Last Dance: Behind the Scenes at the Final Four

Last Dance Behind the Scenes at the Final Four Exploring what it means to a school a coach and a player to be in the Final Four or even at The Final this work features stories of players and coaches who thought they d never make it to college b

  • Title: Last Dance: Behind the Scenes at the Final Four
  • Author: John Feinstein Mike Krzyzewski
  • ISBN: 9780316014250
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Exploring what it means to a school, a coach, and a player to be in the Final Four or even at The Final, this work features stories of players and coaches who thought they d never make it to college basketball s final weekend, the spectacular triumphs of the winning teams, and the heartbreaking defeat of those who missed the cut.

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    1. This was neither John Feinstein's best work, nor the best writing on the world of college hoops. However, though I'm terribly behind on reviewing bigger and better books, with less than two weeks left before this year's Last Dance, I wanted to give this a whirl before the window of relevance closes.This glimpse “Behind the Scenes at the Final Four” is not for new fans. Although I do love me some “bracketology,” I felt out of my league for some of the reminiscing among Feinstein and his v [...]

    2. As NBA announcer Mark Jackson would say, "John Feinstein, you're better than this!". I've read about 10 of Feinstein's books, starting with Season on the Brink re Bob Knight, and they're mostly terrific, especially when he chooses less well-covered territory (e.g. Patriot League basketball or long-term aftermath of Kermit Washington punch of Rudy T. or Army-Navy football game, rather than ACC basketball or Final Four). But this one is kind of phoned in. A couple good, non-obvious chapters giving [...]

    3. Seeing as how the tournament is fast approaching, and the Pac-10 gave me very little to pay attention to this year, I picked this book up again this weekend. And will be putting it back down. John Feinstein is terrific on NPR, but this book makes me feel like I'm hanging out with Leslie Knope on "Parks and Recreation". She's very excited about name dropping for all the Pawnee movers and shakers, but we have no idea who they are so we are more bemused rather than interested. I'm sure the stories [...]

    4. This might be the nail in the Feinstein coffin for me. For a guy who gets so much great information, he never knows when to end a passage, let alone how to transition them coherently. And if he would take all the cliches out of this book (and his others I have read) it would have been half as long and frustrating. As a college basketball fan, I could not have felt more patronized by someone who obviously has a lot of inside knowledge, but no idea how to share it with the world in an exciting way [...]

    5. In the book, Last Dance: Behind the scenes at the Final Four, it talks about the journey of coaches and what it takes to win a championship in basketball at the college level. The author talks about Coach Mike Krzyzewski's journey to success in college basketball. For years now Coach Krzyzewski has been one of the most successful college basketball coaches of all time. He is so good that he has been coaching the USA men's national team and has led them to multiple gold medals in the Olympics. Bu [...]

    6. Good behind the scenes and inside look at everything that encompasses March Madness and The Final Four spanning the course of several decades. Coaches. Players. Fans. Referees. NCAA. The committee. Etc.Good stories.

    7. Everything and everything regarding the Final Four can be found in this book. Mr. Feinstein covers every single aspect of the weekend. He starts quite chronologically, matching the events that take place in earliest in the weekend, earliest in the book, or at least for the most part. Some chapters feel awkward in the placement. For instance, the chapter entitled "Partying" describes the events the NCAA uses to keep people occupied until the next basketball game is played. This chapter beginnings [...]

    8. John Feinstein may be my favorite writer out there His books for me combine great writing with subject matter that almost always vibes with what I'm interested in. So when I was perusing books at a used book sale a few years ago, and I saw this book for 3 dollars, it seemed like a complete no-brainer I bought it without even considering it. It wasn't until a recent flight to Maine that I actually picked this book up to read. At about 370 pages, this isn't a complicated read, so I figured it woul [...]

    9. Last Dance is a "behind-the-scenes" look at the roots, growth, commercialism, players, coaches, and administrators of the Final Four. The book uses the 2005 Final Four (when Coach Roy Williams won his first championship with North Carolina) as a focal point for looking at the Final Four from the position of the NCAA, (especially) the coaches, players, and other ancillary characters. I had two problems with this approach; one, we get a very sympathetic viewpoint of Coach Williams, UNC, and the AC [...]

    10. Feinstein is turning out the sports books faster than ever, as his whirlwind tour of the NCAA college basketball tournament follows quickly on the heels of his fall 2005 look at pro football, Next Man Up. Maybe that explains the somewhat rushed feel, as Feinstein skips briskly from one anecdote to the next.In his effort to depict the annual climax of "March Madness" from as many perspectives as possible, Feinstein collects stories from coaches, players, referees, sportscasters and others, more o [...]

    11. I'm a KU guy (yeah, yeah, go ahead and comment away on the VCU lossI've got thick skin), so you can pretty much assume that college ball comes first in my sports interests. Any info about what happens behind the scrim of this massive event fascinates me, and this is a pretty potent look at all the components that make the Final Four what it is, bite-size though the book may be. "Last Dance" should get a 3.5 rating and possibly even a 3 as it wasn't nearly as powerful as the shockingly good "Tale [...]

    12. This book is sort of a mess, as far as organization and cohesiveness go, but I still found this collection of stories about Final Fours past, set around the 2005 tournament, very, even surprisingly, enjoyable. I'm not supposed to like Feinstein. As a Kentucky fan, I am contractually obligated to be thin-skinned and easy to rile, full of righteous indignation at anyone who has ever said anything bad or even sort of maybe not flattering about Kentucky basketball, ever. And Feinstein is famously a [...]

