The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices

The Good Women of China Hidden Voices An unprecedented intimate account of the lives of modern Chinese women told by the women themselves true stories of the political and personal upheavals they have endured in their chaotic and repres

  • Title: The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices
  • Author: Xinran
  • ISBN: 9780375422010
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An unprecedented, intimate account of the lives of modern Chinese women, told by the women themselves true stories of the political and personal upheavals they have endured in their chaotic and repressive society For eight groundbreaking years, Xinran hosted a radio program in China during which she invited women to call in and talk about themselves Broadcast every eveAn unprecedented, intimate account of the lives of modern Chinese women, told by the women themselves true stories of the political and personal upheavals they have endured in their chaotic and repressive society For eight groundbreaking years, Xinran hosted a radio program in China during which she invited women to call in and talk about themselves Broadcast every evening, Words on the Night Breeze became famous throughout the country for its unflinching portrayal of what it meant to be a woman in modern China Centuries of obedience to their fathers, husbands and sons, followed by years of fear under Communism, had made women terrified of talking openly about their feelings Xinran won their trust and, through her compassion and ability to listen, became the first woman to hear their true stories This unforgettable book is the story of how Xinran negotiated the minefield of restrictions imposed on Chinese journalists to reach out to women across the country Through the vivid intimacy of her writing, these women confide in the reader, sharing their deepest secrets Whether they are the privileged wives of party leaders or peasants in a forgotten corner of the countryside, they tell of almost inconceivable suffering forced marriages, sexual abuse, separation of parents from their children, extreme poverty But they also talk about love about how, despite cruelty, despite politics, the urge to nurture and cherish remains Their stories changed Xinran s understanding of China forever Her book will reveal the lives of Chinese women to the West as never before.

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    1. "At that time in China, I might have gone to prison for writing a book like this. I couldn't risk abandoning my son, or the women who received help and encouragement through my radio programme. In England, the book became possible. It was as if a pen had grown in my heart."A stinging indictment of patriarchal violence in China through the ages and the hypocrisy of the Cultural Revolution, a tribute to the destroyed lives of countless women who have been left brutalized by an unjust, barbaric, co [...]

    2. Have you ever seen a stranger or on a bus and wondered what kind of past they have had? This is a book voicing the fates of faces that are lost in crowds. Xinran hosted a radio call-in show on feminist issues, “Words on the Night Breeze” from 1989 to 1997 which was hugely popular in China. and which brought forth the stories of women from different sections of society, bringing the ugly face of communist China. Almost all stories contain elements of horrible violence, sexual assault, and soc [...]

    3. Wow, scrolling down the comments on this book I realized I'm the first guy to review this. Umm, here goes.Continuing my year of China reading I casually picked this up at my aunt's house but pretty soon found myself absolutely glued to it. I've read a few memoirs of modern China and the Cultural Revolution, many of which contained stories of shocking cruelty and incredible endurance, but none have affected me quite as much as the stories compiled in this book. The images are just stunning: a gir [...]

    4. Back in Nanjing 1989-1997, Xinran ran a radio program called "Words of the Night Breeze," the motive in her words: "to open a window, a tiny hole, so that people could allow their spirits to cry out and breathe after the gunpowder- laden atmosphere" [of the Cultural Revolution]. The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices is a compilation of 14 life stories taken from personal interviews of some of these 'survivors' - women whose lives were agonizingly destroyed, their families ripped to shreds, thei [...]

    5. I am chasing my adopted daughter’s heritage by reading books about China, especially as it relates to abandoned and damaged daughters. If you have been reading my reviews for a while, you know that my daughter who is ten years old was abandoned in Aksu, China at the age of 3½ months. We believe that because she had a cleft lip and palate her parents were unable to nourish her so abandoned her in a safe location so someone with more access to medical resources could save her life. She was very [...]

    6. Xinran was the presenter of a radio show in China, during which she would ask women to call her and tell her about themselves. Over the years, she gathered many stories of Chinese women, and this book contains fifteen of them, including her own. It's a diverse collection of stories, including the stories of a lesbian woman, of loveless forced marriages, of hopeless love stories, of women who were raped as childrenThey're eye-opening, saddening, horrifying. Xinran's matter of fact tone -- though [...]

    7. This is one of the most tragic books I have ever read. Story after story of shattered lives - simply by being born female. But I recommend it to all women, so that we don't forget how far the world still needs to go and that we who live more comfortable lives don't stay silent. We MUST speak up for those who are powerless to speak for themselves.

    8. " أي نوع من البلدان كان هذا البلد سنة 1976؟ مدينة كبيره تقبع بين الركام و ثلاثمئة ألف شخص فقدوا حياتهم ، و مع ذلك لم يعلم أحد بالأمر . كم كانت الصين متخلّفة ! فعلاً أنا معك يا عزيزتي شينران كم كانت الصين متخلفه بشّده ! " هذه كانت أكثر المواضع إيلاماً في نفسي !! " قدمت شينران برنامجاً إ [...]

    9. My long-held belief that the roots of extreme sexual repression can be traced to Judea-Christian influences has unraveled completely in the first 10 pages of this book. In George Orwell's 1984 it was obvious that his dsytopia was taken directly from Soviet Russia, but I never understood where Orwell was getting his images of sexual repression and taboos against romantic love. Wherever it came from it was also present in China.The stories of Chinese women collected in this book will break your he [...]

