Illusions I don t do patrols I don t go hunting I just stick close to you You live your life I ll keep you safe Tamani said sweeping a lock of hair from her face Or die trying Laurel hasn t seen Tamani sinc

  • Title: Illusions
  • Author: Aprilynne Pike
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I don t do patrols, I don t go hunting, I just stick close to you You live your life I ll keep you safe, Tamani said, sweeping a lock of hair from her face Or die trying Laurel hasn t seen Tamani since she begged him to let her go last year Though her heart still aches, Laurel is confident that David was the right choice.But just as life returns to normal, Laurel r I don t do patrols, I don t go hunting, I just stick close to you You live your life I ll keep you safe, Tamani said, sweeping a lock of hair from her face Or die trying Laurel hasn t seen Tamani since she begged him to let her go last year Though her heart still aches, Laurel is confident that David was the right choice.But just as life returns to normal, Laurel realizes that a hidden enemy lies in wait Once again, Laurel must turn to Tamani to protect and guide her, for the danger that now threatens Avalon is one that no faerie thought would ever be possible And for the first time, Laurel cannot be sure that her side will prevail.

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    1. UPDATE:*****WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS*****I read it! And, honestly, while I'd normally rate it probably a three or a four, I'm giving it a five because of the lovely, wonderful, perfect romance between Laurel and Tamani. Finally! Pages 233-236 and 315-318 are my FAVORITES. :)Honestly, I didn't like Yuki at all. She annoyed almost to death. Could. Not. Stand. Her. Clearly, she had some serious issues, and throughout the book, I could not bring myself to like her. At all. I real [...]

    2. After finishing the Hunger Games series, I didn't think there would be another series I could get excited about so quickly. I cannot wait for April 8, 2011 when the third book in the Wings series will come out! Laurel, please pick Tamani!!A few months laterSo now the release date is May 3, 2011. A month later? Boo.UPDATE AFTER READINGLove reading the next book in the Wings series. I think Spells was more enchanting, but I still love the continuing story in Illusions - Loved page 236! :)

    3. There might be SPOILERS I don't know I'm just too upset to notice.For the first half things were happening so I was excited, but I don't know, I read WINGS the first book in the series, back when it came out, and I loooved it. I thought the idea was very cool. And it became one of my favorite series.But a lot of time has passed since I read that book, and now I know better than to fall for anything.This book was a quick read, quicker than book 2 at least. Laurel was happy with David, she was con [...]

    4. I can't wait until this book comes outI am having a hard time fully trusting David after Spellsd I am not certain.but could Tam be getting ready to become part of Laurel's "human" world?!? The possibilities are never ending!! Like I saidI so can't wait until this book comes out!!***Okay I just read the first chpt posted by Aprilynne and I am SO excited about this book.I'm not sure I could be any more excited!! Plus it's release date is May 3rdjust in time for my birthday on May 4th!! I SO SO SO [...]

    5. TAMANI FOREVER!!!!!!!!! Laurel better choose TAMANI, NOT DAVID!!!!!!!don't get me wrong i like david but there's just sothing about tamani thats just mmmmm :) so please Aprilynne Pike have her choose Tamani <3 :)********************************************************

    6. david best get dumped. I am so sick of the humans always getting the good end of the stick.She has to pick Tamani.

    7. I have one word for this book.Filler.That’s all it was. Pure filler. Let me explain it to you:There are 36 chapters in this book. Chapter 1 to 34 are devoted to the love triangle between Laurel, her human boyfriend David and fairy guardian Tamani. In other words, that’s 34 chapters of “should I choose this boy or that boy”, with no resolution at the end of it, I kid you not. Chapter 34 to 36 finally gives us a plot and some action, before it abruptly finishes in a yes, you guessed it rig [...]

    8. Actual rating: 2.5 starsAfter reading Spells I have to admit I was not excited to read Illusions. I thought Wings was unique and offered a different spin of your typical Fey story, but Spells fell short for me. However, I'm happy to say, I did enjoy Illusions much better. We begin with Laura at the beginning of senior year of high school. She is attempting to lead a normal life despite the troll attacks from the last book. Right from the start this book kicked off with Tamani enrolling as a fore [...]

    9. I made it about ten pages in and I gave up. Not even through the first chapter and Laurel starts being her usual obnoxious self. Ten pages in and she whines about how she wants to make out with Tamani and it's ALL HIS FAULT she finds it hard to stay true to David. It's ALL HIS FAULT he holds her and wants more. It's ALL HIS FAULT Laurel is a bad girlfriend. Everything is ALL SOMEONE ELSE'S FAULT because God forbid Laurel actually acts responsibly and selflessly.Now, I'm sure a lot of people woul [...]

    10. And here I thought this series was actually improving.Wings was a weak opener for the series, with too many resemblances to Twilight to be original or mind blowing and too many character holes to be entertaining or enjoyable. I felt that Laurel was a weak, complaining and arrogant heroine, and the components of the love triangle—David and Tamani—were too perfect to be considered real (I think I read somewhere that the author based them both off of her ideal vision of a guy, complete with the [...]

