One thought on “Core Catharsis”

  1. I've always had problems with anxiety and I've tried everything to solve it. Nothing has worked better than the techniques in this book. This book is about using anxiety. It's not controlling it or trying to make it go away. The techniques have shown me how to turn anxiety into energy I can use. It's stimulating instead of stressful. I've never been able to meditate or do yoga without someone guiding me. I couldn't focus on my own. With the meditation practices I've tried you have to keep your m [...]

  2. Core Catharsis is a reasonable explanation of the personal "therapeutic" process of focusing on bodily sensations to assimilate and neutralize their latent anxiety causing effects. I don't think the book went far enough in creating a distinct and clear platform of theory and practice. I believe practicing the techniques described can lead to the results implied. At the same time, I think more could have been done to delineate and sequence the steps and potential results to help guide the user th [...]

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