Mustache King Duncan is terribly handsome but a terrible king His kingdom is in ruins and when his subjects appeal for help he only builds tributes to his handsome face His subjects are finally ready to sta

  • Title: Mustache!
  • Author: Mac Barnett Kevin Cornell
  • ISBN: 9781423116714
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover
  • King Duncan is terribly handsome, but a terrible king His kingdom is in ruins, and when his subjects appeal for help, he only builds tributes to his handsome face His subjects are finally ready to stand up for themselves, and they have just the plan to get out of this hairy situation A mustache.e sometimes good looks alone just aren t enough.

    One thought on “Mustache!”

    1. The story and the illustrations were very funny and they complemented each other closely. It was especially entertaining to look for the humor within the pictures, such as in the signs and the characters' expressions. However, the ending left me slightly confused and feeling like there should be another page to finalize it.

    2. I think mustaches (like cockroaches & insecure mice) have saturated the kid lit market.This one, however, was fresh, unexpected, and--most importantly for a picture book--it had good pictures!Seriously funny.

    3. My kid liked this more than I did, but, since it's for children I went with her rating. The illustration style isn't really my thing, I'm not sure why because they are done well. It is humorous and there are some bits in there that are more for adults. If you find the illustrations appealing than you will probably really like this book. There are some interesting choices in the plot which are amusing, nice little twist at the end of the book.

    4. I loved the illustrations of the book. The story was good, but the ending could of revealed a better lesson than it did. I might use it again for a writing activity and let my students write alternate endings.

    5. Hilarious picture book with the story of a stubborn, egotistical king who cares more about his handsome face than his subjects' needs

    6. Weak concept and fairly weak story and super weak ending. I kind of got the impression that the author and illustrator thought highly of their own cleverness and that seeped through.

    7. In a town lives a narcissist king who cares only about his own appearance instead of the town people's well-being. The town people cannot stand the king's narcissism and decide to draw a mustache on every King's portray. Furious is the king, of course, who wants to find out the criminals, but it turns out that every town person is involved in this mischievous act. In stead of expanding the jail to put everyone in, the king finds out that he, in fact, looks good with mustache! This is a funny and [...]

    8. The illustrations are what make the book great. Otherwise, for Mac Barnett book, the story could be better.The king loves himself and has a poster with his picture plastered around the kingdom. The townpeople keep drawing mustaches on them. This makes the king angry.The story seemed a little weak, like it was floundering along. And the ending was purely pointless.

    9. Clever usage of the mustache. It's not the first way I would think the term would be used. An important story for children when we are in an era of self-delusion and wishful thinking.

    10. I love this book, the illustrations are just amazing. Throughout the book the use of color and searching for the mustache really helps tie the books story with the pictures.

    11. I found this very funny even though the ending was a bit "oh." I saw it coming, but I thought there would be one more page to show the consequence(s). Still, very silly and fun. I enjoyed seeing the juggler's progression, or the mirror-holder's many positions. I liked the little girl's responses. And I loved the Royal Advisor. Probably a bit too much for a preschool group (unless you had kids on the older end). A fun one for a school-age. Excellent lap-read, allowing for the child to explore eve [...]

    12. Mustache! by mac Barnett is a clever humous story about a very vain king. King Duncan lives in his own bubble, neglecting his kingdom because he is too busy admiring his own beauty. He never sees the chaos and disaster in the streets since a mirror is always in front of him. When his own people come begging to him to help them, he only puts up more pictures of himself for the townspeople to see. Finally, the people revolt against their own king, by tagging all of his pictures! King Duncan is fur [...]

    13. Mustache! by Mac Barnett is an adorable children’s picture book about a king and his subjects. King Duncan is handsome, but he is not a good ruler. He cares more about how he looks and promoting himself then he does taking care of and connecting with his subjects. Because of this attitude, King Duncan’s subjects take matters into their own hands, quite literally. Barnett’s book takes the reader on a journey of self-realization, in a sense, as King Duncan comes to realize what is more impor [...]

    14. Amusing little book about how a vain king's love affair with himself lead to the ruin of his kingdom, earned him the mockery of his subjects, and ultimately taught him that there's more to life (and leadership) than having an incredibly handsome reflection.I enjoyed this book and found a lot of humor in the illustrations and dialogue. I think that my niece and nephew appreciated Mustache even more than I did, though. My niece is old enough that she's able to enjoy the humor in books like this, a [...]

