Glimpses of Eternity

Glimpses of Eternity In this groundbreaking new book Raymond Moody Jr MD PhD named the father of near death experiences by The New York Times explores the provocative and intriguing question Is it possible to share a

  • Title: Glimpses of Eternity
  • Author: Raymond A. Moody Jr. Paul Perry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this groundbreaking new book, Raymond Moody, Jr MD, PhD, named the father of near death experiences by The New York Times, explores the provocative and intriguing question Is it possible to share a loved one s passing from this world to the next Dr Moody s seminal work Life After Life completely changed the way we view death and dying, and this new work continuesIn this groundbreaking new book, Raymond Moody, Jr MD, PhD, named the father of near death experiences by The New York Times, explores the provocative and intriguing question Is it possible to share a loved one s passing from this world to the next Dr Moody s seminal work Life After Life completely changed the way we view death and dying, and this new work continues his research and proves the existence of an afterlife Based on multiple firsthand accounts and in depth interviews with people who have had shared death experiences, Glimpses of Eternity offers a scientific model for how these moments could actually happen Dr Moody reveals compelling evidence of people sharing their loved ones first moments of their journey from this life to the next, including a wide range of case studies and his personal experiences during his own mother s passing.

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    1. I have heard others talk about this type of phenomenon occurring at the deathbed before, but never really knew what to call it. This must happen more than others think since I personally know someone who has had such an experience happen to them.My mom was taking a nap when she awoke with a strong urge to go visit her dying friend. When my mom got there she held her friends hand while a family member held the other hand. My mom said she felt a cold chill run through her, and then seen a little p [...]

    2. This is a very personal topic for me. I came across this book after I had my own Shared Death Experience. I loved that I finally had a name for the metaphysical things that happened to me when my aunt was dying. I SO wanted to like this book, but it fell short on my expectations. I have lots of respect for Raymond Moody and I have liked his other books, but I felt the storytelling here was a bit lazy. Many of the tales started with "I was at a conference and someone came up to me and told me thi [...]

    3. Whether you are a believer or not, the stories in this collection are fascinating. The author shares not only his own insights into what he calls shared death experiences but those of countless others. Most people have heard about near death experiences. A shared death experience is similar and truly fascinating. What comes after this life is something people have pondered for ages, the author gives us a glimpse into that place through stories of survivors who were given an amazing glimpse into [...]

    4. This is the book I most love, by Raymond Moody.The fact that these are "SHARED" death experiences, however strange that may sound to an "unbeliever", is what makes these experiences more reliable.The argument, often used by scientists, that whatever people tell about their NDE's is merely the result of the changing chemistry of their brain, at a moment of crises, falls apart when there are testimonies of shared NDE's sometimes by several members a one family, or even by members of the family and [...]

    5. Interesting read about people that have experienced the passing of a loved one, in a spiritual sense, in different ways; some of them actually having out of body experiences and going toward the light with their loved one but then having to turn back, others hearing music, seeing a mist of the spirit rising out of the body at the point of death, others seeing previous loved ones coming to get their loved one that is passing over. The book is a big redundant in wording at times but the actual sto [...]

    6. I enjoyed reading this book and it helped me to understand some things. My dad died recently, but before he went he asked if we could see the people at the foot of his bed. We couldn't, but his eyes were focused as though he saw them. He also mentioned that his mom and dad had come over a hill to see him and then went away again. A few days earlier he had almost died from a drug interaction, so I assumed that is when he saw them. This book made me feel much better about the whole death experienc [...]

    7. even stronger evidence. Stronger, because during these shared death experiences, the geometric surroundings during the event coincide with the quantum theories of the true nature of reality.

    8. You will be surprised - have had this experience, didn't know what to call it - surprised that others have had it too - you are not alone!

    9. A quick, easy read and though I am not a complete believer it's still a book worth reading at least once.

    10. I read and first was exposed to Dr. Moody through this book. I knew about the phenomena of near and shared death experiences but nothing of this detail. While the book itself primarily has numerous stories of those with such experiences, it is written in a way that helps the reader understand how it differs from deathbed visions conceptually and in terms of impact for those around the individual dying. I liked how the book was organized and now get to present a more formal review in a class I am [...]

