The Dark Room

The Dark Room The story of a man who was safe or so he thought A man to be envied the comfortable income above all the women until things began to disturb the carefully arranged pattern of his life and he found

  • Title: The Dark Room
  • Author: Junnosuke Yoshiyuki John Bester
  • ISBN: 9780870113611
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story of a man who was safe or so he thought A man to be envied the comfortable income, above all, the women until things began to disturb the carefully arranged pattern of his life, and he found himself caught in a tightening noose of sexual and emotional involvement.

    One thought on “The Dark Room”

    1. Jaded Japanese guy having aimless sex with people! I didn't find this very satisfying. I love old Japanese male writers (especially when they are doing more than "jaded Japanese guy having aimless sex with people"), but they wouldn't be the first place I'd look for believable lesbians. Know what I mean? I Love This Bit: "Around that time, a new and major change took place in Natsue's body. It showed itself in the feelings I had as I lay on top of her. It wasn't just something I happened to have [...]

    2. Yoshiyuki won the Tanizaki Prize for this book in 1970. He has written other books, and translated Henry Miller's Nights of Love and Laughter. Not surprisingly, this book is an exploration of male and female connections, connections of convenience (for sex and other purposes), sexual obsessions, male views of women, and the mystery (from the narrator's point of view) of lebianism. Yoshiyuki works in a number of sexual scenes, frequently involving the couple 'playing' at something, such as slaver [...]

    3. Dark Room by Yoshiyuki Junnosuke is a daring look into the mind and life of a middle-aged writer who has done his best to avoid lasting relationships with women. Not only does he seek to live without any attachment to anyone, he also rarely gets emotionally involved.This work explores a man's life of narcissistic abandonment from all responsibility with the women he obtains physical pleasures from. It is psychologically gripping story of overpowering lust in the sadistic world of a calculating e [...]

    4. I can't recall if I found this on site for under read books or on Barthelme's shortlist of novels, probably the former, but found it as a read the equivalent of steak tartare. There's a rawness and a realness within the perspective that kept me interested. The novel plots a strange course and while the reader can wear Nakata's callousness like a kind of armor,its passing interests include infanticide, abortion, orphanhood, genetic disorders, it is situated within the worldview of a cuckolded wid [...]

    5. The Dark Room by Junnosuke Yoshiyuki is about a single man who lands a job opportunity to write false journal entries for a magazine, and he inspires himself by jumping into different affairs. Misogynistic, sexist, and made me nothing but angry. I felt like it was a waste of my time. Not Recommended.

    6. This book is simply outdated. It doesn't stand the test of time. It also proves that just a collection of cynicisms doesn't make a good novel. But if you're interested into mysoginistic men who consider themselves a blessing for women, go for it.

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