Alone on a Wide Wide Sea

Alone on a Wide Wide Sea There were dozens of us on the ship all ages boys and girls and we were all up on deck for the leaving of Liverpool gulls wheeling and crying over our heads calling good bye I thought they were

  • Title: Alone on a Wide Wide Sea
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo
  • ISBN: 9780007230563
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There were dozens of us on the ship, all ages, boys and girls, and we were all up on deck for the leaving of Liverpool, gulls wheeling and crying over our heads, calling good bye, I thought they were waving good bye None of us spoke It was a grey day with drizzle in the air, the great sad cranes bowing to the ship from the docks as we steamed past That is all I rememberThere were dozens of us on the ship, all ages, boys and girls, and we were all up on deck for the leaving of Liverpool, gulls wheeling and crying over our heads, calling good bye, I thought they were waving good bye None of us spoke It was a grey day with drizzle in the air, the great sad cranes bowing to the ship from the docks as we steamed past That is all I remember of England When orphaned Arthur Hobhouse is shipped to Australia after WW II he loses his sister, his country and everything he knows The coming years will test him to his limits, as he endures mistreatment, neglect and forced labour in the Australian outback But Arthur is also saved, again and again, by his love of the sea And when he meets a nurse whose father owns a boat building business, all the pieces of his broken life come together Now, at the end of his life, Arthur has built a special boat for his daughter Allie, whose love of the sea is as strong and as vital as her father s Now Allie has a boat that will take her to England solo, across the world s roughest seas, in search of her father s long lost sister Will the threads of Arthur s life finally come together

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    1. An incredibly moving, powerful and compelling story from the talented Michael Morpurgo, Alone on a Wide Wide Sea is based on the harrowing scandal of the Child Migration Scheme of the mid-nineteenth century, where thousands of children were shipped to Australia, mainly to solve the problem of overcrowding in British orphanages.Orphaned during WW11, six-year old Arthur Hobhouse is separated from his sister, Kitty, when he is sent on a horrendous voyage to Australia in 1947, losing not only his bi [...]

    2. Every time I read Michael Morpugo's books it always made me feel like there is a hole inside my heart. It always left me thinking about my own life.He is indeed a storyteller. He writes it simply from his heart, it feel like the book is talking to it's reader. The words is simple and his book is great for children. I cry and thinking deeply of his words. What I like the most of this book is it's seem so real. He writes from two perspective that is the father who once is only a little boy and ano [...]

    3. From BBC Radio 2:Episode 1 of 4Arthur Hobhouse and his friend Marty meet for the first time on a boat bound for Australia. They are part of a consignment of child migrants sent from Britain to find new and better lives in Australia. The boys are sent to work at Cooper's Station, under the care of the cruel and vindictive Piggy Bacon.Episode 2 of 4Arthur and Marty manage to escape the hands of the vicious, religious sadist Piggy Bacon. They flee into the unforgiving Australian outback where they [...]

    4. I really don't understand all the Michael Morpurgo love. I HATE his books. Hate them with a passion. I've read this one and Kensuke's Kingdom, and both of them were horribly boring, the writing style is nothing special, and they're just plain depressing. I genuinely think Morpurgo is physically incapable of writing anything cheerful, and it's very, very irritating.

    5. This was the first book i ever remember loving. I read it when i was ten and up until I was 13 (when i read the hunger games) it was my faveourite book. Its what really got me into books, i alwaysliked reading but i didnt realise until then i could fall in love with characters, care about their journies as much as my own-sometimes even more so- hate their enemies, love their friends. It was a truly amazing book.I loved it because it started from the start. It started when Arthur and Marty were j [...]

    6. this book is incredibly powerful. it is micheal morpurgo's finest work and combines 2 related parts into one book

    7. WARNING: I am going to be totally biased with this author because, well, I love him so very, very much.I picked up Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea from my shelves yesterday. I chose to read it because I wanted to read it, and it wasn't one of my obligatory books.I had looked at it in the shops, seen the diagrams of boats, the maps - this immeadiately appealed to me. And that fact that it's written by one of my favourite authors of all time helped, too.The book was in itself amazing, truly inspiring. I [...]

    8. Wonderful, wonderful book!So why have I only given it three stars? Why did I debate with myself whether I'd give it less?Well, because it can't make up its mind whether it's a book for kids, for adults or for young adults. As an adult I love it, as a kid I would have hated it and I'm not sure what I'd have thought of it as a teenager. Probably been baffled by it.Arthur Hobhouse is re-telling the story of his childhood. That's the kid's part and although it's grim reading in parts (being based on [...]

    9. Just wow. There was an incredible journey through this book.7 years ago this book was given to me on my birthday, and for 7 years I always looked at it on my shelf and thought, 'I'll read it soon.' Gosh, I wish I had read it sooner!I don't think I've ever been interested in a book where one persons whole life is written on 300 pages but I'm so glad I gave it a go, so many of my own morals and my attitude towards my own life has changed ultimately due to this book.Oh yeah, also my tear ducts are [...]