    15. Mustache! was a really entertaining book to read that kids would go bonkers over. As a kid everyone would draw mustaches on drawings of people and it was the funniest thing around which is why this book would be a success in about any classroom. The king is a very self-absorbed man who doesn't really care about his kingdom until someone starts drawing mustaches on all of his billboards of himself. After a few days pass it is found out that everyone in the kingdom is participating in this and the [...]

    16. Vain King Duncan is more interested that revelling in his appearance and basking in the admiration of others than in administering his kingdom. Instead of taking care of the kingdom's upkeep, he commissions self-serving statues, billboards, and banners. When moustaches are painted on his effigies, the king is determined to find the artist. When it turns out that everyone in his town is responsible, the king has them all jailed and has to expand the jail in order to house everyone, leaving him wi [...]

    17. My fellow Bookworms picked this up for me at BEA and I got it in the mail today. The lil cuties (ages 3-11) all sat down to read it with me, and we have this to say: WE LOVE IT!!The illustrations are beautiful and extremely funny. My youngest loved the colors and my oldest were laughing out-loud at the hidden shenanigans going on. The story line is engaging, if not simple. But hey, overly complicated children books are no good. This is definitely a book that will get worn out, the kids were alre [...]

    18. This book is about a terrible king named Duncan, and he is very conceited. He goes on to gift the town with sculptures of himself. What he should be doing instead is attending to needs of the town’s people because they want new roads and swings. One night they decided that enough is enough, and they take matters into their own hands. How will Duncan react?I really liked the illustrations; this book didn’t seem to be just one color palette. Because Disney is one of the publishers you can kind [...]

    19. Originally posted at apatchworkofbooksArrogant King? Definitely. Duncan is more concerned with his appearance than maintaining his kingdom and keeping the citizens happy. He stars at himself in mirrors all day and even when the people protest for better roads or safer slides for children (the protest signs are quite humorous), the King's answer is to hang a giant poster of himself on the castle wall, for the kingdom to "enjoy."A sneaky royal subject begins to gain revenge by painting mustaches a [...]

    20. Mustache is an entertaining book about a King who is extremely full of himself. Instead of repairing roads and bridges he puts up new billboards of his handsome face. The townspeople don't take kindly to this so they decide to draw mustaches on his face all over his brand new billboards. The King is furious and throws all the culprits in the jail, which is basically the entire town. I don't know if I would want to have this book in the classroom because it seems like it kind of teaches that bein [...]

    21. Oh, this is so silly! I was thinking at first that the book was not nearly as funny as I was expecting it to bebut that was just build-up. It's a very funny, silly book, geared towards elementary school kids. There's a lot going on in the illustrations, so I'm not too sure how it would work as a read-aloud, but if you're always looking for read-aloud picturebooks for the older grades, you might give this one a try. The story is about King Duncan, who was nothing but vain and did nothing for his [...]

    22. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Who at Kirkus reviewed this so glowing and were they at one of those stupid "kid lit drink nights" beforehand?This is kind of a Shrekish-wannabe--the movie that is, not the book, except the satire that made that so funny is missing here. Okay,the citizens painting mustaches on the king, his putting them all in jail, and them creating the kingdom they wanted in the "jail" has its humor.Though it makes you wonder if they had that libertarian streak all along, why did [...]

    23. King Duncan is not interested in anything other than his own good looks. There are huge potholes in his kingdom, but he doesn't care. Buildings are falling over, but he doesn't care. When the people of his kingdom come to him and say that he needs to do something for them, his gift to them is a large banner of himself!Fed up with his vanity, the townspeople, including his own adviser, paint mustaches on all of the banners and pictures of King Duncan. So King Duncan decides to put everyone in jai [...]

    24. Mustache is an excellent book for educators to use in the classroom. The story is about human foibles, in this case the foibles of a king, who is so obsessed with his own appearance, he forgets his responsibilities to his ruler. It gives us opportunities to talk about vanity; politics and what we should expect of our politicians; how passive aggression communicates something. It has beautifully detailed pictures, that hide a wealth of hidden details. I read it to one of my students, a second gra [...]

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