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    11. 37% -- Sad stories. Well -written though.2/3 of the way through. Beautiful. I love memoirs and this is very unique because she retells the stories of real peopleal women who called her line when she hosted her radio show years ago. The Women of Shouting Hill - wow.

    12. Buku ini adalah buku kedua karya Xinran yang saya baca,buku pertamanya adalah :Sky Burial: An Epic Love Story of TibetSky Burial . Keduanya menceritakan tentang kekuatan, ketabahan da ketangguhan wanita Cina dari sisi(cerita) yang berbeda.Pada tahun 1980-an, Deng Xiaoping mulai berusaha untuk 'membuka' Cina, pada masa itulah diakhir 1980-an Xinran medapat pekerjaan sebagai penyiar radio negara dan mendapat izin untuk memandu acara 'show telepon radio' yang beroperasi di dalam batasan sensor peme [...]

    13. Jos jedna knjiga u kojoj otkrivamo kako je tesko biti zensko u Kini.Djevojke i zene pricaju o zlostavljanju od najranije dobi,okrutnosti od strane najuzih clanova familije.Sta se sve prelomi preko njihovih ledja i sta sve pretrpemo zato sto su se rodile kao zene.

    14. The stories are, as you would expect, fascinating and harrowing. The writing on the other hand is unforgivably juvenile. These women deserved better. But let's think for a moment about the type of person who would be allowed to become a journalist for state media in a repressive dictatorship. Logically, their selection would have little to do with any storytelling talent. Instead, it would hinge on being the type of conformist able to swallow and parrot propaganda without any intellectual analys [...]

    15. A collection of different true stories from different women, this book is written with the aim of bringing lost voices of Chinese women to the world. In spite of the emancipation of women due to communism, and in spite of the fact that most Chinese women work in positions equal to that of men, there still exists an enormous gender bias in Chinese society. This book explores the stories of women during the Cultural Revolution. I had no idea it was so bad! There are many stories of women being sol [...]

    16. كتاب مرعب!!I'm so overwhelmed!نوع المعاملة التي تتلقها النساء في الصين لم يخطر على بالي ابداً.الكتاب مؤلم جداً ، ويتوغل في معانات النساء الصينيات في زمن قريب (القصص التى وردت في الكتاب حدثت في ما بين الستينات والثمانينات). لم أبكِ في حياتي بهذا القدر بسبب كتاب.رغم القصص الموجعة إلا أن [...]

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    18. If I could, I would give this book 4.5*!Xinran is (was?) a Chinese journalist, who left China in 1997 in order to publish this book.After reading this book, I can understand why. "The Good Women of China" contains 15 stories, among them "The Guomindang General's Daughter", "The Woman Whose Father Does Not Know Her", "The Fashionable Woman" and "The Women of Shouting Hill" (my favorite stories), which tell of unimaginable sufferings and abuses in the hands of husbands, fathers, strangers and gove [...]

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    20. This book stripped me bare. The stories broke my heart, and Xinran put it back together again with her prose and optimism. It will stay with me for a very long time. My heart aches for women, women everywhere, women of China’s Cultural Revolution, reform years and beyond, toward and into the future.

    21. While the stories exemplifying the plight of women in China are interesting, as is the insight into what it means to be a journalist in China, I ultimately found the book a little annoying. The author is a participant in many of the stories, and often she is a heroic participant. The story featuring the author as the object of a mentally disturbed lesbian's romantic obsession bordered on ridiculous. The author seemed to "explain" the woman's lesbianism by reference to her traumatized childhood, [...]

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    25. An artless collection of very unhappy stories, which could easily challenge both George R.R. Martin or de Sade in their areas. The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices is in many ways reminiscent of Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China: the first-person female narrator, the overlapping cultural settings, the focus on the life of Chinese women, the subtitle. It can be easily compared to the famous bestseller, although not for the best reasons.Works of an autobiographical nature walk a fine line bet [...]

    26. Je ne sais pas trop à quoi je m'attendais en commençant ce livre, mais en tout cas pas à ça. Je l'ai lu pratiquement d'une traite et chacune des histoires m'a marquée. Xinran est une journaliste chinoise, née avant la grande Révolution culturelle, qui a animé durant huit ans pendant les années 90 une émission de radio où elle essayait de comprendre et de transmettre les nombreuses histoires des femmes chinoises. Elle y aborde de nombreux sujets difficiles ou carrément tabous (mariage [...]

    27. I feel scrubbed raw from the inside-out. This is a mesmerising, horrendous heart-tearing read, but I'm glad i came across this book.It's hard to imagine the short stories and lives described in this book. I'm well aware of the fact that there's injustices in this world. I live in a country we're speaking of this sort of thing is taboo, we hide the astonishing acts of crime from recent pasts and our histories from our children, it's not something taught through education, the only reason i know l [...]

    28. Although this book is in essence a historical depiction of China since Mao came to power, it is a very readable book. Xinran has lived, suffered, survived and prospered in this period. Her story is one of the stories she tells honestly (although there are many questions remaining) in what must have been in every sense revolutionary radio program in China of its time and to be honest, would probably still be anywhere else. I once heard Jenny Murray talk about the scathing, patronizing and revolti [...]

    29. The "good women" in China, in Xin Ran stories, are not women that view as "good women" in the Chinese society. I had to do some applause for Xin Ran and those women who had shared their stories. It's wonderful and excruciating. I had never found stories as tragic as their stories. Life is just hard, but hey, they move on. They keep on living, even if it only in their own dreams. Their imagination that cannot held back by anyone. Not the government, not the society, not even the people who love t [...]

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