic fantasy book, with a solid fantasy world and, a good magical system. Nothing exactly original (the mythology of the world is similar to Tolkien's) but the story is well told and the characters are well built. I'm definitely enjoying this series.The world (3,75) is a classic fantasy world (medieval setting) with an interesting magical system. Consistent.The characters (3,75) are many and in this second book they grow more real [...]

    12. In for a penny, in for a pound. This is by far one of the best deals on for fantasy fans. It's amazing. This second book of the trilogy introduced another aspect of Christopher Bunn's skills.r. The ghost is a hoot. The story has been dark and cryptic up to the point we meet the ghost with no name.If you are considering reading the series, this is not a stand alone. I feel like the synopsis is too vague and should mention the main characters by name. Jute, the main character, is not the only pri [...]

    13. A thoroughly enjoyable read. I like the development of the characters, they are believable and as such you want to experience more of what they are going through. A few sections where different people are expounding stories etc. do not add significantly to the actual plot but they were not to numerous and didn't detract from the flow too greatly. Also found the new “earth” seemed to so rapidly acquire new skills when compared with the new “wind”. Not a show stopper to me but felt it was [...]

    14. This story is fantastic! Christopher has woven an engrossing tale that has thoroughly captivated me. Important characters that were introduced in The Hawk And His Boy (The Tormay Trilogy) are more fully developed in this book and their back stories more fully revealed. The flow of the story never slows down; it continues to be more and more intriguing and suspenseful. Christopher has brought these amazing characters to life. Even the ghosts, I love the ghosts, they do provide a little comic reli [...]

    15. This is the second book but it doesn't end but continues onsicly its 4 guardians that stand against the dark. But men and guardians slept and darkness came slowly step by step.Jute is a boy who will be the guardian of wind when he learns andct comes into control of his power.Severan and Knife are protecting him and others for now.It has action,drama and fantasy its a good story but you need to read all 3 books. I will start tomorrow on third. was given all 3 ebooks in exchange for honest review. [...]

    16. Exciting follow-up the The Hawk and His Boy. The action really gets going here, with evil infiltrating the city of Hearne and young Jute, trying to come to terms with his new identity and destiny, forced to flee for his life if Tormay is to have any hope at all. Scary and heartbreaking, but also whimsical as Jute and the Hawk are joined by a neurotic and talkative ghost - who might know more about what's going on than anyone realizes.

    17. The second installment in this beautiful trilogy is even better than the first, which I also loved. Action-packed from start to finish. See my full review and interview with the author at Cookie's Book Club.

    18. I just couldn't put this down.I thoroughly enjoyed it.The only downside and this is only slight is that some little things are quite predictable (Fires identity) but again only slight because i liked the characters and the way the story line flowed.

    19. Sprawling story of Jute and his new friends continues in this second part to the Tormay Tilogy. Still enjoying the flow of the story and the interesting characters included. Well done and a great way to spend the afternoon in the sun. Can't wait to start book three.

    20. Fantastic storytellingStory telling at its best. I am enjoying this series immensely. Between the enchanting characters, and the classic dark versus light theme, this set is fast becoming a new favorite for me. I recommend for people who enjoy fantasy tales.

    21. Excellent. Well written with interesting characters and well rounded plot. Even though I could guess where some of the storylines were going it certainly didnt spoil the story at all. A nice paced, new tale, very enjoyable.

    22. Great second part of the series. Continues to deliver twists and turns with great characters. More complex than I originally thought.

    23. very good for an indy novel but i still feel that the author would benefit from a professional editor i hope one of the big publishing houses takes note this guys stuff is great

    24. Quite as good as the first :) The pacing of the book was a little mixed up, with the climax of the book being closer to the middle, but it was still good. Content wise not much different from the first. The Wihhts and Sceadu are probably a little on the freaky side, and there was a reference that would completely go over the heads of younger audiences. While it is written like a children's book mostly, I think it'd be closer to 13+ coz those wihhts are scary :)

    25. Please see my full review here: morebooksthantime/reviThe Shadow at the Gate isn’t quite as much fun or quite as quirky and charming as the first book in the series, The Hawk and His Boy. But it is a good read with understated magic and darker with the villains coming out into the open.

    26. Makes me think this isn't a trilogy but will be a longer series. Some questions answered, more questions brought up, and the story expanded. Good enough to keep reading.

    27. This book took me a long time to finish. There were a few chapters that just left me not caring and not enough expansion on a few of the "main" supporting characters of the first book. I am very interested to read the 3rd book and learn the rest of the history of Tormay, and also the fate of Jute and Ronan.

    28. Sometimes incredibly exciting and wonderful, sometimes a bit meh. I think the pacing may need a bit of work. What's up with all of the character names that sound so similar? I spent most of this book getting names confused. :)Overall, a fascinating concept with fascinating characters. I'll read the 3rd book eventually.

    29. This installment of the series had a faster pace than the first, for which I was grateful. There was a lot of great character development, EXCEPT for the character I had thought of as the main character, Jute. I rather thought he became a bit less interesting in this book. But several other characters rose to the occasion, so it didn't break anything. I'm looking forward to the 3rd in the series.

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