Double Identity

Double Identity RThe author of Escape from Memory and the Shadow Children series has penned another suspenseful novel guaranteed to keep readers riveted S Booklist

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  • Title: Double Identity
  • Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • ISBN: 9780756981907
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Hardcover
  • RThe author of Escape from Memory and the Shadow Children series has penned another suspenseful novel guaranteed to keep readers riveted.S Booklist.

    One thought on “Double Identity”

    1. This book was AMAZING!! I would totally recomend it to people who like mysteries. A few weeks until her birthday, Bethany's parents start acting strange. Her mom won't stop crying and this goes on until her father hurries everyone into the car and drives from state to state. They finally reach her Aunt Myrile's house, who she didn't know existed, and leave her there. They don't come back. Her only clue of what's going on is something she overheard her dad say: "She doesn't know anything about El [...]

    2. I read this book in one sitting, and while I found it to be a generally enjoyable story, I think it definitely could have been better.First of all, not a lot happens - we see a lot of Bethany just sitting in the house thinking. And while some pondering on the part of the main character is to be expected, that's almost all this book was. Something would happen and then Bethany would think about it, and then something else would happen and she would think about that. Her thoughts were interesting, [...]

    3. Bethany's parents have acted weird for as long as she can remember - making sure she's never alone, not allowing her to attend sleepovers, and generally being overprotective. What do they possibly think could happen to her?These actions pale in comparison to the way her parents begin to act around Bethany's thirteenth birthday. Her mother is constantly crying, for starters, and nothing Bethany says or does seems to help. This comes to a head when her parents whisk her off on a car ride to stay w [...]

    4. this book had a lot to do with idenitity and who a individual was. there were moments in the book where i felt creepyed out. the protaganist is a girl who loves to swim and do another activties. her parents decide to let her live with her aunt because someone is purpsuing them. the protagainst slow finds out about who she is was a lie. Her parents past is so fulled with corrupt and everyone don't want to tell her the truth. in the middle of the book, she finds out that she had a sister whom died [...]

    5. Double Identity, Aladdin Paperbacks, 2005, Magaret Peterson Haddix 218 pg $5.99, ISBN 978-0-689-87379-9"Then one morning he hustles the entire family into the car, drives across several state-lines and leaves Bethany with an aunt she never knew existed, Bethany has no idea what's going on." Bethany, a modest and scared twelve year old girl, is not an ordinary person; she has an identity she can't get from other people that look at her with sorrow, having crying and worried parents that don't exp [...]

    6. Bethany thinks that she is an only child and normal like everyone else. The only problem is- she’s not. Weird things have happened before her big trip. Her mother is crying all the time and her father is following her everywhere she goes. She wonders, “What is happening?” Suddenly, in one day that all changes. Her parents drop her off at her Aunt Myrile’s house. She didn't even know she had an aunt! Her parents say that she will be safer there and no one will be able to find her. Bethany [...]

    7. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooFor almost thirteen-year-old Bethany, life has suddenly and unexplicably taken a strange turn. For a girl who has never spent a night away from her parents, she's suddenly hustled into the car by her sad-looking father, subjected to listening to her sobbing mother, and unceremoniously dropped off in the middle of the night in a town she's never heard of, at the home of a woman claiming to be her Aunt Myrlie. Her parents are a lot older than her friend's parents, an [...]

    8. Είναι ορισμένα βιβλία για τα οποία μου είναι εξαιρετικά δύσκολο να μιλήσω. Δεν είναι ότι δεν μπορώ να εκφράσω αυτά που σκέφτομαι, να περιγράψω τα συναισθήματα που μου προκάλεσε ή να μεταφέρω την ουσία του. Το πρόβλημα έγκειται στο πόσα μπορώ να συγκαλύψω έτσι ώστε να μην 'κά [...]