    11. I have heard stories from others, and have had my own experiences, but did not have a framework for these "extra-ordinary" events. Now I do: Shared Death Experiences. I very much enjoyed reading stories about other people's similar experiences. This book provides all kinds of eye-opening accounts, and ties them together. Thanks, Raymond, for writing this book.

    12. Title: GLIMPSES OF ETERNITYAuthor: Raymond Moody, MD with Paul PerryPublisher: GuidepostsOctober 2010ISBN: 978-0-8249-4813-3Genre: Inspirational/nonfiction/body, soul & spirit/unexplained phenomenonIs it possible to share a loved one’s passing from this world to the next? Dr. Moody has collected several stories of passings, when the dying person’s loved ones who are gathered around them accompanied their loved one part way on their trip to glory. Or their loved one shared the experience [...]

    13. While I have had a shared death experience myself when I was much younger, this book has convinced me of the spiritual transformation to afterlife. That we have a "circuit board of mysticism” as one of our sensesif you are empathetic and open to it. Near death experiences, and shared death experiences, share common elements, with the exception that in a shared death experience, there is at least one person who is not ill, subject to an accident or other reason for dying. They are otherwise hea [...]

    14. I will start by saying this is not an overtly religious book. While reading the book you can not really tell this is supposed to be a Christian book at all. The general idea of the book is telling you stories of people’s experiences around others that are dying.Dr. Raymond Moody spends the majority of this book talking about people who have been around someone dying and going a little bit into death with them. He describes it as a shared death experience. He sites numerous people who say they [...]

    15. Raymond Moody has done it again! Having coined the term Near-Death Experience, he went on thirty-five years later to coin the term Shared Deathbed Experience. His research indicates that some of those sitting at the bedsides of the dying will see the visions of loved ones and even of the next levels of reality that the dying typically see, and some even leave their bodies and join the departing spirit on the first part of its journey. As with everything that Raymond Moody and Paul Perry write to [...]

    16. I have not read his classic book called Life After Life(1975), but its on my reading list. I just want to first say this book was very interesting. I just felt that some of the experiences sounded the same but maybe thats the whole point to show case studies that have reliabilty. Everytime I read books like this, I think of Stephen in the Bible, who got stoned and saw parts of heaven and then died.

    17. By the celebrated author Raymond Moody MD who brought us the first popular book on the subject of NDEs in the 1970s, "Life After Life". A new type of experience regarding NDEs, chronicled by Dr. Moody.They entail abbreviated visits to the other side of the veil as a living person "accompanies" a departing loved one on part of their journey to the other side. Essentially OBEsAmazing. Never thought about this happening.

    18. This book is a unique topic. It asks the question when we die can this experience be shared with the living. Mr. Moody has already written Life After Life and it completely changed the way we view death and this book continues his research and proves the existence of an afterlife. He says when someone dies we can out of our body and have a shared empatetic experience. Studies show people going partway into heaven with thier loved one.

    19. A collection of amazing shared death expierances that all but prove the existence of a world after this one. What I found most interesting was the identification of seven key principles that every experience shares despite of religion or location. I feel like this is the start of proving that there's another life be on this one.Definitely a great read, highly suggest it.

    20. This is a scientific look into the "Shared" Death Experience or near death experience. I enjoyed the stories people told and the comprehensive look at each story and how each was similar. Worth the read if you just want to hear a little about the "here after" from a scientific approach.

    21. For the kind of book that it was, it was well done. Nothing unexpected- just the data that Raymond Moody has collected, and his speculations. A good match to go with "Proof of Heaven".

    22. Fascinating book. Thanks to C. for sharing her experience at her mother's deathbed and for encouraging me to check out this book. It sure gives me new ideas to ponder!

    23. Great book! Dr. Moody signed my book after his lecture which I attended in St. Petersburg. He is a very nice man.

    24. I had just about enough at the 75% point. The medical, scientific and religious affirmations / proof are unnecessary.

    25. I'm not afraid to die any more.This book took me to places I have never been. It leaves me feeling happy. You would not regret reading this book.

    26. An important and thought-provoking look at what lies beyond this mortal coil. By all accounts, it's wondrous!

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