Black Beauty

Black Beauty Anna Sewell s moving story is one of the best loved animal adventures ever written this Penguin Threads edition of Black Beauty includes a new foreword by Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley cover art

  • Title: Black Beauty
  • Author: Anna Sewell Jillian Tamaki Jane Smiley
  • ISBN: 9780143106470
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anna Sewell s moving story is one of the best loved animal adventures ever written, this Penguin Threads edition of Black Beauty includes a new foreword by Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley, cover art by Jillian Tamaki and deluxe French flaps Commissioned by award winning Penguin art director Paul Buckley, the Penguin Threads series debuts with cover art by Jillian TamakiAnna Sewell s moving story is one of the best loved animal adventures ever written, this Penguin Threads edition of Black Beauty includes a new foreword by Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley, cover art by Jillian Tamaki and deluxe French flaps Commissioned by award winning Penguin art director Paul Buckley, the Penguin Threads series debuts with cover art by Jillian Tamaki for three gift worthy Penguin Classics Sketched out in a traditional illustrative manner, then hand stitched using needle and thread, the final covers are sculpt embossed for a tactile, textured, and beautiful book design that will appeal to the Etsy tm loving world of handmade crafts.

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    1. ReviewBlack Beauty by Anna Sewell is a beautiful story meant for older children or very young adults. It was written in the 19th century by a woman who passed away shortly after its publication. I enjoyed the story and have given it a 3 of 5 stars, which is still very good in my book.A few interesting things:1. The point of view in the book is from Black Beauty, the horse.2. It takes place in London nearly 150 years ago.3. It's still a cherished story for both pleasure reading and education purp [...]

    2. This is the first book I ever read. I remember the day that I brought it in to show to my teacher, Miss Gerardi. She asked me if I could read it, so I started reading it aloud to her right away. The story is told in Black Beauty's own words. Beauty's friends are hard to forget, especially high-spirited Ginger. Anna Sewall's words are full of loving empathy for these beautiful animals. The story was set in 19th century England, at a time when almost everyone came into frequent contact with horses [...]

    3. This was one of my very first 'horse' books. I read it when I was nine or ten, and it left a deep impression on me. Told from the viewpoint of the horse, it starts with Beauty's gentle upbringing and careful training. Well cared for and well mannered, Beauty is a valued animal with a good life at first. But a mishap or two is all it takes for Black Beauty to begin a downward spiral into a world where the appearance of an animal matters far more than its comfort, and into the depths where the onl [...]

    4. Okay it had started as a review but it ended up becoming something totally different. It is rather dark, you have been warned. "In Defense of Cannibalism""I think the story starts when, as a kid, I was a neighbor of this family of slaughterers for a short while and, though they did their work within walls of their house, still sitting inside our home, we could hear the cries of goats, full of pain, as they were being slaughtered. These cries would go on for several minutes. It was unbearable for [...]

    5. This book is free on currently link below, amazon/Black-Beauty-YBlack Beauty (1994) Official Trailer - Sean Bean, Jim Carter Horse Movie HDyoutube/watch?v=-qCPMI will recommend for all ages, this story is told out off a horse Black Beauty POV, how he grew up, experiencing cruelty through the hands of his different owners, it was sad at points of time as some humans really do not treat animals properly, but it was a nice viewpoint!If a horse could talk or any animal for that matter what will he [...]

    6. "My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt BEAUTY, with the help of some of her friends and acquaintances, narrates her own life story in this absolute gem of a children's classic. I've always loved the beauty and grace of horses, but now have an even greater respect and appreciation for themd their needs.A few heartbreaking stories are told here, but the positive, encouraging message and education [...]

    7. I revisited this classic horse story not knowing what to expect, really. I have found that I can't really trust my childhood memories. In this case, however, the years made no difference. The odd thing I noticed while reading this book was how completely I'd internalized the messages regarding animals and how one should treat them. I know that I must have read this 20 or 30 times before I was 14, but I didn't realize that I was memorizing whole chunks of it and grafting it into my moral code. It [...]

    8. Black Beauty is one of those rare books that can preach without being preachy. Anna Sewell wrote this to illustrate the abuse of horses, in particulary the harsh use of the bearing rein. The bearing rein was used to get the horse's head arched, but made it difficult for the horse to breathe and near impossible for the horse to pull a carriage uphill. When Sewell died, the hearse to carry her body used horses with bearing reins. Her mother went out and made the driver get rid of them.Another Sewe [...]

    9. Very cute story and who wouldn't enjoy a story told from point of view of a horse. It brings animal abuse to the light of day which is a good thing.

    10. Do not be expecting an objective review here. I have loved this book since a copy was given to me at the end of my sixth grade school year and have read it so many times I practically know it by heart. And as a matter of fact, I still have that very book! Here is the GR link for it, which did not take me nearly as long to find as I thought it might (there are nearly 800 editions of Black Beauty listed). /book/show/2The story follows Black Beauty from his days as a foal through training, happy ti [...]

    11. I'm sorry, I read this book when I was 6 or 7 and it almost scarred me for life.e sight of Ginger's body being carted away stayed with me for years. Between this, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Yearling, and of course Old Yeller I have to assume that somewhere there is a Marquis de Sade school of children's literature. I never gave these to my children as they were growing up (they had to make do with Narnia, Charlie Bucket, and some others). Neither the books nor the movies did I take them to. I [...]

    12. Anna Sewell's evocative, poignant and yes, often devastatingly brutal autobiography of a horse is a novel which even though I very much and dearly cherish and appreciate (and consider even somewhat of a favourite), I am also glad to have first read as an adult, and not as a child. Horses being amongst my favourite animals, particularly Black Beauty's trials and tribulations, his often neglectful and at times even deliberately cruelly abusive grooms and owners, the fact that there are also horses [...]

