Silly Billy

Silly Billy A funny sympathetic antidote to worry from a Hans Christian Andersen MedalistBilly worries about everything from shoes that might march out the window to giant birds that might carry him away One ni

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  • Title: Silly Billy
  • Author: Anthony Browne
  • ISBN: 9780763631246
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A funny, sympathetic antidote to worry from a Hans Christian Andersen MedalistBilly worries about everything, from shoes that might march out the window to giant birds that might carry him away One night on a visit to Grandma s, Billy is so anxious that he can t sleep But Grandma has just the thing for a boy like Billy tiny, colorful worry dolls, made to do his worryinA funny, sympathetic antidote to worry from a Hans Christian Andersen MedalistBilly worries about everything, from shoes that might march out the window to giant birds that might carry him away One night on a visit to Grandma s, Billy is so anxious that he can t sleep But Grandma has just the thing for a boy like Billy tiny, colorful worry dolls, made to do his worrying for him That night when Billy puts the dolls under his pillow, he sleeps like a log But soon it dawns on Billy that something is not quite right now he has all those worry dolls to worry about Leave it to Anthony Browne, with his surreal illustrations and a final clever twist, to come up with a solution that puts Billy at ease at last.

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    1. Browne gets it, unlike Billy's parents. A worrier is such by nature, and logically pointing out that there's nothing to fear is not going to help. But worry dolls might. I like the twist in this worry doll tale. Author's note should only be a springboard to a family's investigation of Mayan/ Guatemalan history and to construction of one's own collection of dolls.Recommended, despite the inappropriate* title. (*Or is it apt, and I'm missing something? It's just that the story isn't about Billy's [...]

    2. Silly Billy. By Anthony Browne. This story is about Billy who worried about a lot of things. One day he stayed at his Grans and she said she used to worry as well and she gave him dolls. She said you tell your worries to the dolls so they can do all the worrying for you. Once Billy told the dolls all his worries he was able to sleep. However after a few nights he began to worry again and this time he was worrying that the dolls had so much to worry about. Billy then came up with the idea of maki [...]

    3. Wavered between 4 and 5 stars. In the end 5 stars won because it was good to read a simple story to my boys which illustrated that people can worry about different, strange things and it can effect your sleep, moods etc but it can be overcome, even if it is with worry dolls. I think I need some of those dolls myself!

    4. Billy finds it hard to get to sleep. As he lies in bed, thoughts about clouds and giant birds trouble him. Everyone has tried to help, but it’s only after turning to grandma for help that he gets the help he needs to never miss a wink of sleep again.After Billy has his first good night sleep this book really made me smile as I discovered the lengths he went to to ensure everyone else has a good sleep too. Children will find themselves absorbed with Billy’s story as well as learning about an [...]

    5. I have previously enjoyed reading other Anthony Browne stories to children and found that they particularly enjoy the illustrations. The front cover of 'Silly Billy' caught my attention with its large, colourful title.The story is about Billy. Billy is quite the worrier and has trouble sleeping at night. He stays with his grandma one night and shares this problem with her She has just the cure 'worry dolls'. Billy shares his worries with the dolls and finds that sleepless nights become a thing o [...]

    6. Silly Billy is a great picture book to be used during RE/PSHE or circle time in the Early Years or KS1. It tells a story of a boy who worried about absolutely everything and his worries grew bigger and bigger. One night, when Billy stayed at his grandmother’s house, he couldn’t sleep again. However, this time he decided to get up and tell his grandmother about his worries. He was given a set of worry dolls to tell them all his worries. However, then Billy started worrying about the worry dol [...]

    7. Silly Billy is a cute story which would be perfect for helping children who have trouble sleeping. Billy is a little boy who is so worried about everything that he can't sleep. Then one night his grandmother gives him his very own tiny, colourful worry dolls who will do his worrying for him. So before he goes to bed, he tells all of his worries to the dolls and has a great nights sleep. But soon it dawns on Billy that now he has all those worry dolls to worry about!This book is a great resource [...]

