My King's Seraglio

My King s Seraglio This edition is no longer available Tobey Mitchell dreamt of many things but none included being a part of any man s seraglio That choice was taken away from him when the High King of Naverya Adam Ra

  • Title: My King's Seraglio
  • Author: Ann T. Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781920484415
  • Page: 230
  • Format: ebook
  • This edition is no longer available.Tobey Mitchell dreamt of many things but none included being a part of any man s seraglio That choice was taken away from him when the High King of Naverya, Adam Radcliffe, met Tobey and wanted him for his own Against Tobey s will, his body and also heart fell prey to the man everyone called High King and the man he simply called Adam.This edition is no longer available.Tobey Mitchell dreamt of many things but none included being a part of any man s seraglio That choice was taken away from him when the High King of Naverya, Adam Radcliffe, met Tobey and wanted him for his own Against Tobey s will, his body and also heart fell prey to the man everyone called High King and the man he simply called Adam As Tobey becomes Adam s favourite concubine, jealous rivals threaten to tear asunder the love that they have created together.

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    1. Did I enjoy this Mpreg story? well I think this book deserve 5 stars, but I can't give more than 3. It's a pity, because I almost find everything I like, all together, in one book!The plotAdam, the High King of Naverya will fall in love at first sight for a beautiful (and sometimes wild) man, Tobey. For someone so important as Adam Is impossible to date , so the only way to have Tobey by his site is taking him in his seraglio. Yes, Tobey will be taken as a Concubine, forced but the king.Ok, if y [...]

    2. This is really a short story, and would have greatly benefited in being developed a lot more. It would make a good novella, as the story line is rather sweet, but the author missed a lot of opportunities to fill in some details that would make this a much richer story. It also felt like some of the details weren't well thought out. It's funny how tiny little details can grate when you read, like character names. If you're going to create an alternate universe where men can get pregnant, put a li [...]

    3. I'm always a bit dubious about m-preg but yet again I was pleasantly surprised I loved the sci-fi/fantasy aspect I think the whole jealous concubines sub plot was nicely done too I loved Tobey & Adam & was well-satisfied with their HEA I would happily have read a longer version of this story because I didn't want it to end highly recommended.

    4. more like 2.5hmmmm, cannot believe i read this story. the writing was ok. the concept of mpreg is way out there for me. i'm very practical and mpreg to me is just not feasible. (fiction or not i couldn't wrap my brain around it)I almost didn't finish the storyi decided to pretend Tobey was a female character. In the beginning, his character seemed strong and a bit defianten he deflated completely for me. Then came the pregnancy which only confirmed for me this is not my type of story.

    5. I have a soft spot in my heart for mpreg for various reasons. I loved this book not just because it has mpreg but because it also has a king, a snarky boy who you can't help but love, intrigue, a happy ending and so many other little elements that I just adore. Ann Ryan is an amazing author and this is one of my favorite books by her. If you like mpreg, it's a definite book to check out and even if you're not a huge fan but love a good fantasy m/m book, you should check it out!

    6. This was the first "official" - as in published - mpreg story I've ever read and I enjoyed it very, very much. I was glad that the author didn't get stuck in heaps and piles of unnecessary detail and even though I would've preferred more world-building - what with the story taking place in a fantasy setting - it flowed nicely and I found all the characters more than likable.

    7. Interesting concept but the everyday names jarred a bit with the "fantasy" theme for me. The first half or so was well done but it seemed to lose a bit towards the end. Perhaps a longer length would have worked better.

    8. Set in an undefined alternate world where kings rule the day, and the powerful ones have seraglios, this sweet romance has a few edges, and a male pregnancy as a bonus. The romance between the two main characters is neither ordinary, nor is it easy, but that is what added the slight edginess to the story. Without that, it would have been far less enjoyable to me. There is just enough of an "alien' feel to it to make the society and ways of dealing with life interesting without overwhelming even [...]

    9. A short story which reminded me of once upon time kind of scenario with a arrogant King with multiple queens and one favorite queen story only with a gender change otherwise everything was same.One favorite and other jealous only in this story its Seraglio and not king's quarter another difference,all male concubinenot Queens.Fantasy cause the favorite concubine Tobey Mitchell getting pregnant and to my utter regret still doesn't happen in our world so fantasy it is.A story of jealous less favor [...]

    10. 2.75 starsNot bad, per se, but the story took a lot of short corners, spanning a long period of time and only quickly narrating the naughty bits (which were good!) and the very important plot points.Tobey wants more in his life than furthering his family's name by becoming a concubine in the King's seraglio, but when King Adam sees him and demands his service, all he can get away with is a grace period of 6 months before he's duty-bound to report for service as the newest of a 16 man harem. Once [...]