    13. This book probably deserves 5 stars or at least 4, and I do recommend it to everyone, especially to girls who love horses. I’m giving it only 3 stars, however, not because I wasn’t one of those girls who were big horse fans (which I wasn’t really), but because for me it was just too emotionally harrowing. This might have been the first book I ever read that made me sick with depression. The horse goes through a lot of suffering in this book. Not for the overly sensitive but a beautifully t [...]

    14. Kitaba başlamadan önce bir atın hikayesini okuyacağımı biliyordum fakat kitabın iç kapağında yazan 'bir atın otobiyografisi' yazısını görmediğim için atın ağzından okumayı beklemiyordum. O yüzden kitaba başladığımda bu durum beni şaşırttı.Siyah İnci Anna Sewell'in yayınlanan ilk ve tek kitabıymış. Geçirdiği bir rahatsızlıktan dolayı hayatının geri kalanında at arabasında taşınmak zorunda kalmış Anna Sewell ve bu rahatsızlığın ölümcül olduğu [...]

    15. A timeless story that should be required reading for everyone, whatever the age. When this book was written, horses were used for every kind of pleasure and work, and were part of most upper class households. Many thought of them the way we think of cars, vehicles there for our use and disposable when they no longer meet our requirements. These, however, are sentient creatures, with needs and feelings, and Sewell wrote a moving and informative piece in their behalf.Who would not fall in love wit [...]

    16. I read this book in my very early teens and loved it, it was a classic then and a classic now, beautifully written it just fires up a young persons imagination and evokes emotions. If you have not read this book then you must.

    17. Note, Oct. 13, 2015: The review below is premised on the idea that this is a children's book; it's typically treated as such today, and I did read it as a kid. But my fellow Goodreader Fiona just made me aware that Sewall actually intended the novel for adult readers. This should be kept in mind in approaching and interpreting it! **********************************Since this is basically a children's book, my rating is based on my reaction to it as a child reader. If I re-read it now and rated i [...]

    18. من الرائع حقا رؤية البشر وتصرفاتهم من وجهة نظر حصان خلال أحداث الرواية كلها وأيضا علي لسانهلا أعتقد اني رأيت الفيلم من قبل ولكن اتمني رؤيته قريبا لأشاهد تجسيد الحصان الجميل "بلاك بيوتي" في الواقعتلك الحيوانات الملوكية الحساسة التي تحتاج لعناية وفهم خاصين جدا شعرت مع كل كلمة [...]

    19. You may read online here.This a very touching novel by Anna Sewell who described the abuse of bearing rein in the horses. Nowadays this question of mistreatment of animals is becoming a harsh reality even in the XXI century.A movie was made based on this book Black Beauty (1994).

    20. I read this as a child, many years ago. All I remember is that I loved the story, and wanted my mom to read it to me at least once a month.

    21. 4,5 StarsA lovely read, although very hard in parts. Even though there's plenty of happy moments there's also abuse and I teared up in the end.

    22. Uma história comovente e perturbadora. Relata-nos a história de amizade entre uma mulher e o seu cavalo. Eu amo cavalos. E um dia também queria aprender a montar num. Mas não saberia suportar a dor de perder o meu cavalo se tivesee um.

    23. This was my favorite book as a child. Although my edition was published in 1955 by Whitman, my cover is different than the one shown. I'll try to add a photo later. (Well, I can't seem to get the link correct and the image just gives an error.)Try this: flickr/photos/2214676

    24. ~*Full review here on The Bent Bookworm!*~“Good luck is rather particular who she rides with, and mostly prefers those who have got common sense and a good heart.”Black Beauty is a book of anthropomorphic animals. Highly intelligent animals. While told in the language of its time (roughly the 1870s-1880s), it still has an appeal to anyone with a love of animals and an even slight interest in history. The details included are absolutely fascinating and paint a exquisite picture of England and [...]

    25. As I young girl I never was much into horses as were all the other girls from my class. This is why I never read Black Beauty. I also never saw any of the movie adaptions. All I knew was that it was about a very beautiful horse.Reading this book I was surprised by three things: First of all, it was completely different from what I expected. I had kind of imagined a story about a wild horse. This so totally wasn't the case. The second thing was, that Anna Sewell turns out to be the Charles Dicken [...]

    26. I was so in love with horses from a young age and I remember crying my little eyes out when I read this book. It broke my heart when poor Black Beauty was abused and broken. I was elated when Beauty was reunited with a former caregiver. This classic story is great and a must for anyone who cares for animals.

    27. הספר פורסם בשנת 1877 ובתחילה נתפס כספר לבני נוער, אבל עם השנים הפך לקלסיקה גם למבוגרים בשל התכנים שבהם הוא עוסק.Black Beauty הוא סיפור חייו של סייח מנקודת מבטו של הסוס באנגליה הוויקטוריאנית. בתקופה הזו סוסים היו כלי התעבורה העיקרי של בני אדם ולכן הם היו מרכזיים בחייהם. בניגוד לספרים [...]

    28. What a bleak story. It’s interesting how I keep looking back on books that I loved as a child with a happy heart, only to discover how my memory of them is completely different from what they really are. Or maybe it’s just that my outlook on life has changed since then, that I now see and know about certain realities that I wasn’t aware of back then. It’s like a bucket of ice water called knowledge is being thrown in my face with each book I take off of my memory shelf.This story is over [...]

    29. Black Beauty was the first novel I read at the age of eight and the first I cried my eyes out to. The story follows the life of the titular horse Black Beauty chronicling his childhood as a young, care-free colt to the onerous days where he worked for several merciless human masters.I grew up in a house that was home to abandoned or injured critters and adoptive pets. I adored animals and being the anti-social child that I was always found a non-judgemental, loving friend in them. So it was only [...]

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