    11. Αν με κούρασαν μια φορά οι Ψευδαισθήσεις όταν το διάβασα για πρώτη φορά στην δεύτερη αυτή ανάγνωση με κούρασαν δέκα φορές παραπάνω και επιβεβαίωσαν την άποψη μου πως πρόκειται μέχρι στιγμής για το πιο βαρετό και ανούσιο βιβλίο της σειράς.Έχουν περάσει οχτώ μήνες από τα γεγ [...]

    12. 4/5 of this book is love triangle drama. Laurel is one of the most annoying, whiny, selfish heroines in all of YA.Can I just say, I've read three mediocre books now waiting for a certain moment between two characters, and all I got was a couple of paragraphs. Talk about a letdown.This series should not have been dragged out to four books. I've been sticking around for Tamani, but after Illusions, I'm done. (Okay, almost done. I'll probably skim #4 for all things Tamani, but that's it.)

    13. I'm really curious in what Tamani's up to. Maybe he's going to live among the humans: going to her school maybe? i dunno,but that last chapter made me want to scream!!! LOL Oh Tamani what are u up to????

    14. Ik kreeg niet de ILLUSIE dat dit boek heel leuk was. Flauwe woordgrappen, dit is al de derde vandaag. Maar goed, dit boek vond ik niet zo geweldig. Lees mijn recensie waarom: nerdygeekyfanboy/recensie/

    15. *If you have not read Wings or Spells, this may contain spoilers*Here we are book three in this series and we have picked up pretty much where we left off. Laurel has settled into the world of high school teenage normalcy and her and David are still going strong. That is until Tamani shows up and her feelings become jumbled once more. I have to say I am completely bias here, I am not going to even pretend to think Laurel should end up with David, I think she should be with Tamani. In the past tw [...]

    16. Amazing! Couldn't put it down from the moment I started reading it =] The only thing stopping me from giving a 5/5 is the fact that Laurel STILL HASN'T chosen Tamani or David and the whole love triangle is just getting annoying and getting on my nerves(I wish she would just pick Tam). What a cliff-hanger! Wow, seriously can't wait to read the next book. Just wish it was out sooner!

    17. *3,5*Εντάξει τι να πώ για τις Ψευδαισθήσεις?Σαφώς είναι καλύτερο απ τα δύο προηγούμενα λόγω του Ταμάνι,που επιτελους έχει πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο,(έστω και στο 3ο βιβλίο)αλλα και πάλι δεν ήταν τίποτα συγκλονιστικό!!

    18. Well I can already say this will probably SUCK LARGE! Like come on!! Oh So in the first book the ending She is kissing Tamani, then in Spells she is making out with David all the time, and at the end she says to Tamani that she can not see him anymore. But oh wait you may think she will end up with David NO on Aprilynn Pike's website laurel heart still aces for Tamani (oh give me a brake). So my advise to you if you have to choose eating dirt or reading this book. Eat the dirt, it will be less s [...]

    19. Well, for the most part I really liked it. After the disappointment of Spells, I was very wary of how well I'd like this book. I enjoyed the world of fearies and trolls that Pike created, (as I did in the previous books) and I like Laurel's roll of Mixer, and how Pike explained the biology makeup of the mixing and such. So I was intrigued with the story. But I DID NOT LIKE THE ROMANCE. I am so sick of it, this stupid love triangle that Laurel refuses to get out of. I was sick of it in Spells, an [...]

    20. I love the fact this book had 100% more Tamani, but I think 'Wild' was the most repetitive of the series. Two school dances and two troll attacks, people. You'd think they'd have seen the correlation. Also, I felt like the readers knew what was going on way before the faeries did, so it was quite slow in that way. Still, bring on 'Destined'!

    21. What the cliffhanger ending! Love the development of Tamani's character. So curious about what is going on with the trolls. Starting next book immediately.

    22. Laurel was worried she had sent him away forever, her protector and “impish guardian.” She thought she might never again see the love that burned for her in his emerald green eyes.But never in a million years did she imagine she’d see him standing in the hallway at her school, dressed like every other student in a T-shirt and jeans…and wearing shoes.With Tamani’s reappearance things are definitely bound to get more complicated. Just because she chose David does not mean that Tamani is [...]

    23. From the very first page I was enthralled.And it all seems so perfect-Laurel is with David, her best friend Chelsea is happy with her boyfriend Ryan, and they're seniors in high school.I was tingling with anticipation. What could go wrong? When would the excitement begin? Where was Tamani?I needn't have worried because guess who showed up before the end of the third page? Tamani.Tamani. Tamani. Tamani.I am totally, completely, eternally, in complete and utter love with Tamani!!At every turn of t [...]

    24. Tamani all the way baby!*edit*Loved it. Waaaay better than the last one. So glad there was more Tamani in this one. And she stopped being so whiney halfway through as well. Still want David to be killed off though.

    25. Oh my gosh! I'm so excited to read this! Tamani for the win! The excerpt she posted on her blog is driving me bonkers.

    26. I just read your blog that you are 50 pages into book 4why the wait for #3 then :o( There is nothing worse than waiting!! Alas, I will.

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