    9. The book, "Double Identity", is told by a 12 year old girl named Bethany. Bethany thinks she is an average girl with two parents, and gets anything she wants. She loves to swim and come up with big words that no one will understand. Not everything is as normal as it seems to the outside world. Bethany’s Mom, Hillary cries every single day and Bethany has no idea why. Everything changes when one day her parents put her in the car and drive for hours. They drop her off at her Aunt Myrlie’s hou [...]

    10. Η Μπέθανι Κόουλ ζει μαζί με τους υπερπροστατευτικούς γονείς της που την προσέχουν λες και είναι φτιαγμένη από γυαλί και μπορεί οποιαδήποτε στιγμή να σπάσει. Είναι δώδεκα χρονών, πηγαίνει στις πρώτες τάξεις του γυμνασίου, δεν έχει κολλητούς φίλους και λατρεύει το κολύμπι ε [...]

    11. 4.5 stars because I can't agree Biblically with Joss being a female minister, but otherwise I loved it. I intended to just read a few chapters last night. Yeah, that happened. Not. Just a tip, don't start a Haddix book at 11:00 at night. It's a weird book, but weird in a very interesting way. And even though I had a major spoiler (I swear it was an accident!), it was still gripping. So much about identity and family secrets and ethics and how you're more than just your DNA. And I don't want to k [...]

    12. I LOVE this book! I've read it over and over again, and never get sick of it!! I hadn't read this book for so long, that I didn't remember that Bethany was a clone, but after I started reading, I was like ohhh that's right! This is a book I have read over and over again and will read again!

    13. Double Identityis a very good book. It has a twisty plot, but it’s very interesting. Bethany and her parents seem to be in a great deal of danger. She is very curious. Her parents take her to stay with an aunt that she has never heard of before. Her life before this situation was perfect. She was spoiled, home schooled, and got whatever she wanted. Her parents were very protective, and know they just leave her with someone she has never met. She wants to know what is going on, but there is no [...]

    14. "Double Identity" by Margaret Peterson Haddix is a mystery book that has its good and bad things. It has some plot twists that leave the reader wanting to find out what happens.The book starts out with Bethany, the main character, on a drive to visit an aunt she didn't even know existed. Her mom has been crying the whole ride there and she is shocked when her parents tell her that they are leaving her with this aunt. Her mysterious aunt is then introduced as her aunt Myrlie. Bethany’s dad call [...]

    15. I'd like to start by saying that this book didn't really do anything for me proving why I rated it thusly. That being said it was a cute story about a girl who is dropped off at her aunt's house that she had no knowledge of and her parents take off leaving her in this unknown woman's care. Bethany the little girl is left dumbfounded how her perfect family was ripped to pieces in a matter of moments. Bethany's aunt lets slip that she looks like a girl named Elizbeth who has some sort of connectio [...]

    16. This is one of my favorites! It involves a great mystery with a little science. I thought I had it figured out until I found out the real truth, and I was shocked! Great page turner!Summary:As the novel opens, Bethany is anxious; her father has barely let her out of his sight and her mother has been weeping for months. Now, a few days before her 13th birthday, her father has put the two of them in the car, headed West. He leaves Bethany with her Aunt Myrlie and drives off with no explanation. Th [...]

    17. Bethany's parent's one day take her to her aunt's house that she didn't even know she existed. Her parents put her there and left. With out a way to contact her parents, the 12-year-old tries to figure out the reason behind their strange behavior and learns some family secrets and process. It turns out that she's the clone of her sister, who was killed years earlier in a tragic automobile accident, and she is being hunted by a man who wants to expose her secret existence for his own benefits. A [...]

    18. Good, fun, compelling read. I would recommend as well-written juvie lit. Anything I said about the plot would ruin all the fun of reading it.I had a little trouble imagining all of the reactions as coming from a 12-almost 13 year old, being that I actually have one living in my house and teach a dozen more, but maybe I'm not giving enough credit for what trauma would do, or maybe I'm forgetting the complicated inner life of an almost-teen.I was also a little surprised at the 3-4 typos in the sto [...]

    19. So good! My teacher read it to my class and l loved it. It is one of those edge of your seat kind of books! I highly recommend it!!! It is now one of my favorite books. A mystery that enchants you with many interesting things WORD FOR THIS BOOK: AMAZING!!!!

