Survivors The all new soul shattering climax to the post apocalyptic trilogy featuring a deadly virus military action global devastation and zombies The long awaited finale of Z A Recht s action packed zombi

  • Title: Survivors
  • Author: Z.A. Recht Thom Brannan
  • ISBN: 9781451628821
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • The all new soul shattering climax to the post apocalyptic trilogy, featuring a deadly virus, military action, global devastation and zombies.The long awaited finale of Z.A Recht s action packed zombie extravaganza Ryan C Thomas that began with the acclaimed novels Plague of the Dead and Thunder and Ashes THE MORNINGSTAR STRAIN WAS THE END OF THE WORLD The all new soul shattering climax to the post apocalyptic trilogy, featuring a deadly virus, military action, global devastation and zombies.The long awaited finale of Z.A Recht s action packed zombie extravaganza Ryan C Thomas that began with the acclaimed novels Plague of the Dead and Thunder and Ashes THE MORNINGSTAR STRAIN WAS THE END OF THE WORLD In the wake of the zombie apocalypse, two separate bands of survivors journey across a decimated America, each with the desperate goal of finding the cure for the virulent plague that threatens the existence of humankind or what s left of it Now it s up to these inheritors of the future to outlive their waking nightmare, any way they can BUT FOR THESE SURVIVORS, IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING One group includes a brilliant virologist for the other, an immune soldier proves invaluable Battling infected and marauding raiders at every turn, the teams soon uncover the devious plans of Sawyer, an agent of the Chairman of the Reunited States of America, who believes that Dr Anna Demilio already has the cure, and he will stop at nothing to find her Now, with the salvation of the world and their own souls on the line, how far will the survivors go to emerge victorious

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    1. The author of the first two in this tremendous series, Z.A. Recht, unfortunately passed away before this was released - but not without a good chunk already penned. You can definitely tell when it's him writing and when it was haphazardly filled in by Thom Brannan. Sadly, Thom's writing falls short and just about ruins the final book. The most telling is he tends to make relationships and conversations seem very artificial, killing off characters without a thought - while simultaneously making t [...]

    2. I really enjoyed the series, at least up until this book. While the book was not bad, it was definitely lacking. I suppose that is because this book was not finished be the original author, as he had passed away. So, as for the book itself, we have many of the survivors (I will not give names so as not to spoil earlier books) in the Omaha Fac, trying to establish a more normal lifestyle and looking for a cure. We have the sailors from the Rammage desperately trying to follow the trek across the [...]

    3. I want to throw the book againts the wallwhat the hell? And whats with the two that turned without being bitten or exposed???? Ohd the end? It was like the author went."Screw itll this person, that person and these guysd end the book." No more story about Keaton.just BOOM he's here now fact from chapter 11 to the end the author should be ashamed of himself. So disjointedhad to go back and re-read parts several times to try to figure out what was going on. It's like he got tired of writting and j [...]

    4. A few spoilers here and there, but you'll still have to read the books to actually get the story. I wrote about the entire saga as I felt it was easier to review them all in one. First of all, I have a ton of respect for author Zachary Recht whom I consider a versatile person. I enjoyed all three of his books, even though the last one was finished by Thom Brannan due to the death of Recht in 2009. The Morningstar Saga follows the zombie apocalypse from a military point of view. The first book, P [...]

    5. I finished the book and was left confused and saying "Is that it?". Ok at least the trilogy was finished even though the original author passed away BUT it was finished haphazardly.First off the new author tried to keep it true to Recht's formula but after reading the first two one can clearly see that this book is quite different. Sometimes the writing is off Recht was detailed in his previous books, he was meticulous at the description, meticulous at the character development and meticulous on [...]

    6. This is the third novel in Recht's Morningstar series. It is unfortunate that the author passed away after the second in this series and fortunate that the third was able to be published. I had to self-refresh a bit while reading because it has been some time since I finished the first two novels in the series. I get this at times. I suppose not all authors realize that readers do not necessarily retain all details of their previous works and that a little background detail is nice. It also help [...]

    7. I really am torn on this. The writing was just so far bellow the previous two, and I'm not sure if I feel that way simply because Thom Brannan's style was different or if it really was bad. Really not knowing how much of the book he is specifically responsible for I don't know what and how much to blame him for. Regardless, I just didn't enjoy it very much and had a VERY hard time finishing it. I listened to it on audio book and found my self listening to ten or twenty minutes and just stopping [...]

    8. "An ending that did not disappoint"Although it couldn't be finished by Recht himself, as the author sadly passed away before the third novel was finished. I'm also hoping that someone gets in touch with to re-word the now quite tasteless product description. But hey-ho, back to the novelThe ghost writer that assisted with finishing the novel Survivors and the final installment of the Morningstar Strain did not disappoint.I do not like to litter my reviews with spoilers, so you will just need to [...]

    9. After having had to wait seemingly FOREVER for the final book of this trilogy to be released, I wish the wait had been longer.The story itself was good but NOT in the same vein as Z's previous works.The trilogy was wrapped up well. But the ending felt forced and rushed"kill 60% of the characters that we've been with through the previous books with no fanfair at ALLd just send the rest on their way"I'm not sure how much of the story was fleshed out from Z.A.'s notes, but with the different writin [...]