    13. The Final Four is the focus of the work. Although the tournament was ten years ago, the story remains relevant because the author focuses upon the history of the Final Four. Rather than highlight the Final Four of that season, Mr. Feinstein uses the bulk of the text to present the legendary coaches and games from Final Fours in the past. There are extensive interviews with some of the coaching greats of the game. Coaching stories and interviews comprise the bulk of the text. The author intersper [...]

    14. The Last Dance by John Feinstein tells the story of many college basketball coaches and their final four experiences. Throughout the book you get stories from games, and also many off the court stories. You hear stories from legendary coaches like John Wooden, Bobby knight, Dean Smith, and many more. You hear stories from the beginning of the final four to current times, and you see how it has evolved and changed. I liked the book but it got somewhat confusing at times trying to keep track of al [...]

    15. I think I have read all of Feinstein's books dating back to A Season on the Brink when I was in high school. I have always enjoyed his stories as he has an excellent knack of writing in an entertaining manner on interesting sports topics. I have also heard him a lot on sports radio so many of the things in this book are some of the same rants about the NCAA, the concept of the student-athlete, etc, that John calls out frequently. Setting that aside, the book is about the week of the final four w [...]

    16. Eh. As a lifelong (and obsessed) Carolina basketball fan, I eagerly anticipated reading a behind-the-scenes look at the 2005 Final Four. While the inside stories about the tournament itself, the politics, the referees, the coaches and the players were interesting, the writing was mediocre and several of the stories were repeated unnecessarily. The topic was great, but the book was dull. I've heard great things about John Feinstein, but wasn't impressed with his writing style. Hopefully this was [...]

    17. Though this was the first book I've read by the author, I felt that thought it was a decent book about college basketball, specifically the Final Four and National Championship games, the author was fairly redundant (i.e he repeated some of the same stories throughout the book). So much that it became tedious at times. Like other reviewers, the author seemed to have difficulty transitioning from one topic to the next, or where to finish one topic. As I stated before, overall it was a decent book [...]

    18. Wanted to finish this before Match Madness started. Based on the 2005 Final Four but goes into the history of the Final Four and all of March Madness. Really interesting about the coaches who have won and those who want to win it all. The referee selection as well as the selection committee and how they worked was cool. Know now that it isn't all glamour, especially the waiting and waiting between games.

    19. Wow! Talk about what it means to get to the Big Dance. The author did a super job explaining more than college basketball. He talks about refs, the business angle, the meetings in Indianapolis, the media and what it means for schools, coaches and players. Excellent audio book, superb quality-- the emotion of the author was felt. He was all in.

    20. Not one of Feinstein's more interesting jobs. Very familiar territory if you're a college basketball guy - basically, it's about what goes on at the Final Four. Thanks to ESPN, it feels like we all know this by heart. So if you're new to college hoops, it might be worth the time. Otherwise, skip it.

    21. That was fun! This is the story of the Final Four and my 20 years in North Carolina made reading a treat. I liked learning a bit of the history of the NCAA tournament, the referees, the broadcasting, some of the major teams and coaches. Nothing to deep, and lots about UNC. If I didn't like Duke before, I really don't like Duke after reading this. A quick and easy read and nice timing.

    22. Last Dance: Behind the Scenes at the Final Four by John Feinstein (Little, Brown & Co. 2006) (796.32352) is one of Feinstein's best, mostly because it deals with the 2005 Final Four: Michigan State, Louisville, Illinois, and North Carolina. Carolina beat Illinois for the NCAA Championship! Woo-hoo! Great Book! My rating: 8.5/10, finished 2007.

    23. Although Feinstein is far too Atlantic Coast Conference-"centric" to me, this was a good behind the scene story of the greatest weekend in sports--The Final Four Weekend. The weekend is a celebration of all that is good with the sport and unfortunately all that is bad with the game as well. Feinstein brings it all alive with good back stories and brings the game alive.

    24. As the daughter of a college basketball coach and a great fan of the NCAA tournament, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. And what better timing for reading this piece than in the midst of March Madness even though my pick to win it all is no longer eligible for the Last Dance. And it turns out that Emily knows the author, and both Tom and I know a few individuals mentioned in the book.

    25. The book is a very complete history of the Final Four. I found the details of the deliberations of "the committee" most interesting. The chapter on refereeing also held my interest. There are some stories of the coaches that inspire. I found the book to be repetitive at points. My rating is probably a function of my interest in all of the details of the games.

    26. If your a NCAA basketball fan and/or a John Feinstein fan, you should find this book enjoyable. Feinstein revisits many of the different facets of the Final Four from many coaches, players, and even the referees aspects.

    27. Good book which brings to life the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament from the participants perspective. How coaches, NCAA officials, referee's, press and players feel about the tournament and their thoughts and feelings as they experience the tournament.

    28. While this book focuses on the 2005 Final Four, John Feinstein throws in a little bit of everything about this glorious basketball weekend. Although he jumps around in time, he organizes most of the book according to subjects like "Players" and "Coaches." I really enjoyed it.

    29. It follows the 2005 NCAA basketball tourney, but focuses way way way too much on UNC and Duke. This guy has something for Coach K and Roy Williams. I mean I know they are great coahces but don't try to trick me into thinking this book is about all four final four teams because it is not.

    30. Great read for March. Feinstein is a good reporter and a good thinker about sports, especially college sports. In this book he gives us a good look behind the scenes. I especially liked his organization that gives us a good look at the basketball committee and the legends of the game.

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