    8. Another one of my favorites because of the lessons it conveys about helping children focus on other things to relieve the little stressors in their lives like going to sleep. Basic illustrations were used but were also very effective in catching the moment when Billy is upset. I was pleasently surprised to read the origins of the Worry Dolls that were used to help Billy given by the author at the end of the book. Inspired me to use this idea for a possible project to help the children I personal [...]

    9. Silly Billy is about a young boy who cant sleep, which is something children can relate to. It also teaches children the best way to deal with worries, that it is often better to share them with others like the way billy does by making worry dolls. The colourful illustrations make this a book children remember which could also be useful across the curriculum in EYFS and KS1, e.g. D&T, Art etc.

    10. Two of the most important features of Anthony Browne’s picture book, Silly Billy, may go unnoticed to the average reader because they are nearly hidden in the summary and the back end pages of the picture book. In small print, in the beginning of the book, there is a summary: “To help with his anxiety, Billy uses the worry dolls his grandmother recommends, but he finds that they do not quite solve his problem.” Although this is a general description of the plotline of the picture book, the [...]

    11. This is a great book for kids who naturally worry a lot. Billy worries about a lot of things, hats, shoes and clouds to name a few. Billy feels silly but then he speaks to his Grandma and she tells him a special secret. The paperback is roughly A4 in size, though wider, and is filled with thick glossy pages of colourful illustrations.I like this book and the message it has, especially because Billy’s cure for his worries is something so simple and that has been used for generations in South Am [...]

    12. This book tackles some of the issues many small children, and some bigger ones too, encounter. Filled with worries often much bigger than themselves, children frequently fret over staying in other people's houses, scary monsters or imagined situations both obscure and possible. This book tackles that realistic representation of exactly what being an anxious child looks like, and not only that - it offers solutions.Based upon the Guatemalan tradition of creating worry dolls for small children to [...]

    13. This is a simple but effective picture-book by the award-winning Anthony Browne. The main character is having trouble worrying, which is an aspect that many children will relate to. It's important to show children that it is natural to worry, and this is an opportunity for pupils to explore the topic without it directly affecting them. The grandmother introduces 'worry dolls' to the main character to help with his worries. Worry dolls originate from Mexico and Guatemala, and children tell the do [...]

    14. I’m really enjoying Anthony Browne’s picture books at the moment. They’re often a little bit surreal, but relatable at the same time.‘Silly Billy’ is a book about a boy who worries about everything, he’s even worried about hats and shoes, for reasons that aren’t really explained. Then one day his grandma gives him a worry doll and things start to change, until he begins worrying about the worry-dolls worries!This book kind of resonated with me, because I tend to be a bit of a worri [...]

    15. Realistic Fiction - 2006I loved this sweet story about a boy who worries too much so that he can't sleep. His grandmother gives his Guatemalan worry dolls to tell his worries too. I think this story touches nicely on anxiety and has a fascinating cultural aspect to it. I only wish the story itself told a bit more about the story behind the worry dolls, where they come from, and how the grandmother got them.Great story for younger kids.

    16. Lovely little tale about worries, and grandma's unorthodox method of conquering them. Extra points for grandma deliberately saying that he isn't being silly to be eaten up by worry, she was the same way when she was small.

    17. Billy worries about everything and anything. His gran helps him out by giving him some worry dolls, who he can tell his problems to, but then he worries that he has given them all his worries A good idea for children who have worries

    18. Silly Billy by Anthony Browne follows a boy named Billy and his habit of worrying. He worries as he falls asleep every night. One day, he sleeps over at his grandmother’s house and still, he can’t sleep because he worries so much. Finally, he goes to his grandmother and explains why he can’t sleep. She introduces him to these little figures called worry dolls. All he has to do is tell them his worries and they will worry about them for him so he can sleep at night. He does this and sleeps [...]

