I Went to Vassar for This?

I Went to Vassar for This A microwave mishap blasts a modern day ad executive back into a strange new world with no Internet and no iPods but one very hot next door neighbour

  • Title: I Went to Vassar for This?
  • Author: Naomi Neale
  • ISBN: 9780505526861
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • A microwave mishap blasts a modern day ad executive back into 1959 a strange new world with no Internet and no iPods, but one very hot next door neighbour.

    One thought on “I Went to Vassar for This?”

    1. July 4, 2008I just finished reading this book, by Naomi Neale (who is also Naomi Nash, the YA author whose books I've been meaning to read for forever now)Oh my GOSH completely hilarious and it ended SO SO SO SO WELL!!!! :) I've got tears in my eyes! *giggles* I'm in love with Hank!! YAY!!!! Okay, it's 2:35 AM, so I'm going to go to bed now I seriously have ZERO self control when it comes to reading/putting a book down and sleeping. ;)Basic premise: Cathy gets hit in the head or some such (in 20 [...]

    2. This book is a sassy, modern take on time travel. It all starts when Cathy Voorhees traveled 50 years back in time when her microwave explodes. She wakes as Catherine ----- when she wakes up in the 1950’s. It turns out that now she is living in the body of an wealthy, spoiled and corrupted woman who buys recipes and claims them as hers; in other words, this 50’s Cathy is a cook, a pioneer in the world of desserts. Cathy tries her hardest to adjust to her new lifestyle and personality, being [...]

    3. I found this book on a book swap shelf at the school where I teach. The title interested me and since it was free, I pick it up. I really enjoyed it and it definitely brought back memories of my early years as an entry-level business woman. The story starts in the year 2006 and is about a successful woman who is a marketing executive. After an accident, she ends up in the year 1959. The book then follows her as she comically tries to master the art of being an 'executive' before gender inequalit [...]

    4. I really, really enjoyed this. Reviewing from an audio-book point of view I have to admit I wasn't sure I was going to be able to tolerate the character and/or her voice - but they grew on me very quickly. The characters were funny, the storyline enjoyable. I could be wrong, but I think hearing this book, instead of reading it, really added to it. I have a good enough imagination but it is different to hear the inflections of voice, and with accents (like a raw new-Yorker) it just makes the char [...]

    5. I loved, loved, loved this book and didn't think of how it was going to end until it played out! I must admit I'm a time travel fantatic though and hope to do it someday before I leave this earth. Anyway, the book kept my interest all the way to the very end. There are enough characters but not so many you get overwhelmed trying to learn them all. You become very attached to them.

    6. ​This boo​k ​​is so much fun to read! I cannot recommend it enough. I laughed so much. ​If you can remember ​or relate ​to the laughable amazing cultural differences between the late fifties and today​, I believe you too will really enjoy this book. It gifted me with numerous moments of smiles from ear to ear.​<3 to Cathy and to <3 and thank you to Naomi Neale.

    7. I pretty much never read the "chick lit" genre (and generally Have A Lot Of Opinions about that descriptor, but this book is pretty much a novel version of a "chick flick", so we'll let it go). I found this on sale and, as a lover of vintage/the '50s, thought the concept sounded fun. Then I lost my copy, found it the other day, and decided to finish it. A fun, light read.

    8. This review requires disclaimers. Let's get them out of the way.1. Today's title is chick lit. In my universe chick lit gets graded on a curve. I go easier on this genre because I want to read it once or, perhaps, twice a year when the right cover-hook-mood strikes. Generally I am going out of my mind in real life and need some brain mush. This is not to say that all Chick Lit is created equal (read: mediocre pablum); some of it is quite witty and entertaining -- almost therapeutic to read when [...]

    9. I could only get through the first three chapters of this book before I threw it in the donate pile. (I don't know where I got it. If I bought it years ago, if like my money back.)I actually quite like the premise. It's certainly interesting and had potential to be a truly charming story.But it isn't. Okay, the heroine is a little self-centered and a little bit oblivious in an irritating way. (She puts on her very best dress to go to work in. I get 1959 style isn't her thing, but I would think i [...]

    10. I was really looking forward to this book based on the title. Unfortunately it has one brief mention of Vassar and absolutely nothing else to do with it. The heroine is self-centered, obnoxious modern-day woman who cannot get through two sentences without spewing verbal diarrhea. She doesn't know simple history, misuses simple vocabulary, and attributes modern concepts to everyone's motives. I'm also annoyed at her dialogue, which makes use of heavy-handed pop culture references in a way that is [...]

    11. Although the majority of my book diet doesn't include chick lit, I had to make an exception for "Vassar." It's hysterically funny--especially when you see Cathy trying to cope with some of the 1950's challenges we've forgotten about today. But there were also moments where she pined for the past. For instance, she enjoys the peaceful atmosphere before muzak was pumped into every public establishment, or the lower cost of living in Manhattan. And then there were the guys who actually APPRECIATED [...]

