Baby Cakes

Baby Cakes This delightful baby game starts with a kiss on the nose and a smooch on the toes and ends with a tight hug night night Share with your favorite little Baby Cakes It s the perfect way to end any day

  • Title: Baby Cakes
  • Author: Karma Wilson Sam Williams
  • ISBN: 9781416902898
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Board Book
  • This delightful baby game starts with a kiss on the nose and a smooch on the toes and ends with a tight hug night night Share with your favorite little Baby Cakes It s the perfect way to end any day.

    One thought on “Baby Cakes”

    1. Having chosen this book eight times at the library in the last 3 months, my mother should get the hint and make the purchase already. As my relationship with Lamby grows deeper, it is a joy to listen to the fun times my contemporaries are experiencing alongside their own "loveys". Although, I feel I must warn others these words act as a catalyst for parents, which can instigate spontaneous tickles or toe nibblings. I am not particularly fond of this aspect for many reasons, including the fact th [...]

    2. Baby Cakes gets around. This diminutive bear seems aptly named, as it receives kisses, tickles and lap bounces from small children of pretty much all races and genders. What exactly is Baby Cakes' endgame? Does the bear seek monogamy, to cuddle each night with just one baby? Or does he want to continue to receive love and attention from dozens of babies? We'll never know for sure, although we do know: These babies will do practically anything for their Baby Cakes.My four-month-old loves this boo [...]

    3. I love children rhyming books and this is one of them. My kids LOVE LOVE this book. We read it number of times throughout the day, we recite it on our walks, in line at the store and just about everywhere!

    4. diverse picture book (interactive rhymes for babies + caretakers).* prominently features diverse characters: yep, here are babies of various colors interacting with their teddy bears, and Sam Williams' illustrations are adorable.* Would work for a baby storytime--the pictures are smallish for sharing with a crowd, but this book is all about the interactions! Each page has a quick rhyme that encourages caretaker interaction with the child--peek a boo, tickling, snuggling, etc. You can also easily [...]

    5. I chose this for a reading during an interview and I'm so glad I did. The diversity of the babies shown are delightful and charming. I love that the book directs the reader to interact with their baby and the rhyming text can be sung or spoken.

    6. One of our all-the favs. Have such great memories of Abby figuring out her nose and toes and giggling while I tickle her at bedtime. Perfect.

    7. Cute book that's a perfect board book style. Musical simple rhymes on one side of the 2-page spread, cartoonish, but cute pictures of multicultural babies on the other. Some board books try to condense longer books, or contain too many words of text, or have pictures that are too complicated for this smaller format. This book falls into none of those traps. Good book for a young baby!

    8. A good going to bed book. The words aren't terribly clever and a bit repetitive, but perhaps it's to lull your babycakes to sleep. The pictures and book quality are excellent though --it's an attractive book.

    9. One of the best night time books to read to a toddler. Has a great rhythm, and Grady is already starting to recognize the pictures. Already we get to the "sing to little babycakes" page, and he sings "la, la, la." How can I not give that five stars???

    10. We love this book. We've been reading it to our now 20-month-old since she was a tiny thing and she now knows all the pages and hand gestures, playing peek-a-boo and giggling even before being tickled.

    11. I used this book in the December Babies in Bloom program. Such a charming rhyme. The parents loved it too. I can see using it as an action poem, getting multiple copies for a group reading or in a special program where the preschoolers bring along their favorite cuddler.

    12. Board book showcasing illustrated kids loving their toy bear Babycakes. Has a great refrain of: Baby Cakes, Baby Cakes. A lot of love in the book and would be a good read aloud for bedtime.

    13. Mommy says this book sounds just like "Pat-a-cake" but I don't know that game yet. She says I'll like to play it when I get bigger.

    14. Currently E's favorite book. She loves getting kissed on toes and nose, tickled and bounced, and that last hug tight before saying night-night.

    15. This one is popular with the whole family. ESPECIALLY Juliette. She laughs out loud when we "smooch" her toes. A wonderful gift from Jenny!

    16. This is great as a baby shower gift. Interactive and fun, parents and children will want to put this into their reading rotation!

    17. My ten-month-old's favorite. He carries it around with him and starts giggling as soon as I turn the cover. Short and sweet - DELIGHTFUL!

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