    19. Silly Billy by Anthony Browne is a story about a child who has troubles that keep him up at night. One night sleeping at his grandma’s house, Billy wakes his grandma and tells her of his problem. She brings him “worry dolls” that he is supposed to tell all of his worries to right before he goes to sleep and then put them under his pillow, only to find the next day that all of his worries are gone. The cover of the book kind of tells the story in itself. Billy is walking away content and th [...]

    20. It's been years since I read an Anthony Browne book, but his picture books were staples of my primary school library, I must have read Piggybook - the one about the fed-up mother leaving her husband and sons to fend for themselves (and they're so hopeless they turn into pigs, and have to beg her to come home and promise not to take her for granted anymore) - so many times, it was a real favourite of everyone in grade 1!Silly Billy is about a small boy called Billy who worries a lot. He worries a [...]

    21. Silly Billy is a story copied from a Guatemalan story of children giving their worries to small dolls. Anthony Browne's story is of a small child named Billy. He worried about everything when he was in bed. Things he worried about were hats floating above him, shoes walking off out the window, clouds hovering over him, about rain flooding his room, and giant birds taking off with him in its mouth. His parents tried to comfort him and let him know he would be okay, but he doesn't trust them so he [...]

    22. Silly Billy is about a young boy who often worried about everything. He worried himself so much he was unable to sleep. His Grandmother who had similar experiences as a child is soon a comfort to Billy, offering him a tool to use to prevent him from worrying. After adopting his Grandma’s method, Billy is soon relieved of his worries and can return to being a happy boy who enjoys life.This story is very clever. It’s a great way to tune into issues faced by children at, pre-school, Reception o [...]

    23. Billy, the main character of this book, is a young boy who worries about everything. His parents tell him not to worry, but that doesn't stop Billy from worrying. Billy worries so much that he doesn't sleep at night. Instead, he stays up and worries, "Billy worried about hats.Bill even worried about giant birds." One day, Billy went to stay at his grandma's. Again, he couldn't sleep, he only worried. He went to tell his grandma that he couldn't sleep. Grandma related to Billy, as she used to wor [...]

    24. Children’s books can be a wonderful source of inspiration for fun and inventive ideas to incorporate into our daily lives, for both children and big people. This book is a great example.I can only assume, given the book's title, that author Anthony Browne shares my own belief that the habit we all too often have of worrying about stuff is futile and rather ridiculous when you really think about it. Whether we worry about things like hats, shoes, clouds, rain, giant birds and staying at other p [...]

    25. Silly Billy is about a boy named Billy who worries about everything. He worries about Hats, Clouds, Rain, and things like that. He worries so much that it keeps him up at night and doesn't let him sleep. One night when he goes to visit his grandmother and tells her about his worries, she gives him a new idea of how he can make his worries go away and get a great night of sleep. His grandmother gives him Worry Dolls to tell his worries to. One interesting thing that Browne brings into this book i [...]

    26. "Silly Billy" by Anthony Browne is a book about a young boy named Billy who worries a lot. Each page describes some of the different worries that he has. For example in one he is worried about shoes. There are little details that bring the picture to life. For instance the boys’ face is white while the rest of the page is grey only on the pages describing his worries; this in effect makes him look really worried. His grandmother has an idea about how to put his worries aside.The solution was f [...]

    27. Silly Billy is a worrier, who worries about everything. He worries about hats, shoes, rain clouds etc. His parents try to reassure him but this has no effect on him and he carries on worrying. One night he stays with his grandmother who introduces him to worry dolls, she explains once his worries have been shared with the worry dolls they will do the worrying for him. All is well until Billy starts to worry that the worry dolls have too many worries. He spends all the next day at the kitchen tab [...]

    28. Silly Billy tells the story of a boy named Billy who worries about everything. He cannot sleep for worrying and his mum and dad’s reassuring words do not seem to help much. Billy’s grandma gives him some worry dolls to ease his worrying and it works, until he starts to worry about the dolls’ worries! Eventually Billy discovers a way of dealing with both his and the dolls’ worries and everybody is happy! This book can be used to reassure children that there are ways in which to deal with [...]

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