    12. The funniest reincarnation romance I ever read,and I have read an incredible number.Prehaps its' because the snotty main character is sent back to a time period I knew well -the late 1950's. Cathy is fired from her job as an ad executive for TV dinners,not understanding why the catch phraze, "Just like Your Mother used to fake" is insulting. On an imposed austerity measure she takes home several aluminuim wrapped trays to heat up for dinner. Once in the microwave her dinner, of course, explodes [...]

    13. This is your average misplaced-in-time romance, a bit like the movie "Kate and Leopold" in reverse. The author throws in a little social commentary but it is nothing too deep. The reason why the character was thrown back in time and the lesson she was supposed to learn weren't exactly clear, but that didn't really take away from this light dessert of a book.I would recommend reading it rather than listening to the audiobook. The story is told in the first person and the character's many inner th [...]

    14. Found this when I was looking for something to listen to on a long drive. I was surprised by how much I liked it. The main character is a self-centered, kind of clueless woman in advertizing in 2006 who is transported by an exploding microwave into 1959. I probably would have tossed it aside if I'd been reading it since the character was so frustrating but the actor/reader is superb. She kept me engaged and laughing. Time travel is always intriguing and the rest of the characters were great exam [...]

    15. This book is cute, mildly entertaining, and mostly inoffensive. The ending is weak (rushed and relying far too heavily on the silly time travel conceit that propels so much of the narrative) and Cathy, the central character, is shockingly stupid at times, especially for an ambitious, successful, supposedly well-educated woman, but, as a piece of pseudo-feminist chick lit piece of fluff, it gets the job done.

    16. I listened to this book and the reader was very adept at creating the various characters. The book is amusing, but I felt I should be laughing more. I like time travel so the contrast of 21st century popular culture to that of 1959 was interesting. This new genre of book in which the main character is extremely self-centered and work is undervalued is disturbing to me. Another example is Shopaholic. It's an entertaining book, so I gave it 3 stars.

    17. First of all, I think Naomi Neale has crappy-sounding titles. I avoided this book because it sounded dumb, where in reality, it was a great, funny, and cute book!She totally won me over with her ending.Listening to this via audiobook slowed things down when I wanted to get through faster, but maybe I got to savor this more. :)

    18. This book is the literary equivalent of a marshmallow, fluffy and light but ultimately not satsfying. I didn't particularly care for the heroine of the story as she spoke too much and seemed both self-centered and clueless about anything beyond business. I liked Hank, and I liked the ending even if the time travel was tropey as hell. And for some reason, the main characters linger on in my mind. I didn't pick this book up expecting greatness, but it was a mostly enjoyable read.

    19. I love this book!!! This is actually my third go around and each time I enjoy it more. Although it may sound like a bit of fluff, its really a well-written book. The author has living and working in New York City in 1959 down perfectly. If you love the movie Peggy Sue Got Married, you will probably enjoy this time travel novel too.

    20. I liked the premise of a modern woman getting sent back to a "Mad Men" time period and seeing how she deals with it. Because Vaser was in the title, I expected the main character to be a little more together and her endless bably resulted in taking a while to warm up to the character. However, the book picked up and had a satifing if predictable ending.

    21. Yes, time travel. I'm ok with that. But the characters were pretty superficial and the heroine was kind of annoying. In the present day, she didn't really have much time for dating. But when she wrnt back in time, she suddenly spent a lot of time wanting to find a husband. Not the best romance, not the worst.

    22. As I started reading, I had low expectations, but the story is so cute and silly that it won me over. The love story is charming and even though I guessed the ending, I still found myself crying as I finished. A quick, fun read.

    23. I'm always a pushover for anything relating to time travel which is what made me pick this book up. It was OK but poorly written as there were big gaps and questions left unanswered. For example, at the end, what happened to the person she replaced in the 1950's????????

    24. I loved the way Stephanie Brush read the audio book. I couldn't quit listening! Naomi had a really fun way of inserting the 21st century into the story at the funniest times.It sort of had a predictable ending but then againWell, you will just have to read (listen) to find out.

    25. After a TV dinner explodes in her microwave, advertising executive Cathy Vorhees wakes up in 1959 living the life of an uptight cookbook editor. A funny, but sometimes poignant, romance that takes a frank look at the progress women have made in the workplace over the last 50 years. Recommend

    26. Up until more than half way through, the main character REALLY got on my nerves. I just wanted to tell her to shut up already. The ending was kind of flat, and the book on a whole was pretty predictable. Cute.

    27. This was a fun book to listen to. I love books that transend timeNaomi Neale did a swell job of making it seem "doable"My Grandma Ella went to Vasser but this book did not dwell on Vasser at all, just mentioned it a little bit and there. I loved the ending.Love Conquers All ! !

    28. I almost ejected the CDs from my car CD player, thinking I had enough annoying people in my life without inviting one into my eardrums. However, once Cathy Vorhees plopped down in 1959, I warmed to her and the story.

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