The Torah Codes

The Torah Codes A reclusive programmer Nathan Yirmorshy pounds out ones and zeros in the quiet of his home while his landlord secretly watches behind a two way mirror When an intercepted note connects the landlord

  • Title: The Torah Codes
  • Author: Ezra Barany Doron Witztum Jeffrey Satinover Shefa Gold Judith Plaskow Zvi Bellin Tania Schweig
  • ISBN: 9780983296010
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • A reclusive programmer, Nathan Yirmorshy, pounds out ones and zeros in the quiet of his home while his landlord secretly watches behind a two way mirror When an intercepted note connects the landlord to a secret society, and a detective ends up dead, Nathan must abandon his home and everything familiar to him, open his heart to a tarot reader he has never met, and trust hA reclusive programmer, Nathan Yirmorshy, pounds out ones and zeros in the quiet of his home while his landlord secretly watches behind a two way mirror When an intercepted note connects the landlord to a secret society, and a detective ends up dead, Nathan must abandon his home and everything familiar to him, open his heart to a tarot reader he has never met, and trust her with his life just as the ancient scriptures have foretold.

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    1. I wish I could put an additional star on the rating system for this book. Why you ask? Because it really isn't a Jewish Da Vinci Code but the concept is similar. It's got it's own oomph and it's own thriller-paced addiction. I really didn't know what I was getting into when I found myself with this book in my hands. I really wasn't even expecting to find it all that interesting: 1/ because I haven't a clue about anything Jewish really, and 2/ because I get "Are you Jewish?" too often and find it [...]

    2. I’m a Catholic but that doesn’t stop me from reading The Torah Codes by Ezra Barany there are some parts at the beginning of the book that lost me but I eventually found my way back to digest lots of random rants,things that doesn’t make sense at first but I truly enjoyed some other side quest along the way to the truth which greatly entertained and filled me with knowledge and awareness. I’m not really good at deciphering codes,solving mysteries and such I'm often stumped/clueless it to [...]

    3. I enjoyed reading this book, it’s one that most Dan Brown fans will really enjoy. The main character, Nathan, a bipolar programmer, is a fresh voice. He is witty without being annoying and many of his thoughts made me laugh out loud at the nuttiness that was is his thought process. The rest of the characters are not particularly memorable, but they do keep the plot moving forward without boring the reader. The plot is similar in pacing to the DaVinci Code, trying its best to stay moving forwar [...]

    4. This book is interesting on many levels. I t is , of course, a page turner!But more importantly it demands a second & third reading, so far. Who knows after this third which I'm in the midst, maybe more.Most importantly It's a fun READ, & the author is having fun, as well!

    5. This was described to me as sort of a Jewish Da Vinci Code and, truth be told, that was enough to get me interested. Nathan discovers that his landlord is spying on him, his name (and several other things) are encoded in a certain book of the Torah, and several people are after him for some weird and vaguely religious reason. Okay, so maybe my synopsis isn’t a good sell, but the fact is that I plowed through this book in record time. Nathan is likable and often very funny, and the action kept [...]

    6. Is the Bible—that is to say, are the first five books of it—prophetically encoded? The implications that arise from such a question ought to (although they won’t; we all know they won’t) provoke far more widespread spiritual introspection and serious religious debate than the argument over whether Jesus of Nazareth lived to a ripe old age in the South of France, making babies with Mary Magdalene. Ezra Barany's homage to Dan Brown opens us to speculations on subjects as diverse, and as in [...]

    7. I'm not going to rehash the book plot as there is a good description at the top of this page. That saidOh where to start? This is one of those books that when finished you think, "Well crap. What will I read now?" It is so good that it begs to be pondered on awhile before diving into the next good read. Plenty of moments that make you pause and reflect. I have always believed and teach my child that science and faith need not be at odds. I love science! Science put me MORE IN AWE of our Creator. [...]

    8. I won this book from a giveaway. I won't go into the plot as the summary is stated above, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The book is fast paced and there is never a dull moment. The characters were well-written and believable especially Nathan, who is a very funny guy that I have caught myself laughing to his thoughts and comments. I also liked Sophia because she was a strong woman that helped Nathan find his way. I liked the concept of decoding things and did I mention how creepy it is to [...]

    9. Overall I really enjoyed the novel and it has a Dan brown feel about it. The characters were well thought out and all had a purpose within the novel. I was hooked from the first page and could not put this book down for anything. The actual story within the book is only 200 pages long, The rest of the book contains essays by various authors on Bible codes and Torah codes. This section should not be missed it was really enjoyable and some interesting points were raised. The appendix should not be [...]

    10. A wonderful read, filled with action and intrigue, mystery and mysticism. Made me want to go find my own name encoded in the Torah!

    11. The Torah Codes – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat‘I needed to walk around someone, so I had to step on the dirt of one of the tree plots that lined the street. As I stepped on the soft dirt, my heart grew cold. I nearly threw up. A body had been cut up and recently buried underneath the dirt. A man with dark hair, a pin-striped suit, a golden wedding ring on his finger. I knew this. I knew this like I knew my own name. There was nothing to indicate such a thing. A m [...]