    11. Despite a few problems I had with this, it was still an interesting book. I really enjoyed some parts, I didn't enjoy others. I think the thing that hurt this book the most was the pacing and how choppy and short some scenes were and then how it would skip ahead to a much later time. I think if the story was a bit more fleshed out, it would have been a stronger read. But, anyway, I thought the set up and concept were very neat, and I would read more from this author.

    12. Author Ann Ryan had a pretty good premise but this storyline would have worked much better in a fully-fleshed out novel rather than an extremely short novella.

    13. The first half was really good and then it was like the author had lost interest in the story and tried to finish it as quickly as possible.

    14. It was ok. Things happened too fast. it was not believable. The characters were flat. Not memorable at all tbh. *shrugs*

    15. I premise that The King's Seraglio has been my first Mpreg book. I'm a little doubtful about the rating. I really liked the story.Adam is the High King of Naverya and has a seraglio of male concubines. Tobey had never tought about becoming part of the High king's serraglio but from the first time Adam laid eyes on Tobey, his serraglio is the last thing he can think about. What start as a story of lust quickly develope in love and in a sweet story and after some little problems, the happy ending [...]

    16. Ryan packs a LOT of plot into such a short story. Tobey, in particular, journeys from loathing to reluctance to loving the king and his situation as a concubine. Were there more space, I'd have liked to have seen what happened in the six months the king gave him before arriving at the palace - did he contemplate fleeing, did he decide to submit to save his family, etc. - to heighten the tension. I appreciated the epilogue, but (view spoiler)[it does refer to the king as Tobey's "husband," which [...]

    17. For a storyline like this the book should have been at least 200 pages or more. The whole thing is rushed like you wouldn't belive. The plot also twists about a 180 degrees every fifth page which for me made the whole story VERY unrealistic.And the en is like ¨oh here is another child which survived the poison but I chose not to tell you because I was so upset about losing one of the babies that apperently its okay for me to make you belive we lost the only baby and leave you¨Okay fine, but wh [...]

    18. I really liked Tobey and Adam together. I thought Tobey had just the right amount of feistiness to keep Adam in check and I think Adam was appreciative of Tobey's blunt honesty. I wish the story had been longer though so that the repercussions from Adam treating Tobey as his new beloved concubine could have been explored in more detail. I wanted to hear more from the other men in the seraglio in order to see how their jealousy escalated into something so dire and how it was handled afterward. I [...]

    19. 3.5 starsI really enjoyed the plot of this story and the characters, even though I wanted to slap Adam a couple of times :) This could have easily been almost a 5 star read for me except for some issues with the pacing and lack of details/explanations at certain times. There were several pretty significant time jumps, and missed action would be glossed over in a "telling" fashion. I thought there were several key events that could have been further explored to make a more well-rounded story. The [...]

    20. Good, but would have been exponentially better had it been more developed and longer instead of short scenes with quickly-over action and time jumps in between. It was more like sneak peeks into their lives instead of actually getting to experience them.That said, it was short, and I liked the general story well enough (though I doubt the probability of a lot of things that happened, but oh well, it's fantasy!). If you like mpreg or aristocracy/royalty tales, then give this a go. The best thing [...]

    21. This was on my to read list for a long time and just kept getting passed over. It's probably a good thing I didn't read it long ago because mpreg wasn't on my reading list.It was a short story with a lot of time skips and background events that you didn't know or find out about. If you can read it as little glimpses of Tobey's life you can enjoy it. If you are expecting lots of drama and detailed back story you will be disappointed.I enjoyed it for the short story that it is.

    22. This had so much potential. I think if it was fully developed and not a short story it would have been really good. Instead it was just so rushed and no time to connect with the characters or feel anything. The 2 stars are really for the mpreg (i'm weak when it comes to pregnant men). Also the language threw me off It's suppose to be historical fantasy but read as a modern book with a few "milords" and "tis" thrown in.

    23. Enjoyable piece of fluff. It could have been better if the story had been fleshened up in places. A bite more detail and story would have been nice. One technical comment, the book was bloody damn hard to read on my reader. The writing was not black enough and because I had to enlarge I got strange sentence cut offs.

    24. Wow, I wasn't expecting something great, but wow. Just no. It's like the author didn't want to be too dramatic, too romantic, too erotica or push the mpreg portion too hard, so she didn't do anything. It was a fast forward, randomly changed attitudes with nothing to support it, oddball plot, with illogical decision making.

    25. This could have been better. It felt like a conversation instead of a story. The details were so a narrow I couldn't picture anything in this story. It felt like everything was TOLD to me, which is a big nono in writing. The mpreg was decent enough. The whole story could have benefited from from more detail and plot expansion.

    26. It is a short, light and sweet read. I don't know why but this genre has its claws on me.I love the writing and the plot of this book. My only complain is that it is relatively short. There a lot of things that author could explore with this book. I'm kind of hungry for more. If you like mpreg, you should read this.

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