    20. I read the book Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The characters in this book are Bethany, Myrlie, Joss, the mom (whose name is not mentioned) the dad (David), Dalton Van Dyne, Bridgie and Elizabeth. In this book Bethany’s mom cries and cries and cries. One day Bethany’s parents tell her to get in the car and Bethany listens. They drive for a very long time and when Bethany asks where they are going the only answer she gets is her mother’s non-stop crying. When the car comes to [...]

    21. Bethany’s parents dump her on the doorsteps of a never-seen-before aunt. As she impatiently waits for her parents return she encounters more and more oddities about herself and her parents. Her world gets turned upside down when she learns the truth. Interesting premise but the ending was very sudden.ough it did pull everything together. Bethany is annoying and frustrating at certain points in the story but you almost can’t blame her.

    22. A nice fast read. I wish the final scene that the whole book was leading up to was a little longer and expanded on.

    23. I honestly got it because it was cheap and because the cover is just hideous.i mean look at ite fuck is that?am i a masochist?probablyprisingly it's really goodeck it out

    24. In the novel “Double Identity” by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Bethany, a 12 year old girl faces the challenges of her parents who are slightly older than most of the parents of her friends being over protective. Bethany’s mom will not stop crying and her dad is acting super weird around her. They are going on a super long road trip and her parents will not tell her where they are going. All of a sudden, they pull up into a driveway of an unknown town, and an unknown neighborhood that Bethany [...]

    25. I have read every single book by Margaret Peterson Haddix, and this book is still one of my absolute favorites, a reading stand-by that never gets old.Bethany's parents put her in the car, drive for days, and won't answer any of her questions about what's going on. Her mother has been crying for no apparant reason for the past few months. She's frightened, and doesn't know what's going on with the parents who usually take such good care of their one and only darling. Then they drop her off at a [...]

    26. I started the book and I loved it because this book showed suspense. The first sentence that the book started with was "My mother is crying." The first thing I thought was "Why is she crying?" The more that I read the more I had understood why she was crying. The main character in Double Identity is Bethany who is about to turn thirteen. In the beginning of the book her parents take her to her aunt Myrlie. Bethany never knew she had a aunt so she was confused. Every time Bethany would ask a ques [...]

    27. "Double Identity" was a very fast-paced, interesting book about a girl named Bethany who truly knows nothing about herself. All her life, she has never done things that most kids her age have. Her parents give her everything she wants, whenever she wants it. What she doesn't know, is why her parents are so protective of her. Lately, her mom has been crying all day long without stopping and she doesn't know why. One day, randomly, her parents got her to pack her belongings and they went a "road t [...]

    28. 4.5 stars.I think everyone goes through this faze (mine was in upper elementary school) where they read a book, and read it, and read it. Maybe it's a series of books, maybe it's a single novel. Maybe the book is funny, maybe it's motivational, maybe it's uplifting, maybe it's suspenseful.Well. Out of all the books published on this wonderful earth, this was THE BOOK for me. Everything about it - the cloning, the controversy, the characters, the conflict, the twist - it all appealed to me, so mu [...]

    29. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Do you like books about mystery? Then this is the perfect book for you. The Genre of this book is mystery. I thought this book was very interesting and when you stopped reading this book left you on edge like "What's going to happen next?".The main character is a girl named Bethany whose life is turned upside down when her parents unexpectantly take her to her " aunt's " house who she has never heard of before. The setting of this book is at Bethany"s aunt Myrlie's house. Bet [...]

    30. Double Identity by Margaret Peterson is about A 12 year old girl named Bethany. Her parents begin to worry about her as her thirteen birthday is coming. One night, they decide to take her to a woman’s house who she later finds belongs is her Aunt. A while passes and Bethany doesn’t hear anything from her parents that gives her any detail as to why she was left there. Then, she receives a mysterious call from her mother. She says, “I’m not supposed to call you, you know. I just wanted to [...]

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