    12. Bravo Mr. Barany.The Torah Codes is a very well written book with a great story line. Nathan is being watched, and he doesn't like it one bit. You can feel the tension that builds in him as he runs into the arms of Sophia.The bond that they form, and the way they decode the letter/problems/issues that Nathan is dealing with is so easy to slip into. The story seamlessly falls into place without being easy to figure out.I had two problems with this book:1. There were too many POV changes in one ch [...]

    13. Full review posted at ScienceThrillers (no star rating given for indies): Summary: (religious/mystical thriller with minor tech elements) Nathan Yirmorshy, a reclusive computer programmer, finds his life turned upside down when he realizes his landlord is spying on him. Soon Nathan learns the landlord has been watching not only him, but his parents, for decades, and is part of a violent secret religious society. With a rabbi’s help Nathan finds his name–and possibly his fate–written in sec [...]

    14. This is a very funny, fast-paced book. You can't compare it to the DaVinci Code; this book doesn't have the historical depth, but it does have humor! The main character, Nathan, doesn't really use the codes to do anything. They are not keys that help him unlock the (really crazy) mystery. The codes are more like a zesty spice that adds a bit of thrill. Does the author really believe that the energy of an atomic bomb comes from a single, individual atom? This put me off a bit, but it fits well wi [...]

    15. This is a fast-paced page-turner with quirky protagonists. The plot stretches credibility, but it is fine as an escapist read, and displays quite a bit of humor amidst the suspense. Some of the descriptions are quite well written. It is set in Oakland and Haifa.

    16. I got this book because I love the archaeology/suspense genre that tie back to ancient happenings or artifacts. This book calls on the equidistant codes that some researchers have discovered in the Torah. I was really looking forward to reading this since I had read The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin several years ago.Nathan is a bipolar computer programmer. He learns, by chance, that his landlord has him under surveillance. After leaving his apartment he meets a Tarot card reader and decides to [...]

    17. Strange, weird, bizarre and eccentric. First of all, this fictional book is not based on the Jewish faith but is based on jewish myths and lineage. I did not like the main character Nathan, although he was comical in his bipolar sort of way. It is curious to me that by the end of the book that he is some how promoted as a good and righteous person, even though he's not. It is presented that the reason for this "goodness" is because of his acts of charity in providing safe water to drink for thos [...]

    18. Very interesting book. It mixes fact within a fictional novel setting. There are those who live the prophecy and those who force or try to manipulate the prophecies to fit their own interpretations. What would you do if you discovered your name encoded in the Torah? The last section of the book was especially interesting to me. It advised one not to try to predict the future based on Torah code search input. Would we really want to know the future if it were available? Perhaps. It would be fun t [...]

    19. The Torah Codes is a little bit of mystery, religion, manipulation, delusion and a whole lot of fun to read. The story is centered around Nathan, a programer, and Sophie, a tarot card reader. Nathan finds that he is being watched by his landlord. In a twist of fate, he has his future read by Sophie. He takes her back to his house to confirm what he thinks he has seen. Nathan is bipolar and wants to make sure that he actually saw what he thinks he saw. M.E.G is thrown in for a side story that com [...]

    20. The Torah Codes (Unabridged) Author: Ezra Barany Date:11-APR-2014 Narrator:Bryan Reid Provider:Barany Publishing Running Time:7 h 47 min Format 4 A reclusive computer programmer, Nathan Yirmorshy, pounds out ones and zeros in the quiet of his home while his landlord secretly watches from behind a two-way mirror. When an intercepted note connects the landlord to a secret society, and a detective ends up dead, Nathan must abandon his home and everything familiar to him, open his heart to a tarot r [...]

    21. I'm not Jewish, I don't have much of a background in the way of Jewish studies. However, that in no way diminished my enjoyment of The Torah Codes. I devoured Dan Brown's DaVinci Code several years ago and I love the cryptology aspect. This book kept me hooked. Nathan Shimorshy is a computer programmer with bipolar disorder. He knows his weaknesses, but he kept surprising me, and himself, with his strengths. How far will he go to save a friend? How far will he have to go? Nathan is a smart man, [...]

    22. I received this book through giveaways.I thought the characters were believable, likeable, well thought out because they all had a purpose in the novel. Ezra didn't use anyone as a filler which I really enjoyed. I did get lost a few times in the explanations of the Torah codes but I am not Jewish or know Hebrew so I think this is why. I really enjoyed the way that the story was laid out. Ezra gave a few clues and discoveries in each section that made you want to keep reading. I didn't find that [...]

    23. Fast paced and constantly interesting. The story unfolds almost before you know it, which really puts you in the mind of the narrator and main character, Nathan. For all the thrill ride of trying to solve the real puzzle of what's going on, the lesson at the end is most remarkable and reminds us that each of us has a responsibility to ourselves, in addition to the rest of the world.Five Stars!

    24. This book was a real page turner! It was a very interesting reading experience! I found that, when I set it aside, my thoughts kept wandering back to it, wondering what was going to happen next. I think it it can be successfully compared to The Da Vinci Code as it's in that same vein. I think I will be reading this book again!*won on GoodReads First Reads*

    25. I just there are no words I think. Perhaps I just had too high expectations. But, I can't say that I'd recommend this to anyone. The plot was iffy, the writing was choppy and list-y. I really wish that I'd liked it, I do.

    26. This was a very interesting story. I never even knew that people studied codes from the Bible. It was exciting and adventurous! Loves it and highly recommend it!

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