    10. This book has just about everything in it: a great gripping plot, wide sea adventures, lots of heartbreak and drama, and a happy ending too. It is a story about slavery, oppression and death, but also about courage and determination, self-belief, loyalty and devotion. Towards the middle of the book I found myself sobbing a little, and was literally drowned in tears at the last page. Absolutely enjoyed this amazing and heart-warming book from beginning to end. Looking forward to reading Morpurgo [...]

    11. This incredibly moving fictionalised tale of forced child migrants had me hooked from the beginning. The worst part is that although this story is fiction, there were so many forced child migrants, often separated from their siblings, with not even birth certificates sent away never to return, and a great many of them wouldn't have had happy endings. This is primarily aimed at children (recommended age of 10+) but it's very suitable for adults too. This is not a long book, but it's very well wri [...]

    12. I have read this book twice now and still find it very moving. Emotions are on a roller coaster reading about the brutality of some and the compassion and kindness of others. In Michael Morpurgo's books he has a way of incorporating historical facts into his stories which most of us don't know about. So this story about a child sent to Australia, separated from his sister, one of many, was a revelation to me. The fact that it was still going on long before, during and after the Second World War [...]

    13. I finished reading this book with tears streaming down my face. An incredible story of family love stretched across time and the vastness of the oceans.

    14. Alone on a Wide Wide sea is about a boy, an orphan, named Arthur, who his separated from his sister when he is only a very small child. The book is very peculiar because Michael Morpurgo has made the character go into the future. He talks a bit about his childhood and then jumps into adulthood. Arthur, a young orphan is cast on a ship during WW2 which brings him in a place he has never been to before. Australia. Far far away from his long lost sister in England which he has never see before. She [...]

    15. I finally finished reading this book, and I have to say it was worth every minute. This book never left me bored, and always left me wanting more. The whole story and the entire basis of the novel was very interesting to me. When the narrator, Arthur Hobhouse described his first adventure out on the sea, I though that was it. I though that his journey from England to Australia was the reason behind the title "Alone on a Wide Wide Sea". But no. It took a little time in the novel, but Morpurgo fou [...]

    16. I love love love this book, I read it when I was younger and decided to pick it up again and was so glad I did, unlike some things you revisit from childhood this didn't disappoint, this book has everything, adventure, the sea, love, loss, animals, literally everything, only morpurgo can put so much into a plot, which would make it unbelievable if someone else was writing it besides him, but it really works, it's both real and out there and teaches you to dream. The relationship between Arthur h [...]

    17. Being alone can be very scary. But having a guardian spirit to guide you can be uplifting. But killing the your liberator can sink you so low that you want to flip your boat and let the north atlantic swallow you and take your soul. Arthur Hobbhouse has never had a home so he thought that Australia could be a new start. Child labour is never fun so escape s the only option. A wildlife reserve is a great place to live because you can be as free as they are. Building models was a hobby now it is a [...]

    18. There are so many layers to this book. Morpurgo twists together Coleridge's "Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" with the stories of a father and daughter. The tragedy of the transportation of thousands of orphaned children from England to Australia post WWII forms one twist to the tale: a young girl sailing alone from Australia to England forms another. Morpurgo's genius is to find in this patchwork of stories a grand design that doesn't just tie them together, it takes the novel to a whole new level [...]

    19. When six-year-old orphan Arthur Hobhouse is shipped to Australia after WWII he loses his sister, his country and everything he knows. Overcoming enormous hardships with fellow orphan Marty, Arthur is finally saved by the extraordinary people he meets and by his talent for boat-design and sailing. Now he has built a special boat for his daughter Allie – a solo yacht designed to carry her to England in search of his long-lost sister.

    20. This book is really good for those who like realistic books, I read this book on a long road trip and I cried half way there. It is a really emotional book and really links to history like every other book written by Michael morpurgo, but it is really interesting — nothing like my history lessons. IFor me it was kind of addictive because it's as if it catches my mind and made me feel as if I was actually in the book.I would recommend this to many people

    21. this book is wonderful. It tells a story of Arthur Hobhouse and his life. Told through him and his daughter.It is a sentimental book aimed I would say at older children 12+ I have laughed and cried while reading it. This is because the way that Morpurgo writes is so beautifull that it moves you.I did get a bit bored half way through the bk. I guess that either I wasnt reading fast enough or the bk was just moving on too slowly for my liking.

    22. It's difficult to figure out what audience this is for. I am pretty sure this is a young adult book, the writing was too plain to be for an adult and the themes too mature for a young audience. I really enjoyed the first half but the second part with the emails really bored me. I liked the overall story and could see why it is really loved but its not my taste.

    23. Truly a binding tale, I have laughed and cried at this and I will never forget the journey I had reading it. It now brings tears to my eyes thinking of Henry the Wombat or Aunty Megs. I'm sure that I pray for Arthur up there every day now, though I know no such person exists.

    24. BRILLIANT i laughed i cryed but i enjoyed evey second of it 2 the fullest i have never read a book so fabulosly written!!!!!!!!!

    25. This book is amazing, one of the best books ive ever read,It makes you cry but its worth it. £5.99 i think, sorry if im wrong. i recomend this book whole-heartedly. michael morpurgo Amazing.

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