Doc Savage: Obra completa

Doc Savage Obra completa Reentapado que recopila los n meros publicados previamente por separado por la misma editorial Actualmente descatalogado

  • Title: Doc Savage: Obra completa
  • Author: Dennis O'Neil Adam Kubert Andy Kubert Madelon Trumpi Sergi Gras
  • ISBN: 9788446800033
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reentapado que recopila los 4 n meros publicados previamente por separado por la misma editorial Actualmente descatalogado.

    One thought on “Doc Savage: Obra completa”

    1. Nice concept, although a bit startling. Not used to my heroes being that old. But it’s Doc. Therefore it is awesome. Will add it to my Savage collection.

    2. Pretty good adventure yarn, although the plotting became a little stilted as the story reached its conclusion atop the Twin Towers! Too much was crammed into too few pages, although there was a good pulpy feel to the 40's issue that contrasted with its 80's counterparts.I found the stock sidekick characters quaint but annoying What I found interesting were the various incarnations of Doc Savage; the original, (who I now see Buckaroo Banzai is a direct ripoff of) a 20th Century Superman, now drif [...]

    3. This is one of the single most offensive inturpretations of Doc Savage ever produced. It ignores everything that makes the old pulp adventures enjoyable by attempting to update the concept simply by making it "gritty" and "real" as Alan Moore did with Watchmen or Frank Miller did with The Dark Knight Returns. Unfortunately, no thought was put into things like characterization or developing a cohesive plot. Doc Savage is a great character concept that screams to be updated in a post-modern and po [...]

    4. No recuerdo haber leído ninguna otra versión de este personaje, pero esta interpretación me pareció bastante interesante. Los autores se supieron entender a la hora de sincronizar guión y dibujo y el resultado es un cómic prolijo y entretenido.Leído del taco de Ediciones Zinco, que tenía una traducción bastante buena. Si encuentro (o escaneo) la tapa en buena calidad seguro la suba. Y cuando la relea, seguro le escriba su correspondiente reseña.

    5. Not a bad story, and definitely an okay intro to Doc & Co as characters. I don't know if this'd inspire anyone to give the pulp stories a read or not. Amazing to see how close the Kubert Bros' art looks to their dad's stuff here (which was probably intentional).

    6. Bad comic ,everything about this book was awful .Denny O Noel should be ashamed of himself for writing this stinker.

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