    10. Quite enjoyed it - I wasn't expecting that the trilogy would be finished when the news came out that Z. A. Recht had died, so it was something of a shock and a surprise to find that it had, indeed, been finished. Whoever ghosted this bookank you. From the fans, thank you.

    11. 4 StarsGood ending to the series; but nothing happy-go-lucky. I mean, this is the zombie apocalypse, people.

    12. *note, there are a few big and small spoilers below which i cant hide individually from the app where I'm writing this, so read with care until I can get on my laptop to complete this review.*This was really not a bad series at all - 3.5 stars for all the books, knocked up to 4 for the first 2 books and down to 3 for the last one. This review is for the series as a whole rather than just for Survivors. They were full of both action and real human emotions, and moved along at a nice pace with ver [...]

    13. This book was very poor compared to the other two. This is most likely due to the author passing away before it was finished and someone else completing his work. Poorly.You can definitely tell many of the sections where the new author took over. They're written in a more clinical manner, with less emphasis placed on the characters and more emphasis placed on the actions.My biggest beef with this book is the crappy ending. It's rushed and very poorly written. The author uses what I call "magic p [...]

    14. Sad to say that I was disappointing by this book and I sort of went into reading it with the expectation I would be knowing that someone had to complete Z.A. Recht's work. It has been a while between reading the second and the third book and had I known the author had passed before picking them up to read I may not have chosen to. I loved the first two books in the series. I couldn't put them down. Generally I don't like zombie books, but somehow Recht managed to rope me in and keep me nose deep [...]

    15. The best I can say is that it was good to finish the trilogy. I realize that ZA Recht died prior to finishing the book but unfortunately the ghost author did not do him justice in finishing the writing. This book's recap of what had happened before was too detailed. It was actually insulting to the intelligence. In more than one instance the recap was of things that had been explained only a chapter earlier. Also, towards the end, it seemed like events were out of order. The end came too quickly [...]

    16. And with Survivors ends the Morningstar Strain Trilogy. This series has so far been one of the better zombie series I have read. While some people might not be happy with the ending, I am happy as we are at least given closure. To think that a couple of years ago with the Z.A. Recht death we would be left with so many questions unanswered, in the end we the anticipating fans got our wish. I feel old fans of the series will be quite happy with the book, the epilogue gives a bit to be desired, and [...]

    17. I'm glad that a ghost writer was found, but I am just not feeling this wrap up. So many unanswered questions, so many out of character actions. I'm glad that I read it, and I'm glad to have closure. I just wish that Z. A. Recht had been here to finish the story as it should have ended.

    18. It lost me when one of the characters went back out and faced off against the zombies so he could fetch his hat. The climax had too many chess pieces on the board for the reader to keep track of and it suffered for it. Bit of a whimper all things considered.

    19. Ok, so this is hardly high literature, but I expected a more professional editing job. The ghost writer did ok, but is not as good as Recht.Overall it's an ok read and provides closure for those of us who had been left wondering how things would have turned out.

    20. Not sure how much of a fan I was of the ending. It left it kind of open for a next book, though there won't be one. I also didn't like how they just conveniently killed off huge numbers of characters towards the end. I guess that's a zombie book for you.

    21. Thank the Gods that is over.What a fantastic idea. Exactly how zombies should work. What a terrible set of characters and an awful story line. The stupidity of every character in this series of books is mind boggling. Recht needed a couple of friends and a good editor to read this book to deal with all the story holes and idiotic decisions. I'd give it 1 star but the strength of the zombie mechanics was so, that it got me through the whole trilogy. This book will stay with me for a long time, un [...]

    22. Thom Brannan is a complete hack who completely killed this series with a machete. Hopefully he never ghost writes another damn thing. He completely either forgot or ignored the series rules. How do you forget this?The worse thing that happened:(view spoiler)[He kills off Mason for no other reason than shock value THEN has him turn even though he was never actually exposed. (hide spoiler)]Prick.

    23. I loved this series and I must say I am stunned to learn the author has passed away. I intend to check out the next one which is written by a new author with my hope being that the change is seamless. Great series for action lovers!

    24. Unfortunately the worst one in the Trilogy. I know that this is mostly due to the demise of the original author, so reader can notice the difference in styles - one typical for Recht - realistic, down to Earth, no writing about unnecessary things and terrible jokes and another shallow, Hollywood bad action movie style - bad jokes, unnecessary information (like the part about the surnames), shallow stereotypical Army jokes etc. It's still a good zombie novel, but not as nearly good as Thunder and [...]

    25. The ending was a bit expedited quickly probably because the script was finished by the author's friend after his death but I think a few more pages could have rounded things better.

    26. The first thing I want to say is I really , really liked the first two books of this series. Z. A. Recht did a phenomenal job writing them and they sit right up at the top of my "best zombie books ever" list along with the "Newsflesh" trilogy by Mira Grant.Unfortunately, I can not place "Survivors" up there with them. Sadly, Z. A. Recht passed away before being able to finish this series. And while I am glad that someone was able to step in to do the job (thank you Thom Brannan), there are defin [...]

    27. With the tragic death of the author ZA Recht after book two, the fans wondered if we would get a conclusion to the trilogy so I was thrilled to hear that another author had agreed to use ZA Recht's notes and complete book three. There have been mixed opinions on how successful the author was but I still very much enjoyed the book. It is hard to judge the contents of the book as I don't know what ZA's notes were, how much of the plot is his and how much was filled in by the new author. So I can o [...]

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